Falling Asleep on a Stranger


Last night had been terrible for so many reasons, it started with Vic and ended with Vic; we were eating and then decided to go and walk. Just him and I, we walked talked about our future, what we wanted out of life and he said one day he wants to have a family. Which I admired, I wanted a family too, and we kept walking and talked about our exes.

“He was a really douche bag to you, you deserved better Vero” he smiled taking my hand in his. I blushed; “what about you, you dated that slutty girl and you deserve better” we walked back to where the guys and Alex were, sat around drinking a couple of beers. Vic had maybe four to six bottles of beer. “Vic, maybe you should stop drinking” I whispered trying to take his bottle away, he shook his head, “ I'm all right” he slurred. I sighed and watched him, Alex had gone to talk to Jaime or something and I kept trying to get Vic to stop drinking.

“You know what… Veronica, you just need to relax, stop being so fucking uptight” he mumbled, I shook my head. “Vic come on, let’s take you to bed you've had enough” I stood up and tried to help him up, he stood but was wobbling. As we walked over to our tent and opened it, I pulled him in and started getting our blankets, “Veronica, why are you such a flirt? Am I not enough for you? Why do you have to flirt with every fucking guy?” he slurred. I blinked, “ I'm sorry what?” he sat up, “you heard me, why are you such a little slut?” I blinked and shook my head, throwing the pillow to his face. “Why are you such a jack ass?!” I quickly got out of the tent and ran to Alex’s. I was in tears I knew he was drunk but why would he say that if he didn't mean to? I didn't tell Alex what he said and I just wanted to sleep through the night.

The next morning I quickly changed into the clothes I had brought, shorts and a shirt and my converse. I could hear Alex talk to her dad about the boys and chuckled a few times before I felt someone hug me I looked up and saw Vic, he kept apologizing to me. I frowned and didn’t acknowledge him. I wasn’t going to, I was still upset about last night and I wasn’t going to forget it any time soon. Finally Vic pulled on my hand again, “Veronica, I’m sorry” he pulled me away, I sighed. We walked further from the campsite so no one could hear our conversation, “what is it Vic?” he frowned, “I know I fucked up last night, I remembered what I said and I’m sorry” I shook my head, “that really hurt my feelings you know”. He grabbed my hands, “I’m sorry I just thought you were…” he drifted off. “You thought I was Elena didn’t you, god, Victor, I’m not her, I’m your fucking best friend”

Vic cupped my face, “I know,” I looked down, “then why did you call me a slut?” I breathed, trying not to get teary eyed. He rubbed my cheeks with his thumbs, “I didn’t call you one, I called her that, and I meant to say her name… I was drunk off my ass and I’m sorry” he pulled me closer, tilting my chin up with his hand. “You mean everything to me, Vero” he whispered. My heart was racing, he touched my lips with his index finger, “you’re really beautiful you know that right Veronica?” he whispered softly. I shook my head, “n-no...” He leaned forward, his other hand on the small of my back. Pulling me forward, he smiled, “well you are” he said, and then pressed his lips against mine. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily, I didn't push him back but I didn't pull him towards me.

He stepped back and stared at me, I blushed deeply, “that was… interesting” I muttered. Vic ran a hand through his hair, “you think I'm a good kisser then?” he chuckled. I blushed darker, “I thought you said you’d never kiss your best friend, even if she was attractive” He shrugged, “I can’t always keep that promise can I, your lips are soft like silk and they taste sweet” he grinned. I shook my head, “trying to sweet talk me, Fuentes? Because if you are, it’s working” I giggled. He pressed his forehead against mine, “I was hoping my charm would work on you some day” he smirked, kissing me again, this time my arms wrapped round his neck.
After a few minutes we stopped, my heart was pounding in my chest and my hands were sweaty, my face pink. “Wow” I whispered, Vic just grinned, “Say it” I shook my head, “ I'm not giving you that satisfaction yet, Fuentes, now come on we have to head back before they start to think we fell and died somewhere”

He grabbed my hand and walked back, humming quietly, wondering what all of this meant for us. We walked back to see some slutty girl flirting with Jaime, I rolled my eyes sitting down next to Alex and Vic, Jaime said something about fucking Scott or something I wasn't listening. Then I heard Vic, “ooh burn” I shoved him laughing, he was so sassy sometimes. I did notice Jaime being all serious “where are those dimples, Jaime?” I asked; he stayed serious.

I closed my eyes, leaning my head against Vic’s shoulders until Alex asked how we were doing, we simply smiled. Then went back to talking, “so, we should try that again” he whispered in my ear, quickly pulling me onto his lap. I giggled, “should we Fuentes are you sure you can handle me?” I whispered back, trying to old in my giggles.

He smirked; “ I'm sure I can” we looked up when Mike said something, “What are you two doing over there being all touchy feely, what’s going on between you two?” Vic and I shook our heads, “nothing, stop staring at me like that Mike!” I whined. Vic laughed, “dude, it’s getting creepy” I sighed, “he’s not going to stop, okay, can we just… talk about what are we doing when we go back home?” Tony sat there thinking to himself, I smiled,

“Turtle any ideas?” he shook his head, “nothing comes to mind, we have a show coming up though” I hoped this wouldn't changed things, that kiss meant so much to me and I didn't want it to change our friendship.
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Ahh first kiss. :D
Veronica's outfit.