Falling Asleep on a Stranger


I rolled over and hit the wall of my tent. I sat up and saw another body in my tent. I began to panic then I saw it was Veronica. I unzipped the door to the tent, walked over to the fire pit and sat down. I know that last night, Vic kind of upset Veronica but that’s all I remember. I think I might have drunk a bit too much. I watched the flame in the fire pit until my dad shoved a coffee cup in my face.

“Are you alright, sweetie?” He chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just really tired.” I said.

“What were you up to last night? I woke up and you weren’t in your tent at three thirty this morning.” He said. I frowned.

“Sorry, I was hanging out with Veronica and the others. Then Veronica got upset with something Vic said and now she’s in the tent. I hope you don’t mind.” I said realizing I should have asked my parents if it was okay if she stayed.

“It’s okay. Is everything okay?” He asked. I shrugged.

“I’m not sure. I think things will be okay. They all got a little wasted last night so things were said.” I said. My dad laughed a little then I heard movement in my tent. I stood up and walked over and saw Veronica sitting up, rubbing her eyes.

“Are you alright?” I asked. She looked up then shrugged. I unzipped the door and she climbed out. She stretched and we both heard yelling. We turned around and saw the guys running our way. Vic tackled Veronica in a hug and kept apologies over and over again. I looked around and saw Jaime standing there; smirking then he walked over and hugged me. I heard someone clear their throat and I pulled away from Jaime and saw my dad standing there.

“Sorry, uhh…this is my dad. Dad, these are the guys.” I said.

“Hello fella’s. How are we doing this morning?” He asked patting Jaime on the back. Jaime tensed up and I was literally freaking out on the inside. Sure, we aren’t together and I don’t think he likes me…Hell, I don’t think I like him. I just like being around him.

We’re good, sir. How are you?” I heard Jaime say. I was probably as red as a tomato.

“I’m good. Is everything okay?” My dad said.

“We’re okay, Alexandria’s dad.” Mike said. I shook my head. Of course it would be Mike to fuck shit up.

“Good. Just don’t hurt my daughter and I mean any of you.” He said patting Jaime’s back again.

“Get outta here.” I laughed, shoving my dad away from the group. I turned back around and saw the guys and Veronica smiling. I shook my head.

“My dad likes to embarrass me us kids.” I said. I heard a few laughs.

“Veronica, I’m sorry.” Vic said grabbing her hand and pulling her away from the rest of us. I’ve never been alone with the others without her around. I looked around and I didn’t talk. I heard movement coming from my brother’s tent.

“Scott, wake up.” I heard a girl’s voice. I looked at the others strangely then watched as the tent door unzip and out steps a blonde girl. She flipped her hair up then looked at us and glared. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the girls but they were all still looking at her. I folded my arms across my chest and waited for the guys to stop drooling over Slut McGee over there. She walked over to us and stood in between Jaime and I. She touched his arm and he started stuttering. I shook my head and climbed back into my tent, zipped it up and ignored all the others until Vic and Veronica came back.

“Where’s Alex at?” I heard Vic ask.

“She was here. Maybe she went to her spot. I’ll be right back.” I heard Jaime say.

“Can I go with you?” I heard the girl ask. I heard them walk away and then I heard someone bang on the side of the tent.

“Would you fucking stop, asshole.” I said angrily. I had changed my clothes because I was in my yesterday’s clothes.

“Alex? Is that you?” I heard Tony say.

“No, it’s Jack the fucking Ripper.” I said glancing at my phone that had no signal. The tent door unzips and they all pile into the tent. Tony was the first one I saw and he sat down beside me. Mike was the last one inside and he zipped it back up. My tent was pretty big so we could fit more people in it. Thank God!

“Are you alright?” Veronica asked. I nodded.

“Sure am. Why wouldn’t I be? While three knuckle heads were pretty much eye screwing my brothers ‘fuck of a week’, I decided to come in here and change.” I said.

“I wasn’t eye fucking anybody.” Mike said.

“Yeah, okay.” I said. The others laugh and I heard noises coming from outside.

“Guys, where’d you all go?” I heard Jaime ask. Mike hit the door then unzipped it. Jaime climbed in. The blond was still with him and she was getting ready to climb in as well but Jaime turned around and face her.

“Sorry, I’d like to spend time with my friends. You can go back to fucking Scott.” He said.

“Oh burn.” Vic said in a sassy voice. Veronica and I looked at each other and busted out laughing. The blonde glared at me.

“You’re a whore, Alex.” She said.

“Yeah, so isn’t your mom.” I said looking down at the ground, grabbing my knees. Jaime zipped up the door and climbed his way over to me.

“She’s an idiot, a true idiot.” He said. I scooted closer to Tony, hooking my arms through the loop of his arm then leaning my head on his shoulder. I felt him chuckle a little. I smiled as I looked around at everyone. I glanced at Jaime, who just frowned.

“Where are those dimples, Jaime?” Veronica asked. Jaime shrugged. I let go of Tony and scooted over to Jaime.

“You don’t look good with a frown on your face. It’s better with those cute dimples you have.” I said blushing. I was just trying to get him to smile because I think seeing Jaime frown is the worst things I’ve seen in a while. He glared at me and he was trying so hard not to smile. I smiled when he couldn’t hold it back anymore. He pulled me into his side and hugged me.

“Awe, now they’re back together.” Mike said in a baby voice.

“We’re not together, asshole.” Jaime said. I forced the smile. Maybe, I do have a bit of ‘crush’ on him and I knew that he wouldn’t like me.

“How are things between you two?” I asked Vic and Veronica. They both just smiled and looked at each other then around at the others.
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