Falling Asleep on a Stranger


We decided on going out to pick up some food and bring it back to camp so we can all lounge around. "So what are we having?" I asked Vic, he shrugged, "whatever you guys want I guess" I sighed, "it doesn't matter to me" I stared out the window as Vic drove, I wanted to tell him how I felt. I didn't want to fuck up our friendship so I wasn't going to say anything. "Veronica, you okay?" I felt someone poke me, I jumped and turned around. "Y-yeah fine why?" Vic frowned, "you seem kind of quiet, it's not like you to just keep quiet, got something on your mind?"

I could hear Jaime scoff, "I'll say," I turned around and glared, "shut up" then I turned back and shook my head, "just the usual, weirdness that goes on in my brain" he looked confused, "okay..." and drove to a grocery store, where we stopped. "Guess we all split and get what we want" Jaime left with Alex, Mike and Tony went their separate ways and Vic and I went ours.

"This feels weird," I tell him, he simply looks over at me and chuckles, "what? us going grocery shopping?" I nod, "I mean it's weird right? I usually do all the shopping for all of you" I laughed. Vic wrapped his arm around my waist as he pushed the cart. "and I'm very thankful for that, because if it were up to us we'd buy nothing but junk food and beer"

I laughed "that's true, so what should we grab?" he shrugged and I went to get some carrots and ranch, strawberries and chocolate. "Hmm.. chocolate covered strawberries" he whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around me. I jumped, breathing hard, "I love chocolate covered strawberries!" I felt him squeeze me, I bit my lip, "we should keep looking around" I grabbed some chips and sodas. Vic was making me really nervous, he was being extra touchy with me. It was slightly weird yet it turned me on so much, I blushed at the thought.

"Veronica, are you okay?" I looked up and nodded, "I'm just hot..." he smirked. "we should fix that" I shook my head, "Vic...anything else you want to grab, oh, look there's Tony and Mike" I quickly gathered up some alcohol and followed them.

After we checked out, Vic handed the keys to Jaime, "you can drive now, and Alex can take passenger's seat, I'm going to seat with Vero in the back. He put everything up in the back and then climbed in. Vic made me sit on his lap, my face was a little flustered, "lean back, I won't bite" he chuckled, I did and closed my eyes. "I'm sleepy" Vic held me in his arms, "then sleep, I'll carry you in don't worry" he whispered. I smiled and nodded, I felt him rock me, I could hear the guys snickering, "next guy that says something or bothers Vic about this I will personally kick you in the balls" I mumbled, drifting to sleep.
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Okay so I made this short. I'm sorry I couldn't think of what else to do, I'll leave that in the capable hands of my co-writer. :D She's pretty awesome! Enjoyyy!