Falling Asleep on a Stranger


I looked around and took in the group of people that were sitting around the camp fire. The only girl that seemed to be the only one out of the group was taking pictures of everything. I assume she was into photography because she was smiling while she was doing it. I looked over at the guy that we first talk to, I think he’s name was Vic. He was staring at her, smiling. I wonder if they’re together. I looked around and noticed one of the guys with the crazy looking hair sitting by himself. I debated on if I should go over there and talk with him but the girl, Veronica went over sitting on his lap.

“What’s wrong, Jaime?” She said wrapping her arms around his neck. Maybe, they were together. I knew he’s name now. Jaime shook his head then pushed Veronica off his lap, standing up and going over to the cooler to get another beer.

“So where are you guy from?” Tony asked.

“Illinois.” Scott said. They all looked at Scott and I like we had three heads.

“You’re a little bit far from home, you know.” The guys with the lips piercing said.

“Well, Alex is moving out here in a few weeks and we thought this would be cool do.” Scott said. Can’t he just shut up?

“Where about in California?” Vic asked curiously.

“I haven’t really decided. It’s a toss up between Huntington Beach or San Diego. I’ve checked out two places and I like them both. I’m just not sure.” I said.

“You said more than two words.” Tony said. I laughed then looked around at everybody and they just laughed a little.

“You scared her, Turtle.” Veronica said sitting beside me.

“Sorry. What makes you want to move all the way out here?” Tony asked.

“My band mates, really. They’re all moving out here and if I didn’t move out here then they were going to kick me out and since I started the band really then I should still be in it. I don’t know.” I said.

“You’re in a band?” Jaime asked kind of shocked.

“Yeah, we’re nothing big. We’ve only just played small shows and county fairs.” I said. Scott nudged me. I looked at him, he nodded across the lake. I looked across the lake and saw my parents at our camp. I shook my head and turned away looking at the others.

“What do you do in the band then?” Vic asked.

“I play bass and sing.” I said.

“If that’s what you call singing.” Scott said. I shot him a nasty look.

“Well I haven’t heard you sing but I’m sure you’re good.” Tony said taking a sip of his beer. I shrugged.

“We should be heading back. We actually came here with our parents. Family outing or some shit.” Scott said, standing up. I stood up as well. I blushed when he said it. It just seems so embarrassing to have them know we came here with our parents.

“No probably, dude. We should hang out again tomorrow or something. “ Vic said standing up and did a bro sort of hug to my brother. He turned to me and hugged me. I was a little taken back by that.

“You’ll have to hang out with Veronica sometime. She’ll go crazy being the only girl but now she’s not. So you can drop whenever you feel like it.” Vic said. I nodded then waved at the others as Scott and I walked back around the lake. I looked back and saw Jaime still watching us until the guy with piercings nudged him. I never did get that guy’s name. I shook my head.

“It seems so far away, Scott.” I whined. He shook his head.

“You’re such a baby, Alexandria.” He said before shoving me almost pushing me into the lake. I screeched then grabbed his arm because I really thought I was going in and I wasn’t going into the lake without him but he kept me from falling.

“You’re such a dick.” I said pushing him and then walking quickly towards my tent. I unzipped the tent and climbed inside. I didn’t come out until I heard the birds chirping. I groaned before sitting up, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. It was a little bit chilly out. I changed quickly then unzipped the tent and saw my dad by the fire, grilling something. He looked up, smiling.

“Having fun, kid?” He said looking down. I notice that there was a coffee cup there. I sat down and grabbed the cup, knowing very well it was my dads but I didn’t care. He laughed.

“I am having an okay time. It’s been better than I expected.” I said glancing over across the lake but I couldn’t see them over there. Actually they’re vehicle was gone. I frowned.

“Those group of people across the lake went into town. Saw them on my way back.” Dad said. I nodded.

“You like them guys?” Dad asked.

“They’re pretty cool. Nice people, you know.” I said cradling the cup of coffee, looking down inside the cup.

“Hmm..piss.” Dad said. I looked up and saw the flames were bigger. I laughed as I watched my dad try to control the fire.

