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See You Around

Chapter 3

"ALEX! Wake the fuck up! You have an interview in half an hour!" Alex ignored the cries of his distressed tour manager as he rolled over in his small yet comfortable bunk. He didn't have any motivation to get up this morning. The tour had been pretty shitty so far. It had only been three days but Alex wasn't enjoying it. Between his whiney girlfriend and his close friend ignoring him he couldn't enjoy himself. The only good thing was the show they played last night.

Lisa was calling him every five seconds making sure he wasn't cheating on her/attempting to catch him in the act. She was being over bearing and Alex was way past over it. From spending the last three days by himself (not by choice) he had had a lot of time to think. Yesterday he came to the realization that him and Lisa had no future. He could never imagine himself marrying the women, so why was he wasting his time with her?

"Alex I swear to-" "Alright, Alright I'm up!" Alex said sliding out of his bunk, coming face to face with his best friend. He was surprised Jack was even up this early then he remembered their interview. "You now have twenty minutes before we have to be in the venue. I'd hurry" Jack said going into the make shift kitchen to make some cereal. He poured himself a large bowl of cookie crisps, his favourite. Alex followed him and copied his actions taking a seat across the table from Rian. He sat with a frown on his face as he ate his sugar filled breakfast. He knew it was terrible for him but it was convenient. Just like Lisa he thought.

"What's up with you?" Rian asked as he continued to concentrate on his laptop. "His girlfriends ignoring him" Jack answered for him which earned him a glare from Alex. "I thought that's what he wanted? Wasn't Lisa being to clingy or something?" Jack laughed. "Not that girlfriend. Tay the one he really loves. See Alex is a confused young man but-" "CAN YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT ME AS IF I'M NOT HERE!" Alex yelled causing the pair to laugh at his frustration. "And tay is not my girlfriend!" He said putting his bowl in the sink, leaving it for someone else to clean. "But you do love her!" Jack yelled as Alex walked into the back lounge.

Alex picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and one of his hundreds of glamour kills tops as well as a maroon beanie. He didn't have time to do his hair today, he was already running late. He quickly got dressed as he thought about what Jack said. He hated his friend knew him so well. Alex hadn't told Jack anything, yet he seemed to know everything. It was as if he had access to Alex's thoughts. Alex couldn't deny that everything Jack said was true.

He didn't think he loved Tay. He couldn't, Not yet at least. But he did know he really liked her. LIke more than a friend like. These past three days have been torture without her. At first he was confused why she all of a sudden hated him but now he was just annoyed. Everyday he tried to talk to her and hang out and every time she shut him down for no reason. He did nothing to her! Nothing! He had thought about it all day everyday and he had done absolutely nothing to the gorgeous singer.

Then again maybe she was just really busy. It's not like tour is a holiday. She would have to be doing press and other stuff just like Alex. Just cause her band wasn't headlining didn't mean they didin't have to do work, right? Well at least that's what Jack had told Alex to put his mind at rest while they walked to the venue.

"Just forget about it for now. I'm sure she still loves you" Jack teased as they sat on the lounge that was allocated for them. Alex rolled his eyes before turning to introduce himself to the interviewer.

An hour and a half later the boys were free to do whatever they wanted until soundcheck. The interviews were okay but it got boring after the second one. They continued to ask the same questions over and over. It became almost like a script. 'How's tour so far? Are you excited about warped tour? How's the new album going? When's it out?'. It was so repetitive. Alex's answers hardly changed. The only thing that did were Jacks jokes.

"Jack! Alex!" Someone yelled as they were walking towards their bus. Both boys whipped there heads towards the voice. "Garrett! What's up man?" Jack called back as they began to walk towards each other. "Not much, Just wondering if you wanted to get some lunch? We were all about to head to the nearest subway" Jack and Alex looked at each other and nodded in agreement. They had nothing better to do. "We're in" Alex smiled.

"Okay sweet. Meet at the front gates in ten!" Garrett said running inside the venue. The boys turned to walk in the direction of the gates, May as well walk there now they thought.

"I'm so hungryyyyyyyyy" Jack whined. Alex rolled his eyes at the younger boy. "Well that's why we're going to go get food you ass wipe" Jack's face held a fake offended look as he punched Alex in the arm. "You're the ass wipe". Alex once again rolled his eyes at Jacks childish behaviour but returned the gesture anyway. "No. You are." He said walking slightly ahead of Jack, leaving him to walk alone.

"THAT'S IT!" He heard Jack call from behind him and before he knew it there was a heavy weight on his back. "Jack get off me you butt head!" Alex screeched as he swung his arms attempting to hit the other boy who clung to his back. "Say it nicely and maybe I will" Jack wrapped an arm around Alex's neck and used the other to throw away Alex's beanie and give him a noogie.

