Status: Newly Adopted

I Must Be Dreaming

Rowan Kowalski didn't know what she was looking for in life. She never had given life beyond college a single thought. Rowan still had a year to ponder about which direction she would go. There would be another year to live it up with little or no consequences. What happens when she catches the eye of a certain Quarterback named Andrew Luck? How will he effect the road she's on?

An adopted story formally called: Love on Top by ThePensAreMightier whose account is deactivated. So please, don't report this story because the author is no longer a mibba member. I just wanted to resurrect this story because I thought it had such a good plot line and loved characters in it. I am also editing and rewriting some of it.
  1. You Don't Know My Name
    Title by Alicia Keys
  2. Time On Your Side
    Title by Emily Jane White
  3. You Make My Dreams Come True
    Title by Hall & Oates
  4. All Right Now
    Title by the Stanford Marching Band
  5. Into Your Arms
    Title by The Maine
  6. Grease is the Word
    Title by Grease
  7. T.G.I.F. Part 1
    Title by Katy Perry
  8. T.G.I.F. Part 2
    Title by Katy Perry
  9. Kiss Me Again
    Title by: We Are the In Crowd (feat. Alex Gaskarth)