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See You Around

Chapter 6

It took Alex a minute to get himself together. He couldn't go out on stage with bloodshot eyes. The fans would definitely notice and post it all over tumblr. As much as he loved his fans sometimes he hated that tumblr existed. People got weird on there and sometimes it really freaked him out. Jack usually goes on there for fun and reads all the stupid things people post. Alex thought it was entertaining for a while but the 'lisex' and 'jalex' post made him want to shoot someone.

"Alex?" He heard his girlfriend question as she stepped into the room. He quickly wipped his eyes before slowly turning around.
"What do you want?" He spat, more harshly than he expected. He heard her sigh and shake her head. "What's wrong Alex? I came out here to surprise you and I feel like you don't even want me here?" cause I don't. Alex thought but felt slightly guilty. For once Lisa wasn't angry she just sounded sad. Alex stayed silent only looking at his feet. He didn't know what to say to her.

"What is it? What have I done wrong? I'm trying Alex, I'm trying so hard to keep this going but you don't give a fuck anymore! What am I supposed to do?" She sounded like she was on the verge of tears but Alex knew her better than that. This was just a game to her. She cried, he caved and they were once again a happy couple but not this time.

"Leave. You should just leave. You're right I don't give a fuck anymore and I haven't for a long time because we haven't been good for a long, long time." Lisa immediately turned from sad to angry. Alex swore he could see the steam come out of her ears and fire in her eyes.

"You're such a fucking prick!" She screamed as she stepped forward to slap him across the face but Alex moved quickly. "I can't believe you! I hate you!" She screeched. "Oh come on Lis, You knew it was over. Everyone knew it was over!" Lisa's mouth fell to the floor, she couldn't believe what he was saying. She knew it was true she just didn't think he'd ever admit it.

"Alex get your ass on stage now!" Matt yelled walking into the room, instantly feeling the angry tension. Alex turned to look at matt with wide eyes whilst Lisa continued to glare at Alex. "Okay I'm coming." Alex said beginning to rush out the door. "You can't just leave! I'm not finished!" Lisa yelled following Alex out into the hall making their break up more public.

"Well I am." Alex groaned. "I have to get on stage and do my job." He said continuing to walk away. Lisa had just about had it with his attitude, she just had one more question. "Why?" She said calmly standing in the middle of the hallway. Alex stopped in his track not understanding the question. "Why what?" He said turning around.

"Why have you all of a sudden decided to end it? Why not just wait till the end of my trip or until you returned home. Why right now?" She said as they starred each other down. They were standing at least 20 meters apart. Alex could feel the other bands listening in from the dressing room and his own witnessing the fight from behind him.

"The truth?" He said raising his eyebrows. Lisa laughed bitterly. "I thinks it's the least you owe me." Alex rolled his eyes. "Okay but you asked for it... I fell in love with someone else." It was Lisa's turn to raise her eyebrows at him. "That's it?" Alex shook his head no. "And by falling in love with her I realised that the way I felt about you was nothing compared to how I feel about her."

Tays heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. Was Tay the other girl? She better be the other girl or she really did fucking hate Alex Gaskarth. But did Alex really just say that? I guess yes if the slap she just heard was any indication. Tay almost laughed as everyone in the room flinched at the noise.

She looked around the room trying to make sense of it all when she realised everyone was starring at her, waiting for her to do something. "What?" She asked wanting them all to look away. "Aren't you going to go out there?" Mike asked excitedly. He felt like he was watching a live soap opera. "No?" Tay said slowly sounding unsure of herself. "What!? why not?" Cameron questioned. "Because if you forgot about ten minutes ago I was balling my eyes out because of that bastard. Plus we don't even know if he was talking about me."

"Are you retarded?" Kennedy said getting up from his seat. "Who else could he be talking about?" Tay rolled her eyes, knowing Alex there could be 100 other people. "I've known Alex for years and I've never seen him treat a girl like he treats you. He really cares about you Tay. Hell he just admitted he loves you! Now get off your little butt and go get yo man!" Tay laughed at Kennedys little pep talk but still looked at Pat unsure on what to do. Alex did have a reputation and had already hurt just because he said he loved doesn't mean he meant it. Pat just nodded his head, even he had to admit Gaskarth seemed serious about this one. That was all Tay needed.

Tay jumped from her seat on the couch and ran out to the hallway, everyone else quickly following. She sighed when she found it to be empty. "The stage!" Cameron and Mike yelled at the same time. Tay's legs immediately broke into a sprint towards the stage, the rest of the group still following. They weren't going to miss this for the world.

As she turned the final corner she saw Alex standing side stage pulling his guitar over his head. "Gaskarth!" She yelled in a fake angry voice. Alex sighed he really wasn't ready for his third fight for the day. "Tay please not now I'm about to go on stage an-" Tay marched over to him grabbing his head and pulling him down into a forceful kiss. He was shocked but quickly kissed her back. The rest of the group erupted in cheers and wolf whistles as the two pulled apart.

Alex's smile was huge, that was the first thing he wanted and the last thing he expected to happen. "What was that for?" Alex asked putting his hand on Tays waist as he pulled her hips into his. "Well I heard you say that you loved someone and I just wanted to remind you what a good kisser I am before you run off with someone else." Tay smirked trying to be funny and maybe a little cute. Alex laughed as he slowly leaned his head down. "Well maybe you should remind me one more time, I am quite forgetful." He said mischievously but before his lips could touch hers he felt himself being lifted off the ground.

"Sorry but it's seems to be the only way to get your fat ass on stage." Jack said as he picked Alex up and walked him to his mic stand. Tay laughed at the pair along with the rest of the crowd. She almost forgot they were there. Luckily they couldn't see side stage she thought to herself as she watched the boys in All Time Low kill it.

Alex couldn't have been any happier as he sang his heart out to the enthusiastic crowd. Ten minutes ago he thought it was going to be hard to get through the show but now it was a breeze. He couldn't stop himself from constantly steeling glances at Tay as she swayed her hips to the song side stage. He didn't understand why she still wanted him but he wasn't going to waste this opportunity. He was determined to treat her like a princess and not fuck this up. He cared too much about the small girl to ever hurt her again...

but that was easier said than done.
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