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Why Can't You Love Me?


Two months had passed and Lily and Mike were still on cold shoulder terms. Not to mention that she hadn’t even made contact with Tony. Melody was practically dying without Tony. Lily just couldn’t make it out. But whatever Melody wanted, she got. So as requested by her daughter, she had to invite Tony to her fourth birthday party.


“C’mon, Lil.” Vic urged his sister. “Cheer up. It’s Mel’s birthday. It’s Adventure Time themed. Everybody is happy. Stop worrying about Mike and Tony.”

Lily looked at her brother as they neared the front door just as someone rang the doorbell. She gave him a look of disgust and then opened the door.

Her heart stopped for a split second and then proceeded into rapid beats.

“Hey! Where’s Mel? I gotta show her that I’m dressed as Finn!” Tony said. His eyes had met with Lily’s quickly and then ventured off to Vic’s. Tony too had made sure not to cross paths with Lily. He wasn’t really sure what he had done wrong, but if he knew that Lily wasn’t talking to Mike, then he was sure it was bad. It was hard to not look at her. He just knew that there was something about her. And it was so much harder ignoring a now 4 year olds’ call every other day. He missed Mel too.

“She’s out---“

“TONY!!” Melody yelled out, cutting off her mom midsentence. She ran from the kitchen entrance and straight into Tony’s open arms. They hugged each other tight and Lily could’ve sworn she might have seen tears in both their eyes.

“Dude! You’re Princess Bubblegum!” Tony exclaimed, as he carried Melody and finally took her in. She laughed and nodded.

“And you’re Finn! Tony! I missed you so much!” The child hugged him once more before Tony set her down.

“I missed you too.” He replied as he ran his hand behind his neck. Nervous habit.

There was a brief awkward silence when a cough behind Tony interrupted.

“So… are we going to go in or stay out here?” a semi-high pitched voice said in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh shit. Sorry Steph.” Tony said and walked into the house.

A tall, thin blue-eyed blonde followed him in. Melody, in confusion, looked from her mom to the blonde and then Tony.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Oh. I’m Stephanie.” She replied, leaning down and extending her hand to shake Melody’s. Melody, however, didn’t put her hand out. She instead went to hide behind her mother’s legs.

Stephanie regained her position and tried to brush off the fact that a four year old just dissed her.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Tony said in a shy tone to Melody, making sure to keep his eyes away from Lily.

Vic had somehow made his way away from the drama and went back to the party. Lily was fuming though. Why did he bring his stupid ex? Yeah, she knew Stephanie. She knew all the hurtful shit she had done to Tony. Vic and Mike weren’t really ones to keep quiet when it came to problems conflicting with the band.

Melody looked from Tony to Stephanie again and back to Tony.

“I liked you better when you were with my mom.” She said and then ran off, a soft sob escaping her mouth.
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