“I’m going to go play the acoustic.” I said standing up, sitting the cup down and walking towards the truck since I keep it in there from getting broken.

“Going to go warm up for later?” Dad asked. I shrugged.

“I’m a little nervous singing in front of you guys. You always make fun of me.” I said, frowning.

“We promise we won’t make fun of you. I support you. Music is your passion so fight for it and succeed in it.” Dad said. I hugged him then walked to the place I was at yesterday. I only practiced for a little bit. Soon it was time for a small gathering with the other campers. I hated this part. This was the reason why I didn’t go camping because they all expect me to sing country. I didn’t mind county but I could do without. Soon I was sitting on a stage like thing with my acoustic in my hand. I was nervous and I felt like puking. I looked around and saw a lot of older people and kids playing around. The camp owner came up on the stage.

“Welcome, everyone. I’m Larry Carson. We have a cool treat for you all. Please welcome all the way from Bloomtington, Illinois. Welcome Alexandria Burton.” He said. I shook my head and thinking this was so wrong. I hated doing this. He put the microphone back on the stand. I strum a few notes, shaking. I looked out into the audience and saw my brother sitting there, smiling. I smiled before strumming the beginning of some old song, I honestly couldn’t remember the name of but knew it by heart. Once that song was over with I went into doing more songs. I had settled a little but I still felt like puking. It was the last song I was going to do and I saved the best for last and I know for a fact that no one here would know who it is or what the name of the song is. I strummed the strings. I was doing an acoustic version of Fiction by Avenged Sevenfold. I was nervous because this song always made me cry and I was going to have a hard time trying to control it.

“Thanks guys, this is the last song and I won’t bore you anymore with my crappiness. This is a song called Fiction and it’s by a band called Avenged Sevenfold. I don’t expect any of you guys to know the song but it’s a song that means a lot to me. Thanks again.” I said.

Now I think I understand
How this world can overcome a man
Like a friend we saw it through
In the end I gave my life for you

I finished the song and I surprised to hear a lot of applause. I had my eyes closed so I could focus more on the song. I opened my eyes and saw everybody staring at me. I looked around and saw those four guys and a girl standing there.

“Thank you.” I said standing up and handing my acoustic to my dad to take back to the truck. I went over to my brother sitting beside him.

“They’re here. They saw me play.” I said. Scott shrugged.

“You were great, Alex.” He said stand up and walking away. I just sat there and thought of how I felt about playing in front of people. Everybody had left and I thought I was alone then I felt someone sit beside me. I looked up and saw Jaime sitting there.

“Hi.” I said. He looked at me, smiling.

“Hey.” He said and thing were silent again.

“You’re really good and you were really emotional during that last song. By the way, I didn’t take you for being an Avenged Sevenfold fan.” He chuckled.

“Thanks and yes, I’ve been a fan since City of Evil but I love all their music.” I said.

“That’s cool. You did the song well and I’m sure it was hard.” He said. I nodded.

“It was especially when you could hear The Rev’s voice in the song.” I said looking down at my hands.

“I bet. Hey, listen, the guys and Veronica are going into town later on and we’re going paint balling. You’re more the welcome to come along, if you want.” Jaime said. I looked up at him and saw he was smiling. He had dimples and oh man, they were cute. He was cute.

“You guys want me to go?” I asked.

“Yeah, you seem pretty cool and though I didn’t talk to you, it’ll be fun. Are you up for it?” He asked.

“Sure, let me just tell my parents. Family gathering trip or some shit.” I said blushing when I realize I cursed in front of him.

“Cool. Mind if I join you and we can just walk over to my camp together since they all left me here and you wouldn’t be alone walking over.” He said.

“Sure.” I said, standing up.

“By the way, I like your shirt.” He said as we walked towards my camp area. I looked down at my shirt and laughed. Once I got the okay to go with them which I would of went either way if they said no or not. I am twenty three after all. We walked around the lake and walked towards Jaime camp and saw the others sitting around. Everybody smiled when we walked up, waving. I sat down next to Veronica as she was snapping some pictures.
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Holy crap! This chapter is really long. I hope you still enjoy it. :D

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