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See You Around

Chapter 4

As Alex walked up the steps of their bus he prepared himself for the long lecture Rian was sure to give him about being faithful. He knew what he just did was wrong but sometimes he just couldn't help himself. Tay looked gorgeous and just confessed she had feelings for him. To Alex she was irresistible in that moment. Alex stood frozen as he looked up and became face to face with the last person he expected to see.

"Baby!" She screeched as she ran over and jumped on him. He stumbled back a bit but managed to stabilize them both before falling. He cringed as the scent of her perfume drowned him. Before he could even think her lips were attached to his. Usually he would welcome it but things were different now. It felt wrong kissing someone that wasn't Taylor.

"Lisa what are you doing here?" Alex said trying to sound happily surprised and not annoyed. Much to lisa's dismay he placed her back on the ground and began to walk over to the lounge. She quickly followed and waited for him to sit before taking a seat on his lap. He tried hard not to roll his eyes.

"I thought I'd come and surprise you." She said smiling taking no notice of Alex clear displeasure. Rian sat in the corner smiling smugly at Alex. He hated the way Alex cheated on his girls and used them. He especially hated that he was using Tay. She was such a nice person and clearly had feelings for Alex. He hated that he could do that to someone. He didn't really mind the fact that Alex was cheating on Lisa. No one really liked her anyway. It was clear she only used him for his slight fame. He believed that at some point they did really love each other but that was long gone now. Just like everyone else he thought they should move on.

"Did any of you know she was coming?" Alex asked the guys as they sat in the dressing room. Lisa was asleep on the bus due to her jet lag. The boys were meant to go on stage in twenty minutes.

"I didn't!" Jack declared. "If I did you know I would've warned you." He said before going back to his phone. "What about you?" Alex said looking at Matt. He looked away and attempted to make himself look busy.

"Matt" Alex warned.

"Alright I knew! But she told me not to tell you and she can be very scary!" He defended as he began to back out of the room. "I'm going to kill you Matthew! How could you not warn me!?" Alex yelled losing his temper a bit.

"Most people don't need to be warned when their girlfriends are coming to visit them! Usually it's a joyous occasion!" Rian said putting in his two cents.

"Yeah and most people aren't dating the devil" Jack said not even adverting his eyes from his phone. He raised his hand and waited for Alex to high five him which he did. Rian just rolled his eyes at them.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me when you came to get me!" Alex yelled at Rian his anger flaring again. "I thought you deserved it after I caught you making out with someone else" Rian retaliated. "As much as I don't like Lisa you shouldn't be using Tay like that-"

"WAIT YOU HOOKED UP WITH TAY AND DIDN'T TELL ME" Jack yelled standing up and throwing his phone on the ground. A slight blush creeped on to Alex's face as he turned to Jack and tried to hide it.
"How was I meant to tell you when I've had my girlfriend attached to me all day" Alex said almost glaring at Jack.

"You could've texted me" Jack said in a sassy 'duh' tone while Alex rolled his eyes.

Tay stood on stage with a goofy smile and slight blush as she waited for her line in the song to arrive. Her smile only grew as she looked out at the crowd and saw most of the people dancing and singing along with Jordan.

"I close my eyes I can't stop thinking about you. Crack a smile, I just can't lose" Tay sang as she remembered how true the lyrics were. Alex managed to have her weak at the nears with a simple smirk let alone full blown smile. As the song finished she thought how cute it would be if one time they sang the song together, as a couple.

After their kiss Alex promised he would fix things. ToyTat that meant breaking up with Lisa so they could begin their own adventure, together. She believed every word he said and that's what had kept the smile on her face for the rest of the day. She had only told Jordan and Cameron about the kiss. She knew Pat would tell her not to trust him until he had broken up with Lisa but she didn't want to. She just wanted to be happy for now. Jordan and Cameron told her to be careful because of his rep but were happy for her at the same time. They knew this is what she wanted.

"This is our last song" Jordan yelled to the crowd. "You've been amazing tonight! Thank you for having us" Tay added. With that the boys began to play the opening riffs and what felt like seconds later that song had ended. Tay ran off stage feeling like she was on top of the world. She had just played to one of the best crowds her band has ever seen and kissed the guy she really liked in the same day. Noting could bring Tay down from this high, well at least that's what she thought.

As she ran into her bands dressing room she literally ran into a petit blonde girl, making them both fall to the ground. The other women yelped out in shock though Tay just laughed. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" Tay said apologising before picking herself up off the ground and offerring to help the other lady. Tay recognised the women but couldn't quite put a face to the name. The women accepted Tays hand as she helped pull her off the ground. "It's okay, next time just watch were you're going" The lady said with a slight bite to her words. "Do I know you?" Tay trying to figure out where this girl was from.

"I don't think so. I'm Lisa, Alex Gaskarth's girlfriend." And that's when Tay came crashing down from her high at 1000km an hour. She had just ran into Alex's girlfriend. She wasn't meant to be here, She wasn't even meant to be Alex's girlfriend. Tay stood there shocked not knowing what to say. How could Alex not tell her. HOw could he kiss her and then have his girlfriend come and visit. He was sich a fucking asshole. Everyone was right when they told her not to trust him.

Lisa stood there uncomfortably as the other girl stood starring at her, she could see tears forming in her eyes but didn't understand why. She didn't seem like she hurt herself when she fell. Lisa let out a loud sigh attempting to get the girls attention before speaking. "And you are?" annoyance dripping from her words.

"Lisa, Alex was thinking...Tay?" Jack said walking out of the dressing room. He stared between the two girl moving his head side to side as if he was watching a tennis match even thought neither girl was moving. Heat and angry rose to lisa's face as she now knew who was standing in front of her.

"You're Tay?" Lisa said glaring at the tiny brunette. "ALEX!" Jack and Lisa both called at the same time. Tay still didn't move, she was doing everything she could not to cry. Five minutes ago she was the happiest she had been in ages. She couldn't understand how that could all change so quickly.

Jack saw the slight watery glint in Tay's eye and moved to stand next to her wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders. He hated that she had to be the one caught up in Alex and Lisa's fucked up relationship.

"What do you want?" Alex asked casually making his way out of the dressing room, clearly unaware of the situation at hand. His body immediately stood stiff as he saw the two girls standing there. "Shit."
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