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See You Around

Chapter 2

Tay was awoken the next day by the pounding in her head and the smell of coffee. She slowly opened her eyes but quickly shut them as the light seeped in through her bunk curtain. She couldn’t remember how she got here but she was thankful she was. Snip its of last night slowly came back to her. Playing beer pong, dancing with Alex and lots and lots of shots.

Last night was perfect although the headache she was experiencing now wasn’t. It didn’t matter because last night she had fun and with the person she liked. She also remembered Alex mentioning that him and Lisa’s relationship was definitely on the rocks and he was seriously considering ending it once and for all. This made Tay extremely happy which also made her feel wrong but she couldn’t help the connection her and Alex had. The news gave her hope for their future.

She noticed a smile spread across her face as she thought of the boy. He was everything she ever wanted in a man. He was funny, caring, nice, endearing and kind of mysterious and he also shared Tays love for music. To her, they were a match made in heaven. Slowly Tay rolled out of her bunk, thinking it was time to start the day. She walked into the front lounge to find Jordan and Mike sitting across from one another eating cereal.

“Morning boys” She greeted as she went to grab a bowl from the cupboard. “Morning Tay” Both boys said in unison. “How’s the headache?” Jordan asked knowingly. Tay turned to frown at the lanky guitarist. “So your the one I should be thanking for the aspirin?” She said taking a seat next to him. “Yep and for dragging you away from Gaskarth before you did something you would both regret, again.” He said with a smirk.

“AGAIN?!” Mike yelled clearly unaware of Tay and Alex’s history. Tay glared at Jordan for letting it slip. She didn’t want everyone to know about their little drunken mistake. Tay felt wrong for calling it a mistake because to her it was more of a blessing. It allowed her to realise her feelings for Alex even though she was unable to act on them. “Taylor Jardine what do you regret doing Alexander Gaskarth?” Mike asked mocking the younger female she just groaned in reply and poured herself a bowl of cereal.

“Last tour her and Alex got drunk and I caught them making out in the corner. I had t-” “JORDAN!” Tay yelled stopping the boy mid sentence. “Can we not tell the whole world about my personal life?” “Sorry but it’s only Mike and anyway I think we should talk about this whole Alex thing” Tay shrunk herself further into the couch, not wanting to talk about it. “Not now Jordan. I just got up and I have a really bad headache so I’m not really in the mood for a lecture right now.” She said standing up and taking her cereal with her deciding the back lounge would be a more peaceful place to eat.

Alex allowed his eyes to adjust from the change in light as he slowly took in his surroundings. He wasn’t in his bunk but he was in the back lounge of their bus. Thank the Lord. Alex had had a lot to drink last night and knew he wouldn’t be able to remember most of it this morning. His phone began to ring again, the same noise that brought him out of his intoxicated sleep.

He quickly shot up to search for the phone. Finding it seconds later in his back pocket he answered it. “Hello? he said still in a slight daze. “Alex?” a high pitched voice came through the receiver allowing Alex to know who it was. “Hey Lisa.” He said coldly, he wasn’t in the mood to put up with her whining.
Whenever she called him on tour (which was everyday) she always either made him feel guilty or angry. She would whine and tell him how lonely she was making him feel guilty for leaving her. Or she would accuse him of cheating and being a shitty boyfriend which made him angry. She never asked him how the shows are or how the fans were doing because she didn’t actually care about him she cared about herself.

“How are you?” She asked even though he knew she said not interest he replied. “I’m okay, I have a little headache but other than that I’m excited for the show tonight. I th-”
“Why do you have a headache?” She interrupted him. He knew mentioning the headache was a dumb move but it just kind of came out. “It’s called a hangover, you get them sometimes two” he said mockingly. “To have a hangover Alex, you have to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Did you drink excessive amounts of alcohol Alex?” Alex groaned already sick of her attitude. “You’re not my fucking mother Lisa, It’s none of your business how much alcohol last night.” Alex made his way off the bus not wanting to wake anyone. He knew they would begin to yell soon.

“But I am your fucking girlfriend and I don’t want you getting drunk!” She demanded. “What the fuck? Just because you’re my girlfriend doesn’t give you the right to tell you what I can and can’t do.” He said sternly. Lisa took her role as a girlfriend seriously and always tried to control and ‘baby’ Alex. He hated it and always complained when she did. He was a grown man and didn’t need his girlfriend to boss him around.