The boys looked ridiculous as they fought in the middle of the parking lot. Before long they had an audience. The group planning on going to lunch stood and watched the boys wrestle like idiot. Alex had managed to get Jack off his back and they were now rolling around on the ground, attacking one another but both laughing. The group watching them laughed along to the pairs antics.

Then he heard it.
Her laugh.
Alex froze and looked up from his position, straddling Jack and pinning his arms to his sides. He saw her standing there in the middle of the group. An amused smile on her face. Alex couldn't help the bright smile his lips slipped into. A slight blush coloured Tay's cheeks at the sudden attention.

Unfortunately the moment was cut short. Whilst Alex was entranced by the petite girl, Jack used the moment of distraction as an opportunity to push Alex to the ground and sat on his back. "I WIN" Jack declared fist pumping into the air. Alex just laughed in defeat as both boys made their way off the ground.

"Come one you idiots. Let's get food I'm hungry" Garrett yelled causing cheers to come from the small group. Alex straightened himself up cleaning off the dirt that clung to his clothes. There was a small graze on his elbow but It didn't matter. Not like it was life threatening or anything. Alex scanned the group to see who would be joining them for lunch and subtly searching for the brunette curls.

He saw Jack walking in a line with Cameron, John and Jordan. Then Garrett was walking a little further in front with Mike. Where'd Tay go? He thought as he quickly fell into line with Jack. That's when he found her. She was walking just infront of the four extremely tall men, with Pat. He hadn't seen them because of their slight height deficiency.

As he watched the two friends talk he couldn't help but feel his gut burn with a fiery jealousy. So she had time for Pat but not for him? Alex starred at the pair as they walked side by side, playfully pushing each other. It made him feel sick.

Alex hadn't even noticed the glare he was shooting them until Jack not so subtly elbowed him in the ribs giving him a 'what are you doing? Stop glaring, you're making it really obvious' look. Alex face quickly looked to the ground, pretending to be really interested in his shoes.

It was so stupid. He shouldn't be so jealous of Tay being friends with another guy. She wasn't his girlfriend and he already had one anyway! He just couldn't help it. He felt like Tay was replacing him with Pat. He would usually be the peson Tay chose to walk with. Just like the first night of tour he thought. As Alex remembered the night, his mood only saddened. Oh well he thought. If He wasn't Tay's first choice to walk with, she'd be his.

As the solution came to Alex's head he caught up to Tay and Pat. Only to realise they had reached their destination. Too little, too late he thought but that didn't stop him. Alex ran ahead and held open the door to the fast food restaurant for her. "M'lady" He said leaning forward and moving his hand as if to present the restaurant. Tay let out a slight giggle as she entered and playfully rolled her eyes. Alex let go of the door and let it shut on Pat. Payback for stealing his best friend.

Tay walked over and stood in the short line behind the counter. She pondered over what she was going to get on her sandwich when there was a tap on her shoulder.

"Hi" Alex said shyly as he stood next to the much shorter girl. Usually she would move to rest her head on his arm. She didn't.
"Hey" Tay continued to stare at the menu bored, pretending to be thinking when really she was avoiding Alex's desperate gaze. He had obviously realised that she'd been avoiding him for the past couple of days. It wasn't hard to. Pat was right, Tay needed to get over Alex and her stupid crush. The only way for her to do that was stay away from him and his charming ways.

Alex was the definition of a flirt. Anywhere and everywhere he went he had women falling at his feet, sometimes not even on purpose. It wasn't even because he was in a band. Tay was sure if he was homeless Alex would still be able to get women to fall in love with him within seconds. There was just something about the boy that drove the opposite sex crazy.

"How've you been? I haven't really seen you lately" Alex's attempt at conversation was sad and desperate, it's all he had. Maybe he could guilt Tay into spending time with him.

"Good." Tay said casually as if not noticing his comment about their sudden distance. Alex sighed, the look on his face was enough to break Tays heart in two. He looked so confused, so hurt by her simple comment. She just wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him she missed him and was sorry. But she coudln't. He had a girlfriend and she needed to respect that. She needed to get over this stupid school girl crush. So she once again ignored Alex's desperate attempts at conversation and stepped forward to order her meal.

She could feel Alex's eyes burn holes into the back of her head as she walked along the counter reciting to the worker what she wanted. Finally when her sandwich was made and wrapped she paid and walked over to pick a table. She looked for a table that seemed large enough for all nine people but there wasn't one. They were just going to have to use two. Hopefully that way she wouldn't have to sit next to Alex but judging by the determined look on his face it wasn't likely.

Before he got any closer Tay slid into the nearest booth, moving all the way over to edge. Alex walked right over and slid into the other side. He didn't care if Tay was angry at him he was going to make her like him again. His plan was to sit directly opposite her, so there was no way she couldn't look at him. Tay mentally groaned as Alex appeared infront of her, his infectious grin starring her down.

