Falling Asleep on a Stranger


I was standing in front of my mirror fixing my hair, getting ready to go camping with the guys. All four of them, four guys and one girl, that was just odd. I finished putting on my shoes and grabbed my camera equipment, because I was going to take some pictures. I looked up when I saw a head pop in, "hey, Vero are you ready yet?" Vic asked, smiling. "Yeah, mind helping me with my shit?"

We were all inseparable. We had decided we need to hang out more before they hit tour, "so camping is gonna be fun" Vic smiled taking a seat on my bed, "yeah, so who's sharing a tent with me?" I asked biting my lip. I didn't like sleeping alone outside, it was one of those weird things. "I can if you want" he patted my back, "I won't let the boogie man get you I promise" I shoved him playfully, "whatever, let's get going" I stood and grabbed my pillow.

We walked out to the van, I put all the stuff in the back and squealed when I felt two arms come behind me and pick me up. "Light as a feather!" I turned around and hit Jaime. "Stop, I am not your play toy" I laughed. "Hi Mike!" I grinned, he waved back and got into the car.

Tony walked to the van, "Turtle!" I waved and ran to him giving him a hug. "Ready?" he nodded, "yup, let's get this show on the road" Vic was the one that was going to drive and insisted that I saw on the passenger's seat and let the other three sit in the back. "I brought my camera and I expect all of you to be in my pictures for my scrapbook"

Vic held my head as he drove, "I bit my lip he was completely clueless about my feelings for him. Sometimes it annoyed me so much how oblivious he was, other times I was thankful. The guys knew about it, but they never told him, I made them promise, it was just I wasn't ready to tell him. When we arrived, Vic parked the car and we all got out and started setting up tents.

"You boys don't know how to set up tents, here let me help you" I teased walking and helping Jaime. Poor thing, it was always him that needed help. "Okay, so I'm going to go exploring, like you know Dora" I laughed and grabbed Vic's arm. "You're coming with me" he looked at me, "I am.. okay?" eventually everyone else followed behind.

We walked and made some jokes, and as we were near a river we could see two figures. A girl and a guy, from the other side, Jaime made a joke about one of us falling into the river and laughed. "Let's wave" Mike smiled and we all did, the guy was the one who returned the wave, the girl kind of seemed stuck up. She didn't look happy to be there. Of course one of them had to speak and invite them to our bon fire we were having later. "Since you invited them Jaime you get the fire wood" I laughed and ran back to camp.

I took out a couple of beers and handed them to the guys, "are you sure they're coming? They didn't seem to pleased, or at least the girl didn't" I mumbled quietly, sitting down. "They'll come" Vic nodded wrapping an arm around me. "You cold yet?" I shook my head, "I'll let you know when I am" I whispered, taking a sip of my Bud Light.

Butterflies were fluttering in the pit of my stomach as I felt Vic's arm slid down to my waist, he held me close to him, I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I looked up and saw that the people Jaime had invited earlier came, along with Jaime who was smirking. I stood up, "hey! I'm Veronica" I waved, Vic stood holding me still, "Vic, that's my brother Mike and Tony over there"

The girl and guy waved and introduced themselves, "you guys want some beer, there's some over there" I smiled widely and took a seat again. Vic was being a little affectionate with me today, it was kind of strange but I liked the attention. I watched as Jaime and Tony started to build the fire, "we need marshmallows" I nodded and stood walking to the van to get my camera and some marshmallows.

I walked back and handed Vic the bag of marshmallows, "okay I'd say let's make some s'mores but we don't have any crackers or chocolate bars" he shrugged, "let's just eat them like this then you guys want some?" he asked, passing the bag around. I stood and grabbed my camera turning it on. Fun night with the guys, "so we're just staying here like three days tops,"

I believe the girl's name was Alexandria, I walked over and took a seat next to her, "so many boys to deal with, " I joked, "so are you two dating?" I asked her, she looked at the guy next to her and made a face, "Oh, god no, he's my brother" we both started laughing. "Sorry, just my head immediately goes there, don't know why" I handed her the marshmallow bag and I began snapping pictures of everyone.
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