Sequel: It's Only You and Me
Status: Complete! Enjoy and tell me what you think! =) (Check out the sequel too!)

It's Only a Dance Step

"Its only a dance step."
Well you heard it! Its just a dumb dance step!

But its not just a dumb dance step, or just a step for Desera. Its her life.

So what happens when a new dance partner arrives for the semester and Desera is no longer paired up with her three year partner? But instead with this stranger who could care less about dance.
Or so it seems.

(Please dont freak from the number of chapters, They are short.)

©twejacobbr 2012.
  1. Chapter One
    "Oh my ***ing god!" Thats when I decided to look up to see what the hell was going on.
  2. Chapter Two
    Candice rolled her eyes at us as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "He has to be good, no not good, he has to be extraordinary in order to get in."
  3. Chapter Three
    His hand slipped into mine perfectly and I didn't have the chance to see his face because he had already started dancing. He left me with no choice but to follow.
  4. Chapter Four
    How dare he DEMAND to have me as his partner in my morning class! How dare he have me be his partner in this class! How dare he sneaked up on me like he did last night and take advantage of me, even the slightest bit! And how dare he say......
  5. Chapter Five
    Dance is my life. Dance is what I breath in everyday. Dance is what is constantly on my mind. Dance is my way of expressing myself. Dance was my oasis. And I wasn't going to let a Mr. Know-it-all-Damon, ruin it for me.
  6. Chapter Six
    "You've ruined everything for me Damon. Everything!" I screamed at him, coming close to tears. He said nothing though. All he did was stare at my face. And I stared back. His eyes were so dark they appeared black. But his face,looked broken
  7. Chapter Seven
    He was dancing. And when I say dancing I mean like the dancers you see in movies or performing in a professional dance group. That's when I began to wondering where he came from. And how his dancing career began.
  8. Chapter Eight
    Damon's hands on my waist pulled me closer to him. "Don't think...just do." He whispered against my neck and kept his face there.
  9. Chapter Nine
    I had a finale that I needed to practice for, yet they wanted us to do a competition. Then Damon picks me of all the other freaking dancers here, but says, ‘Your dancing is predictable.'
  10. Chapter Ten
    His hand touched my cheek before he said something that left me with even more questions. “When I first danced with you that night, I knew you were the one.”
  11. Chapter Eleven
    I touched my cheek as I lied in bed staring at the dark ceiling. I could still feel his hand against my face and his thumb gently stroking my chin.
  12. Chapter Twelve
    I sighed and kept my eyes closed as I placed my arms on my stomach as this man carried me like a baby. These arms felt good. They felt warm and safe.
  13. Chapter Thirteen
    My hair was dripping wet. My shirt was sticking to places in my body where I hadn’t dried enough.“Damon…please tell me what happened last night.”
  14. Chapter Fourteen
    That's when-" He stopped and rubbed the back of his neck. "That's when what Damon?" I asked. Why was he hesitating? "That's when you tried to kiss me."
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    "I'll go." I spoke softly and looked at Damon. I saw a small side smile form on his face and he nodded. "I'll pick you up at seven then." He turned and walked out of the hallway
  16. Chapter Sixteen
    He taught a kid a lesson back at the party. He didn’t sleep with me. He didn’t leave no matter how many times I told him to go to hell. He didn’t back down without a fight. And he had faith in me. I do trust him
  17. Chapter Seventeen
    I felt surprised, and amazing. It all felt unexpected and…brilliant! And from that point on, I knew I could trust Damon with my body when it came to creating something extraordinary in dance.
  18. Chapter Eighteen
    But there was one huge difference. Chace, who was at my side for every dance class we had for three full years, was no longer my dance partner. Instead, Damon was.
  19. Chapter Nineteen
    He gave me a small true smile and took my hand. "Please?" I looked at him and bit my lip. His black eyes were pleading and he showed me a genuine smile. How could I say no? I gave a small nod and he pulled me close.
  20. Chapter Twenty
    The steps were simple enough, but there was a catch. When wasn't there right? Odile had to seduce the Prince with her moves. OK, lets rewind. I HAD TO SEDUCE DAMON!
  21. Chapter Twenty-One
    “Time to change out of those work out cloths and into something a little more loose!” She gave me the bag and I stood there confused."Uh...why may I ask?" "It's time to shake that booty!"
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two
    As I came down, there wasn’t an inch of our bodies that wasn’t touching the other. Holding me closely, he slid his hands up my thighs and slightly touched my butt.I held his face closer with my arms around his neck and pressed my forehead against his
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three
    He gave me a small smile, his dark eyes staring deeply into my light hazel ones and took my cold hand in his warm one. “You’re my first choice Desera. And if you come with the competition, then the competition is my first choice also.”
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four
    What were we doing? We had bigger things to worry about. Bigger steps and dance coordination to worry about. Still, we were here-in the pool, about to kiss....again.
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five
    He searched my eyes and gently stroked my cheek with his free hand. His hand was so soft and gentle that made it impossible for me NOT to lean into it.
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six
    He took my hand slowly and smiled. "It really wasn't a problem. I didn't even view it as watching over you. I viewed it as being with my dance partner."
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven
    We moved as one. We knew each other’s next move. We knew when the other needed help. And we felt what the other was feeling.We had something special, and I now knew that he felt it too.
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight
    I reopened them and saw his eyes staring at my figure through the mirror. I bit my lip but let myself smirk and moved my body closer to his.
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine
    Damon entered the room and everyone in the classroom stopped what they were doing and looked at Damon.But Damon’s eyes were only on one person.And that person was me.
  30. Chapter Thirty
    Passion that built up each time we were near each other. Passion that only got bigger and bigger the more we dance. Passion that, yet continued to grow the more we knew each other. Passion that wouldn’t be going away any time soon.
  31. Chapter Thirty-One
    “We did it!” I smiled wide, looking into Damon’s dark eyes and ran my hands through his hair. He touched my cheek with his soft hands and shook his head. “No Desera. You did it.”