"I got you a redbull, I know it's your favourite." Alex said as he slid the can across the table. Tay was forced to look at her lap to hid the huge smile and slight blush that broke out on her face at his words. When she thought she recomposed herself enough she looked up flashing Alex a small smile.

"Thanks, That's really nice of you." Tay said beginning to unwrap her sandwich. There was silence between the two as they waited for more people to join them. Alex searched his brain for something to talk about, it was never this hard with Tay but her hostile ways made it extremely awkward. Being the idiot Alex was he decided to bring up why she was ignoring him.

"So I might just be on my man period but lately I just feel like-"
"Hey Guys!" Alex turned to glare at whoever had interrupted his moment of courage when he saw the long haired boy. Pat. Of course he walks over now, Alex thought as he looked back to his sandwich.

"Pat!" Tay thanked her lucky stars that Pat showed up when he did. She knew exactly what Alex was about to bring up and she did not want to talk about it. If he asked why she was ignoring him there was no way in hell she could tell him the truth. 'oh sorry I'm just madly in love with you but you have a girlfriend and the only way to get over you is to ignore you.' Yeah that sound fan-fucking-tastic.

Pat took a seat next to Tay, knowing full well that she didn't want to be near Alex. He knew about her whole plan because he pretty much thought of it. The time Tay usually spent with Alex she was now spending with Pat. They'd grown pretty close over the past few days but their relationship was one of siblings not possible lovers. Pat thought Tay was stunning but he saw her like more of a sister than anything else.

Alex clearly wasn't fond of their new found friendship and he made it obvious as he glared at the two whilst they chatted happily. Garrett came over and sat next to Alex but was completely unaware to the obvious tention between the two singers. Alex sat quietly in his corner, not daring to interrupt Tay and Pats ongoing conversation. He couldn't control the jealousy that ran through his veins as he observed. Nor could he stop the butterflies that erupted in his stomach every time Tay laughed. She wasn't laughing at his jokes but she still looked cute as a button doing it.

Once everyone had finished eating their lunch, the group got up and left the small subway restaurant. They walked back in the same orderly fashion as before except Alex trailed behind slowly at the back, sulking. He knew he was being juvenile but he didn't care. Tay was the one giving him the silent treatment! What was she in the first grade?

Jack noticed his best friend kicking his feet at the pavement whist he dragged along behind the pack. He would've asked what was wrong but he already knew the answer. He saw the way Alex looked at lunch. And Jack being Jack, he could read Alex like a book. At lunch Jack had casually brought to Cameron's attention the weird awkwardness between Tay and Alex. Cam said he hand't even noticed but he was sure Tay had a thing for Alex.

Jack was thrilled at the news. All he wanted was Tay and Alex together. He was so sick of Alex and all his Lisa drama. She use to be nice but now she's just a bitch. He didn't blame her, with all the shit Alex has put her through. Still enough is enough. Just break up and move on, forever. Jack thought Tay would be good for Alex. She was nothing like Lisa and that was good, Alex needed a change.

Jack slyly slowed down and stepped in toe with Alex. The glum boy didn't even noticed until he spoke. "Just go talk to her" Alex sighedt in defeat. "I tried but Pat came over." Alex glared towards the mentioned boy. "Well try again. The maine have soundcheck now so he won't be able to interrupt. Just grow a set of balls and talk to her if it's bothering you this much." Jack said before walking away.

They had reached the venue and before Tay had the chance to ran away and hide, Alex ran up behind her. Everyone else had gone their own ways, The maine to soundcheck and WATIC boys went off with Jack. Tay was alone, it was now or never.

"Tay?" Alex called out gaining her attention. Tay stopped dead in her track and cringed knowing exactly what was about to happen.
"Can we talk?" He asked as soon as he was right infront of her. Those three words made Tay want to throw up.
"Um I'm actually kind of busy, see-"
"Tay." Alex said raising his eyebrows. He knew for a fact there was nothing she HAD to do right at this minute. Tay sighed. She made her way over to the side of the venue and leant up against the wall. Alex followed and stood in fornt of her.

"Okay, what did you want to talk about?" Alex gave her a 'really?' look but explained himself anyway.
"Well for the past couple of days you've been ignoring me. I just wanted to know why?" He said sounding shy. "I haven't been ignoring you. I've just been really busy, like I said." Alex groaned "Cut the crap Tay. Just tell me what I did wrong and I'll fix it?" He said sincerely.

Tay rolled her eyes, She couldn't ask him to stop making her love him. "Really Alex. It's nothing." She said trying to convince the boy. Alex was beginning to get annoyed. He didn't want to yell but he could feel it coming. "Please Tay. Just tell me." Tay was growing frustrated as well. Why couldn't he just leave it.

