Falling Asleep on a Stranger

Veronica Sears has a bubbly personality but is kind of shy. She likes photography so she always has a camera on her. Veronica is asked by her friends to go camping for a few days. All she wanted was a good time and she always had those times with her four best friends. She takes pictures of nature while she’s camping and pictures of the guys. Whatever she’s interested in. She starts to like one of her best friends just more as a friend when he seemed like he’s the only one that cares on this trip.

Alexandria Burton has a very shy person. She likes music so she always has headphones in her ears. She plays bass but no one knows she can. Alexandria doesn’t usually go with her family on their camping trip but then her mother guilt trip her into going. She stays to herself for most of the trip until someone interrupts her. She didn’t want romance. She never had romance. She didn’t want anything but to get this camping trip over with.

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    Alexandria's POV
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    Veronica's POV
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