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Why Can't You Love Me?


“After you, M’Lady,” Tony said in a false British accent as he pulled open the door of a Starbucks café.

Lily locked eyes with him for a second and smiled before entering. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and delicious pastries filled her nose and her mouth instantly watered for a mocha or something warm.

Tony bumped into Lily softly as he took the lead. He did it on purpose. Anything to touch her. He didn’t know why but he was feeling extremely nervous and anxious. From the moment that he picked her up, giving not just Lily, but Melody as well, a vase with three white roses and a single red one, to the car ride here. He needed to be near her, he needed to smell her, touch her, see her to be okay. He’d been going crazy. So crazy that not even an hour after he had left Lily’s house the night she asked if he wanted to go out, he called. What was it about her?

Lily followed a step after Tony. She was keeping an eye on him. She didn’t know what was going to happen on this so called date, but she was keeping her guards up. She knew that she had to keep a close watch on Tony, for he knew how to work his magic on girls and she was not going to be just another one night stand. She looked at him quickly. Not that she wouldn’t mind getting into bed with him, but if all he wanted was some ass and to brag, she was going to put her foot down.

“So, what do you want?” Tony asked, as they both looked at the menu behind the barista’s head.

“White chocolate mocha, soy milk, please, and a blueberry muffin.” She replied with ease. Tony nodded his head and went to order, while Lily went to find a small table so that they could sit and chat.


“So he’s mad at you?” Tony asked, gulping down the rest of his tea. Lily finished the last of her muffin with a nod. “What’s he got against me? How come he’s cool with you and Jaime?” Tony mumbled, though Lily caught every word.

“Jaime is not a so called “player” in Mike’s books like you are.” Lily told him. Tony scoffed.

“Serious? It’s not like I’m going to take your virginity or something drastic! You’re not like fifteen anymore! You’re a grown woman! You got rights. You can go out for coffee with whomever and shit.”

Lily laughed. Tony looked cute when he was mad over silly things.

“I guess he just doesn’t trust you.” She said with a shrug. She really didn’t know what Mike had against Tony. Sometimes he was irrational. Vic tried his best to explain, but Vic was careless and easygoing when it came to Lily and he really didn’t see why Lily shouldn’t go out. Mike was far more protective and observant.

“Blah. Does Mike even know what you and Jaime used to do?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow. He knew that Jaime was not really a one night stand type of guy or the kind of guy to brag about who he has and has not fucked, but Lily was the only exception. Tony had heard every detail of it from Jaime and now he was curious to hear it from the girl herself.

“Pssh, not really. We even kept it up after we broke up… whenever ya know, ya’ll weren’t on tour and stuff.” Lily said. She didn’t know why she said that. She didn’t really like talking about her sex life. Not that it was much of a sex life because Jaime was her first and only real partner. Her sperm donor, she did not count. She didn’t like to think of him much, but Jonathan was the only other person besides Jaime.

“Wait… even after… Melody, you still had sex?” Tony asked, shocked that after a traumatizing event, she could still actually do IT.

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Why are people shocked to hear that?” she mused. “Yeah, Jonathon took advantage of me and yes, I had a baby. And yeah, I was pretty shook up after it, but like after a year or so, you gotta tell yourself to be strong. I trust Jaime and I didn’t mind being intimate with him. You can’t keep yourself from moving forward if you keep holding yourself back. I’m not saying I’m a slut or something, just… I don’t know, I wasn’t going to let it get to me, ya know?

“You just gotta keep your head up high and not let it get to ya. You know how many times I’ve seen him on the streets since? Tons. I just wave and smile. He knows he fucked up and he knows about Melody. But that’s it. He’s not part of her life and he’s not part of mine. He never was. So why bother?”

Lily let out a heavy sigh. That was a lot of words. A lot of words for Tony to take in.

But Tony wasn’t really all listening to her. He was just staring at her. Her rosy cheeks, her perfectly arched eyebrows, her pretty brown eyes, her sparkling nose ring, her shiny brown hair.

He nodded.

“So you and Jaime, heh? What about lately?” he asked.

Lily shrugged.

“Nothing. We’ve moved on. He’s with that one chick. I forgot her name. And I’ve got Mel. She’s my life.”

Tony smiled, thinking of Melody. Before they had left the house, she gave him a hug and kiss as a thank you for the flowers.

“They are so pwetty.” Mel had said to him.

“She’s a great kid, Lily.” Tony told her. “I don’t think you’ve coulda done a better job raising her than you already have.”

Lily felt her eyes get teary suddenly and a rush of heat to her cheeks caused her to blush.

“Thanks….” She whispered.


Tony slammed the door after them. He pushed Lily against the door to his apartment. He had no idea what he was doing, but he didn’t care. He was running his hands all over her body and kissing her like he’s never kissed anyone else before. He was happy as hell at the moment and nothing could ruin that.

Lily pulled the front of Tony’s shirt, bringing his body closer to her. Their bodies contorted against each other’s perfectly and their lips molded together like they were meant to be. She had no idea how they ended up at Tony’s apartment after Starbucks, but she could care less. She was feeling fireworks and tingles and things that she had never felt before, not even with Jaime, who she claimed as her first love.

“Couch, baby.” Tony whispered in between a quick breath of air. Lily nodded against his lips and Tony picked her up by her behind and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He led her to his living room couch and sat himself down so that Lily was left straddling him.

They made out furiously for a few more minutes. Lily was grinding down on him and Tony couldn’t take it anymore. He was ready to burst out of his pants. He lightly pushed Lily back. Lily looked surprised. It wasn’t an aggressive move, but it still made her whine.

“Stand.” Tony told her. Lily furrowed her eyebrows. “Strip.” Tony said in the same even tone he had used to tell her to stand in front of him. Lily slowly nodded her head and climbed off him.

She stood directly in front of him and gazed at his body before pulling her shirt off slowly.

Tony nearly choked from excitement.
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