"Alex just drop it okay?" Tay said, her inner sass queen coming out. "NO! NO! I will not just drop it! You're clearly angry at me and I want to know why!" Alex's voice was raised and his annoyance was clear in his tone but he wasn't yelling, not yet at least.

"I'm not angry! You have done nothing wrong! Just leave it. Why do you care anyway?" Tay said matching his volume and attempting to walk away but he stopped her. That's it, Alex thought.

"Why do I care? WHY DO I CARE?!" Alex yelled. "Fucking hell! I care because I care about you and our friendship but clearly you don't give a shit about me! Or this friendship!" Tays stomach burned with anger.

"I DON'T CARE?" This time Tay's voice was a lot louder than his. She was fucking pissed, she just lost it. "THAT'S THE WHOLE PROBLEM YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" Alex was completely shocked by her outburst. "That is the whole problem Alex! I care about you too much! You just come into my life and are really nice and charming and then before I know it I'm fucking falling for you! But you have a girlfriend! Then you break up with her so this small part of me thinks that maybe we could be something. And then we kissed and a large part of me was like hey maybe we could be happy BUT THEN YOU JUST COME AND RUIN IT. The kiss meant nothing to you and you made that perfectly clear on the phone the other day to your GIRLFRIEND. Who you said you wanted to break up with but clearly not because you love her so much then I'm just her- " Tays rant was cut short by the feeling of soft lips pressed to hers.

She was in shock for what felt like years to Alex but seconds to Tay. Then she began to kiss back. The kiss was passionate and said everything that needed to be said. Alex pushed her against the brick wall, trapping her there. Moving his hands to either side of her face leaning against the wall. He had he pinned against it. Hers arms wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him closer.

After what felt like mili-seconds but was really a few minutes the pair finally pulled apart simultaneously. Both out of breath. Their chests rose and fell in unison. Touching each other as they breathed in. "What was that?" Tay asked still slightly panting. Alex shook his head "I don't know but let's do it again."

Alex reattached his lips to hers. Tay kissed back until things began to clear in her head. She pulled away from him, moving her hands from his neck to his shoulders. She leant her forehead against his chest. This wasn't right. He had a girlfriend. They shouldn't be doing this. Alex tried to lift Tay's head and tried to continue the kiss. When she didn't respond he began to kiss her jaw, making his way to her neck pressing feather light kisses in a pattern.

"Alex" Tay sighed. Alex hummed in response sending shivers down her spine. "Stop." Tay said as she half heartedly pushed against his chest. "Never" Alex said before beginning to leave his mark on her neck. Tay held back the moan that threatened to escape. She could feel his smirk against her skin as he finished his handy work. "No, Alex Stop. I can't do this." Alex stopped sensing the seriousness in her voice. He stepped back but only slight. He was still only centimeters away from her face.

"What do you mean? You just said-" "I know what I said. But you have a girlfriend" Alex's head dropped in shame. He had completely forgot that minor detail. "I meant what I said. I do really like you Alex, but I'm not gonna be the other girl." Alex just nodded in agreement, still not raising his head. "I can't do that so this can't go any further until you break up with Lisa. I'm not saying you have to either. It's just one or the other."

Tay refused to be the other women. She had never been cheated on herself, but she had friends that had. She seen first hand how it can crush a person. She refused to be the reason of someones heart ache.

Alex sighed, knowing exactly where Tay was coming from. In this moment he just wished she wasn't such a good person. He wished she would've let him go on and allowed him to take her back to his bunk. Unfortunately for Alex's penis Tay had a heart.

Before Alex had a chance to 'unpin' Tay from the wall, Rian walked around the corner. It was clear what the pair had been up to by the way they were out of breath and the position.
"Um Alex? Matt wanted to have a quick meeting on the bus" Rian said not so subtly giving Alex a disappointed look. Anyone but Rian, Alex thought. Anyone could've caught them but Rian. He was the one with the morals and hated when Alex cheated. Not that anyone on the bus supported Alex's promiscuous ways but Rian was the worst. He would always give Alex a speech on how wrong it was and wouldn't look at him normally for the rest of the day.

Tays face went bright red. It was bad enough that she had kissed Alex but now it was worse because Rian knew. He was like the father figure on tour. Tay didn't want him to know of her trampy ways. As dumb as it sounded she wanted Rian to be proud of her, not disappointed.

"Uh Yeah. I'll be there in a second" Alex called back giving Rian a look begging him to walk away which he did. Alex turned back to Tay whose head was once again buried in his chest. She was ashamed. He used his thumb and finger to raise chin to face him. They starred at each other, both searching for each others emotions.

"I'll fix this. I promise" Alex said before sealing it with a sweet kiss.
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I'm going to be honest i kind of lost inspiration for this story but don't fear I found it once again!!! I know exactly when and how this story is going to end and how it's going to get there so don't fear. This story will have an ending.

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