Status: One-Shot. Complete

I Want You

Anissa Rodriguez was always content with playing the background character; she preferred for her sister, Alexia, to take center field and be the star of the show. Anissa didn't yearn for the spotlight as so many did, but delighted in being the person behind the magic yet still popular enough to earn recognition. But now her wicked bass skills, carefree demeanor, and soul-capturing beauty has captured the attention of one deranged individual who will use whatever force necessary to get what he desires.

Ronnie Radke is a man who knows what he wants, and he aims to obtain it no matter the price. When his charm and ruggedly handsome looks fail, he makes use of his first nature - the side of him that no one can see and remain sane after the experience.

Disclaimer: I own the personalities of the characters, the plot, and Ronnie's true nature, but I damn sure don't own him, Anissa, or the other members of ESTK - no matter how much I want to.
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