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Why Can't You Love Me?


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Lily was taking a night swim in the Fuentes’s backyard pool. It was her night off from work and since her brothers were not on tour, they had taken Melody out to the movies. Lily could finally get a little peace and quiet, not that Melody was a noisy child, but sometimes it was hard to get a little alone time when she was a single parent.

She swam around the pool a couple more times and then stepped out to go inside. She walked to a pool chair and grabbed the towel off of it.

Lily was a small thing. About the size of her brother Vic, except with more ass and of course, boobs. Now just because she was tiny, didn’t mean that she was perfect. She had scars on her knees for being a clumsy child. She had not so pretty feet from her dancing years, before Mel was born. She had several stretch marks on her tummy from her pregnancy. She had a scar on her left eyelid because she was bitten by a poodle when she was three. But none of that mattered to Lily. She wasn’t embarrassed by it. She didn’t try to hide it. She just… she just went with the flow.

Lily finished drying what she could of her body and wrapped her towel around her hair. She was walking to the back door of the house when the door opened.

“Hey…” an exhausted looking Tony said, opening the door for Lily. He didn’t want to appear like a creep, but he had been at the house for thirty minutes and for about fifteen of those minutes had been watching Lily through the kitchen window that looked out to the pool.

It had been three days since they had all gathered and it had been three days that he had been unable to stop thinking about Lily.

Lily jumped back in surprise and chuckled. She had not expected anyone to stop by the house. Her parents were out and about and well of course her brothers were with Melody. Jaime, much less Tony, never stopped by unless Vic or Mike were home.

“Dude… You scared me.” Lily said with a grin as she walked past Tony and into the house. She shut the door behind her and then took off into the laundry room that was next to the kitchen.

Tony couldn’t help but let his eyes wander Lily as she strutted around in just a plum colored bikini. She was beautiful, he thought. And what stood out more to him was the fact that she didn’t even try to hide herself even when he could see the faint marks on her stomach or that she was in no makeup and her long, brown hair was in a towel. Her confidence in herself was such a turn on to him and such an arousal that he suddenly felt ashamed and guilty that he was looking at his best friends’ sister in this manner.

“Sorry. I just stopped by cause I thought that Vic would be here. He wasn’t at his apartment. Neither was Mike.” Tony said.

Lily reappeared from the laundry room in a pair of Adventure Time pajama shorts and an Anthem Made t-shirt that she had stolen from Vic.

“I like your shorts.” Tony commented, looking from her shorts to her chocolate eyes.
She smiled.

“Mel picked them out for Mother’s Day. I swear, she’s obsessed with that show!” she said. “Speaking of Mel, she’s with Vic and Mikey. They went to the movies.”

Tony nodded. He really didn’t know what else to say to her. His real reason for coming over had nothing to do with seeing Vic. It was just so he could get a glimpse of Lily. He didn’t expect to actually be having a conversation with her, or even be in her house… with her… alone!

“Oh… shit… well then… I guess I’ll be going then.” Tony said, trying to sound disappointed and began walking to the front foyer of the house to let himself out.

Lily followed him. She had the idea that Tony wasn’t really here for Vic. There was something different about Tony since they came back from tour.

Lily never had a problem with Tony. He was just quiet and only really spoken to her when she asked him a question. She didn’t hate nor love him in any way. She just liked him in a general way, if that way was possible. He was neither friend nor foe. He was just Tony to her. Yes, she admits that Tony was an attractive guy. With the stretched ears, tattoos, passion for music, cute smile, amazing eyes, pretty hair. But had she ever thought of Tony as more, no.

They both reached the door and for a second, Lily saw Tony hesitate before opening the door.

“See ya ‘round.” Tony said, looking back at her and giving her a smirk.

Lily’s knees went slightly weak. Did Tony just seriously smirk at her and make her falter? That was highly unusual.

“Wait…” Lily found herself saying before her brain could process anything.

Tony’s hopes went up as he turned to face her. She looked so innocent yet so promiscuous at the same time. There was something definitely up with this girl and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but whatever it was, it was most definitely driving him insane.

“Yeah?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

Lily stuttered, trying to find words for what she was about to say. Why was she even asking Tony this? Like why did she suddenly want him to not go and why did he suddenly seem so unlike the usual Tony to her?

“Do you like… I don’t know… wanna go out for coffee or something sometime? I mean… we never hang and we’ve known each other for ages.” She said, looking down at her bare feet, her cheeks turning a pale shade of pink.

When she looked back up, Tony was centimeters away from her face. Her breath caught for a second and she blinked wildly at him.

“Sure.” He simply said and before she could say good-bye, Tony gave her a peck on the cheek and dashed out the front door.
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