Falling Asleep on a Stranger


I sighed has I watched about thousands of trees flew by. I looked up at my parents in the front and they were both smiling. My dad started slowing then pulled down a dirt road. I didn’t want to go with them to this boring camping trip. I didn’t mind the nature or anything but it’s just being without my bass for a few days is what sucks. My parents didn’t believe in actually campers so we all had to sleep in tents. My parents had a tent then my brother had a tent and I got one to myself. I liked that idea of the trip because I couldn’t stay in the same tent as my brother, not when he kicks and hits in his sleep. The car jolted to a stop and I just sat there.

“Alexandria, get out of the vehicle and help us.” I heard my mother say. I sighed once again and climbed out of the truck. We unpacked the truck and then started putting up the tents. Once everything was set up, I grabbed my old acoustic, putting it around my shoulder and heading down to the lake. It was a lake that was taken care of because kids were swimming around in the water. I walked to an isolated place and sat on a large rock. I looked around and saw a group of guys and a girl across the lake as they jumped around and was having a good time. I looked down when one of the guys looked my way; well I think he looked my way. I grabbed my guitar and strum a few times but I just continued to sit there. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was already bored; I guess that’s what this feeling was. I usually am never bored. I heard footsteps and I turned around and saw my brother standing there.

“Alex, are you alright?” He asked sitting beside me. My brother and I had our days but for the most days we get along pretty well.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I’m just not sure about this place. It’s slightly creepy and the people are weird.” I said.

“Well most of these people are rednecks, much like myself. You are the only odd ball out, Alex.” He laughed then looked across the lake at the guys and the girl.

“I can’t help that. I’m an odd person.” I said. He nudged them and I looked over at the people across the lake. They were all staring our way. They waved. I just sat there and saw that my brother had waved back. I nudged.

“Don’t get friendly with them, Scottie. You don’t know them.” I said. He shrugged then stood up.

“Dinner is almost ready.” He said before disappearing around the rocky hill. I stood up and followed him after a while. I glanced back at the other people across the lake and saw one guy looking my way. I quickly walked away and hurried back toward the camp. I sat my mom sitting down the ketchup and mustard out.

“Hey kid, having fun?” My dad asked me as he pulled me into a hug. I shrugged.

“I’m sure things will be okay, Alex. I’m sorry.” He said.

“No need to be. I needed away from town anyways. Thanks for looking out for me though.” I said.

“Grab a plate and get a burger or something.” He said pushing me lightly towards the table. I grabbed a plate and then went back over to the fire pit and grabbed the food. Soon, we were cleaning up and once things were done, Scott and I decided to go for a walk.

“Don’t go far, kids.” I heard my mother shout after us.

“I’m twenty three years old and yet, they still treat me like a little kid.” I mumbled. Scott laughed.

“I’m 21 and I’m the same way. “ He said. I laughed. I hadn’t realized that we were across the lake and close to the group of people we saw earlier today.

“Let’s turn around.” I said as I spotted the group. They all turned to us and smiled.

“Hey.” I heard someone say. I looked up and saw a guy with long hair.

“I’m Vic. What’s your name?” He said.

“I’m Scott and this is Alexandria but Alex for short.” My brother said. I could have shot him.

“Well hello, would you like to stay and hang out with us?” He asked. I waved not saying a word.

“You guys drink. Want a beer or something?” Vic asked. I shook my head but my brother nodded.

“You don’t drink or something?” He asked.

“She does but only once in a blue mood.” Scott said. Scott grabbed my arm and we both followed Vic towards the bonfire.
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The first chapter is a bit crappy but I hope you still enjoy it and continue to read it. It's not just my story. I am writing this with another person, piercethelola. So give a shot.

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