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See You Around

Chapter 5

"Tay wait!" Alex called as the heart broken brunette began to walk away. Tears had began to leak down her face and she definitely didn't want him to know. She didn't want him to know just how much he could hurt her.

"Excuse me?" Lisa hissed at her boyfriend. Why the hell would he be calling out after Tay when he was her boyfriend. Lisa didn't understand why Tay was running anyway. Lisa was the only one who had a right to be annoyed. Her boyfriend was the one who kissed someone else while they were on a break a few months ago.

Alex ran a hand over his face as the other rested on his hip. How could this have happened already. He knew the girls meeting was inevitable seeming as Lisa was on tour now but he thought he would have a chance to at least warn Tay and explain the situation. Now she probably hated him. There was nothing Alex could do. He couldn't run after her because his girlfriend would become suspicious and angrier hell she already was. She just had to let her go.

"Nothing, Don't worry about it. I have to get ready anyway." Alex sighed wrapping an arm around his girlfriends shoulder. Jack shook his head in disappointment. He thought Alex might actually have the balls and run after Tay. Clearly he just over estimated his friend. Jack really tired to believe he was serious about Tay but after watching what just happened he just couldn't.

If he was serious about being with Tay he would've dumped Lisa as soon as she arrived or even better before the tour even fucking started. As much as Jack loved his best friend he hated how he treated women. Yeah Jack slept around a bit but he's never cheated on a girlfriend nor has he lead them on to completely drop them. His sister taught him better than that.

Alex gave Jack a 'what the fuck was I meant to do' look before turning and walking away with the wrong girl. Jack went in the opposite direction in search of Tay. He had to make sure she was okay, he couldn't just leave her. He walked the hallways in search of her opening almost every door to check if she was in the room. It took him five minutes but he found her leaning against the side of a coach in one of the spare rooms. It wasn't too hard to find her, he could hear her sobs from two rooms down.

Jack felt guilty for his friends mistake has he walked towards the weeping girl and took her in his arms. Tay and Jack had never become extremely close. They had always been friends but they never really had the chance to become close as Alex and Tay seemed to be inseparable on tour. Jack rocked them back and forth as Tay clung to his chest, his t-shirt soaking up her tears.

Tay felt so stupid crying over Alex. It's not like they were together, he had a girlfriend. It's just she got lost in her mind and created something that wasn't real. She thought Alex would be hers, she believed every line he fed her. Like everyone told her not to do. She felt like a complete idiot. Why would the notorious womanizer Alex Gaskarth want to settle down and have a healthy relationship with her. She was just a casual.

"This is stupid... I'm sorry" Tay chocked out in between sobs. Jack only held her tighter. He felt bad for Tay and almost responsible for her heartache. He should have stopped his best friend from fucking her over, he just didn't think he would.

"It's not stupid. Alex is a dick" Jack said attempting to rub comforting circles on her back. Jack hated when people cried, especially girls. He always felt so helpless.

"Yeah he really is" Tay said after calming herself down a little. She moved herself out of Jacks tight hold and wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry for crying all over you" She smiled weakly. "It doesn't matter. If you couldn't tell I have my own clothing line so I don't have to buy my t-shirts" He smirked point to his face on his shirt. It caused Tay to let out a small laugh and that's all he wanted.

"Thank you" Tay said sincerely, without Jacks confort who knows how long she'd sit here crying although she did plan on staying here after Jack left to go on stage which would be any second now.

"Don't worry about it. And hey it'll be okay. Alex will realise he's being a douche and fix his mistakes. He is actually a good guy sometimes he just fucks up." Tay nodded but doubted if what Jack said was true. She knew how close Jack and Alex were but maybe this time Jack was wrong about him. Alex had always gone back to Lisa after all his other girlfriends, what made Tay so special?

She let out a loud sigh making Jack smile a little. Tay was a cutie. "Come here" Jack said wrapping his arms around Tay again. "He'll fix it." Jack assured not only Tay but himself. He really didn't want Alex to chose Lisa again. Tay gratefully returned the hug and wrapped her arms around Jack. She was surprised how skinny he actually was seeming all the shit he ate.

She hadn't realised she was sitting in Jacks lap until now, It took Alex 0.2 seconds to notice. He had been sent to find Jack so they could take the stage and that's where he found him. Looking all cosy and close with his Tay. Well she wasn't really his but still Jack knew he really really liked her. Alex couldn't help the jealousy that surged through his body. He should be the one holding Tay and wiping her tears. He had just seemed to forgotten that he was the reason she was crying and that Jack was his best friend and would never even dream of taking Tay.

Tay pulled away from Jacks embrace allowing Alex to see her face. He was immediately filled with heart wrenching guilt as he saw her tear strained face. She looked so hurt, so lost. Had he really done that to her? Alex coughed awkwardly causing the other two to turn and look at him.

All too quickly the face of a lost girl unhesitatingly changed to that of a killer. Alex was almost scared at how angry she looked. "Um Jack we have to get on stage" Alex mumbled his gaze instantly moving to the ground finding his shoes extremely interesting. Jack rolled his eyes. "OK I'll be there in a sec" Jack called over his shoulder before whispering to Tay "Are you going to be okay here?" She just nodded her head sadly.

Jack decided he would get one of her bandmates or Pat to come talk to her as she slid off his lap. She wasn't going to be okay alone, he could tell. Jack placed a friendly kiss to her forehead causing Alex to ball his fists in anger but he let it go.

As Jack waked to Alex he gave him a stern look telling him to leave her alone, at least for now. Alex blatantly ignored his requested and took another step into the room. Tay had resumed her original position leaning against there couch with her eyes closed keeping the tears away.

"Tay... I-" Alex tried to speak but Tay was fast to interrupt. "What?! You're sorry?" She yelled standing up from her sad little corner. She didn't want to seem weak.
"Yes but-
"You fucked up?"
"Yes but-"
"You never really liked me?"
"No! I swear-"
"Was I just a fling until your girlfriend returned?" Tay tried so hard to keep her voice normal but it got weaker and weaker as she went until she finally broke on the word girlfriend and the tears returned. She tried with everything she had to hold them back. She took deep breaths and steadied herself but one or two managed to slid down her cheeks. Alex was about to lose it himself. Seeing what he had done to her made his heartbreak. Did she really think these things were true?

"Taylor please listen" Alex pleaded taking a step closer to her. He knew if he could just hold her maybe she would listen.

"I am listening Alex. I'm listening to everyone who told me to stay the hell away from you! I'm done. I'm not willing to give my heart to someone who only plans to crush it." That crushed Alex. He just didn't know what was coming next. "Besides I could never give my heart to someone I fucking hate." She spat walking past him and out of the room.

In that moment Alex's heart was broken right in two. No other girl in Alex's life had managed to take his heart and break it in the way Tay just did. Maybe because he had never given another girl his heart so easily. But right then Taylor Jardine managed to break Alex Gaskarth's heart for the first time.
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