The Boy and the Bookstore

Charlie, a freshman in college, learns what it's like to live the college life away from his family. He stumbles upon a man named Sam, an antisocial acquaintance and creates a relationship after unforeseeable circumstances. After a college expulsion Sam, a man of many names, is hiding out away from society and among all places above the college bookstore. Hiding in plain site is sometimes the best way to hide he believes. The two of them form a friendship that continues to grow as they constantly argue over what the right thing to do is and how one should act. While Charlie is believed to be on the right path in life Sam teaches him to rethink the common and to act on his beliefs whether the laws says so or not. Over time Charlie starts to uncover why Sam is the way he is and how Sam struggles to let go of things that happened in his past. Charlie starts to realize that life isn't as simple as graduation guaranteeing great things in life.