Falling Asleep on a Stranger


Vic and I walked to get ready for the paintball shooting, I grabbed the right clothing for it. "I don't want to be shot at and like have myself scream out in pain for the next five minutes" I laughed. Vic grinned, "well I did help you recover remember?" I shook my head, "let's just go" we met up with everyone else. "Okay so obviously it's Vic, Mike and myself, so then it's Tony, Jaime and Alex" I grabbed Vic's arm. "let's go Fuentes! let's get our equipment and kick some ass" I started running to where the paintball guns were at. I could hear Vic behind me.

I grabbed the camoflashed pants and jacket and put them on, watching the others quickly get dressed as well. "Where's the war paint I want to get started!" I giggled making sure I was padded up, "I'm not hurting myself this time" I followed Vic and Mike after they geared up outside. We were in front of Tony, Jaime and Alex smiling, "here's the guns and here's some paintball, rules as always, don't shoot under the belt or above the shoulders, legs are fine"

We all departed after that running as fast as we could, Vic was by my side while Mike ran past us. We jumped in a bush my breathing was heavy I quickly calmed down, with my gun close to me. I breathed I could hear footsteps coming close to me, I grabbed Vic's arm, "we should split" I whispered softly. He nodded and quickly ran off, I saw Jaime run behind him, I smirked and stood up looking around before taking up after him, I ran as fast as I could and shot at his back, splatting Jaime's back with purple and blue paint. "Gotcha!" I laughed, then ran past him because I could hear Tony behind me.

I heard him and Alex, I breathed and ran faster climbing up a tree, they hadn't seen me. I bit my lip and watched them run past the tree, I quickly jumped down and went back to hiding, a few minutes later I could see Mike, covered in paint. They had caught him. "Shit" I mumbled. I wanted to scream out for Vic but that would be a bad idea. I quietly made myself back to the cabin, when I felt someone behind me I jumped back, it was Vic. "Don't pull that shit on me Victor!" I gasped, grabbing my chest. He smirked, "why are you smirking?" I asked breathing heavy. I looked behind him, "watch out Vic!" he kept on smirking, "no need to worry I already got both Tony and our lovely new friend Alex"

I giggled and jumped on him, "I love you!" I squealed, we always won but for some reason I got kind of nervous on this one. I shook hand with Alex, "I see Vic showed you how good he is" I laughed, she nodded, "thank you for inviting me" we all just nodded, "now we change and get something to eat" I followed everyone, "I for once did not get hurt, poor Jaime he was the first one out" I stuck my tongue out. I led Alex to a room in the cabin we had stayed at to change, "no boys" I said sticking my tongue out at Vic, he chuckled and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and walked in, and waited for Alex to come in with her bag.

I took off all the gear and grabbed my baby blue skinny jeans and slipped them on. "So are you and Vic like a thing?" Alex asked, while I pulled my Nirvana shirt on and grabbed my Converse sitting on the bed. I looked up blushing, "no, why would you think that?" Alex had a smug on her face, "just the way you two flirt with each other, if you're not together you got a thing for each other"

My face was beat red, I stood up and began brushing my hair into a messy bun. "N-no" I quivered when I said that, she chuckled, "you don't have to lie to me, I know you do, I won't tell him I swear" I laughed, it was nice having another girl to talk to. I loved my boys but I missed having girls around. I sighed thinking about why I had lost a few of my girlfriends, they all hated me for having such great friendships with the guys, I sighed. "I believe you" after we both finished getting dressed I smacked on some lip gloss on my lips. "Planning on kissing anyone tonight huh?" she teased. I giggled, "I don't know.. I mean no!" I blushed as we walked out. She was fun, "You know I'm glad you're here, I'm not so lonely anymore, like female speaking I'm not"

Vic and the rest of the guys were waiting, "you girls take forever!" he whined, coming up to me and pulling me into a hug. I giggled, "just trying to look good for you awesome guys" Vic looked at me and grinned, "aren't you just cute" I rolled my eyes, "let's go I'm hungry" I noticed Alex and Jaime's vibes were there, I smirked, I knew he had a thing for her. I just knew it.
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