Their argument continued to grow from there and quickly turned to the topic of Tay. “Fucking hell Lisa I kissed Tay when we weren’t together and it meant nothing! Do you hear me? Nothing!” Alex yelled not realizing the girl in question was only s few feet away from him listening to his conversation. “Lisa I am so sick of this. When are you going to realise I’m not going to cheat on you! I love you that is why I am with you.”

That was all Tay needed to hear. Before she turned and walked away from the boy standing a few feet away, yelling into his phone. His tone may have been angry but his words meant something else. He loved his girlfriend. Not Tay. She was wasting her time on him. He was only telling her those things to keep her around. He didn’t actually care about her or want to be with her. He saw tay as a tour buddy and nothing more. Their kiss was a mistake for him and like he said it meant nothing.

She didn’t feel like being around her own band members for the fear of them saying ‘I told you so” so she decided to find somewhere else to go. As she walked around the venue she found a little grass area to the side. She sat with her back against the wall and the sun shinning on her face. She allowed her eyes to close as she got lost in her own thoughts. It was times like this Tay wished Neverland was a real place and not just a location in a disney movie. Tay often thought about how much easier life would be if she could run away to Neverland. Things were simpler there and she wouldn’t never have to grow up and face difficult situations. She could live a life full of ignorant bliss.

It wasn’t long before she felt a shadow cast over her face. She squinted her eyes open to see a long haired boy standing in front of her with a goofy grin. “Hey Patty cake” Tay said looking up to the smiling boy. Pat was the drummer of the Maine and one of the sweetest boys Tay had ever met. “What’s up Tay?” he said, taking a seat next to her. “Not much just thinking.” “About?” He asked turning to look at her.

Tay thought for a moment deciding wether telling Pat was a good idea or not. “Can I ask for your advice?” She said thinking a males perspective could help. “Shoot!” “Okay well there is this guy that I really like but he has a girlfriend. But him and his girlfriend they always fight and breakup but then get back together. But he always tells me how unhappy he is and how much he wants to breakup with her. It’s...It’s just that I really want to be with him because I think we would be great together but I just don’t know what to do anymore.” Tay sighed finishing her story.

“So you like Gaskarth but he has a girlfriend and you don’t want to break them up but he tells you he’s not happy but doesn’t break up with her?” Tay looked shocked, not knowing how Pat knew she was talking about Alex. “C’mon Tay it’s pretty obvious.” “Ugh What should I do?” SHe said burying her head in her hands. “Well to be honest I don’t think he had any intention of breaking up with his girlfriend so I think you’re better off just getting over him.”

Alex got off the phone with Lisa a little over and hour ago. They ended the call on bad terms Lisa saying he could call her when he realised how lucky he was to have her once again. Alex just rolled his eyes at her comment and hung up the phone. He spent the rest of his morning playing videos games with Jack and complaining about Lisa. After and hour Jack was tired of hearing him complain and went off to find Garret.

Alex was now searching the venue for Tay. He was bored and hadn’t seen her all day so he thought they could go out and get some lunch. As he was about to give up on his search he finally saw the brunette emerge from the side of the building. “Tay!” He yelled waving his hand and run over to her. Tay saw the boy running over and mentally groaned.

“Hey Alex.” She said dryly continuing her walk towards her bus. “Hey” He said a little taken back by her greeting. “So I was thinking we could go get some lunch” He said standing in front of her, stopping her from walking. “I’m not hungry” She said moving to walk around him. “Oh then maybe we can just hung out and watch a movie or something” He suggested desperate to spend time with her. He knew Tay would be able to cheer him and and make him forget about Lisa. “I can’t I have um stuff to do. Maybe another.” She said picking up her pace. “I really have to go so I speak to you some other time. Bye.” She said rushing to her bus.

Alex stood there confused, having no idea why Tay was acting so cold to him. The two had had so much fun together last night. He knew nothing bad happened between them because if it did someone would have told him or he would’ve remembered. Alex watched Tay’s figure disappear into the large tour bus, trying to make sense of what just happened.
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