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Why Can't You Love Me?


Lily was so busy trying to be the perfect party host and ignoring the fact that her one night stand's stupid ex girlfriend was eyeing her up and down every time she passed her that she didn't mind at all when a hand grabbed her and pulled her into the coat closet when she was walking to the kitchen to get a knife to cut Melody's birthday cake.

What she did mind was that this certain hand belonged to Tony.

When she noticed it was him, she went to open the closet door after a roll of her eyes and an exaggerated sigh, but he held on tight to the doorknob.

"C'mon, Tony, let go. We're about to cut the cake!" she whispered just in case someone saw her get yanked into the closet.

He shook his head. He couldn't believe that he was this stupid. But he needed to be this close to her. She had been ignoring him since Melody stormed off crying and man, did he feel like shit. He didn't want to come with Stephanie. But man, she was a demanding bitch and Steph wanted to come. He didn't even know how she got word of the party. He knew none of his bandmates told her... probably some close friend or something... anyways, Steph tagged along with Tony and that automatically gave everyone the impression that they were back together. And that was NOT what he wanted. Even though he said she was his girlfriend but...

What he wanted was standing right in front of him giving him her best angry face. Her lips were in full-on pout position and her eyes were cold. He didn't like to see her mad, but it was turning him on like crazy... he couldn't control himself.

He grabbed one of her hands and pulled her close. Their bodies melded together and they both sighed into each other. Lily instantly went weak at the knees and pressed her forehead to his. Their noses touched and their lips barely grazed each other, but that graze set their lips ablaze. The tension was thick between them as they stared each other down. And after what seemed like minutes, their lips collapsed and fireworks imploded within their bodies.

Lily pulled Tony closer to her by his shirt. Tony held Lily tight with one hand whilst the other hand went straight down her shorts and panties.

Lily let out a soft moan as two of his rough fingers rubbed her nub in quick circular motions. Tony was too excited at this point. His bulge was pressing hard at his jeans and he wanted to rip her clothes off and take her right in that coat closet but before things went too far, Lily shoved him off.

She inhaled deeply with her eyes closed and then exhaled slowly as she opened her eyes to look at Tony.

"Lily..." Tony began. He was ready to apologize. He was willing to get on his knees and beg, but he didn't even get a chance.

Lily shot him a dirty, ice cold look before she regained herself and walked out the closet leaving Tony with a hard-on and slightly cracked heart.
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