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It's Only a Dance Step

Chapter Thirty-One

“Three minutes everyone! Three minutes!”

I looked up at the lady, who worked here, as she walked around telling everyone how much longer before the show began.

I took deep breaths and closed my eyes trying to remain calm. Trying to remember all the dance steps. Trying to not sweat from nervousness. Trying to-

“Desera, sweetie…” I opened my eyes and looked over at Mrs. Stevenler as she sat down next to me. “You’re going to do great. Believe me.” She smiled wide and took my sweaty hands in her warm ones. “You two are the best dancers here. I know you are. You just have to believe it.” She nodded slowly and gave my hand one last squeeze before getting up.

I looked straight ahead and saw Damon talking with Mr. Stevenler, and I’m sure he was giving Damon the same lecture Mrs. Stevenler gave to me. But why would Damon need it? He’s done this a million times before. There was no reason he would be nervous. As if Damon had heard his name, he looked back at me with a smile that lit up his whole face.

I forgot how to breathe and smiled back. For that split second, my nerves had disappeared.

But they quickly returned when the lights began to dim and dancers stood by their partners. Damon gestured a goodbye to Mr. Stevenler and made his way over to me. He gently took my hand in his and pressed his forehead against mine. I closed my eyes and focused on relaxing.

“Much better.” He whispered with a smile and turned to face the two dancers who walked on stage first. Three pair of dancers would do Hip-Hop, three would do Bachata, two would do Ballet, and two couples would do Tango. Damon and I would be the last pair to go for every type of dance.

I had no problem going last. If I was given the choice, I would always pick going last. The way I view it, the last dance will always make you remember it.

Damon and I watched the first two couples dance Toxic by Britney Spears. And let’s just say…THEY WERE GOOD! I began to bite my lip toward the end of the second couples dance and felt Damon squeeze my hand. “We are better.” He tried to reassure me. When he noticed that it wasn’t working, he lifted my chin to his face and kissed me gently.

That quickly snapped me out of thinking about dance.

I blushed and slowly kissed back. Damon smiled against my lips and pulled me onto the stage before I realized what we were doing. I blinked a couple times to focus and Damon positioned himself behind me as the music began. Closing my eyes for only a few seconds, I took slow deep breaths and cleared my head.

Then we danced.

This time, it was different. When I looked at Damon, he wasn’t only my dance partner. He wasn’t only my friend. But he was mine.

I smirked when I was supposed to. I gave attitude when I was supposed to. I let loose when I was supposed to.

Everything was going as it was supposed to.

At the end of our dance piece, the room was filled with clapping hands. Damon and I took our bow and left the stage.

For our Ballet piece, the couple before us did the Prince and Odette. And as expected, they delivered extremely well.

“You have nothing to worry about.” Damon whispered beside me. I glanced up at him and nodded. Before, I wouldn’t have believed him. But now, I knew I had worked hard on Odile’s part and would prove everyone that I can be just as good, if not better, than Odette.

We danced in perfect symmetry. We danced gracefully. We danced with our bodies. We danced together.

I smiled wide when we completed our Ballet piece and bowed respectfully. We made our way backstage and I was still smiling.

Our Bachata piece was next, and I have to admit, Damon and I were definitely going to be the best for it. The other two couples were okay, don’t get me wrong, but…eh, they weren’t the best.

When Damon and I hit the stage for that dance, the crowd went wild! I couldn’t help but chuckle as I leaned closer to Damon’s body and smirked when I shook my hips. I even heard Damon laugh behind me during one of the turns.

I started to get nervous again when the couple was near the end of their Tango dance. I bit my lip hard and watched closely. This dance would define both Damon and me as dance partners. It would show people if we can really connect. If we can truly be called the best. If we deserve to win.

And this time, Damon did nothing to reassure me.

“Damon…” I said quietly and looked up at him. He was so focused on the dancers that he didn’t hear me. “Damon.” I said once more and tugged on his arm. Suddenly, he snapped out of his trance and looked at me.

But he said nothing.

“You’re going to do great Damon. I only hope I can prove to them how well of a teacher you are.” I told him, searching his black eyes.

He smiled softly and stroked my cheek. “You had everything already Desera. All you needed was some guidance on how to let it all out.”

I rested my forehead against his and breathed in his scent. No one had ever told me that. All this time I assumed I needed to work on something. Get better on certain steps. Fix my form.

When really, all I needed was connection.

Damon kissed my forehead with a smile and pulled me onto the stage. There, he held me close and we waited for the music. After the first eight counts, we knew exactly how to start.

We both had warmed up already. We both were used to each other’s bodies for these dances. We both knew how the other moved when we were hesitant of a step.

Damon and I had a connection.

During this dance, I realized not everything was about dance. I almost yelled at the thought of that. I almost mentally slapped myself for even considering that.

Dance used to be my life. Dance used to be all that I cared about. Dance used to be my only way out. Dance was never only a step.

“It’s only a dance step.”

I remembered Damon telling me that the first night we danced together. I remembered him telling me that the moment before I slapped him and stayed out of school for two weeks. I remember hating him for it.

But now, all I see is the truth behind those words.

Dance IS only a step. Dance is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and attractive. It’s supposed to make you feel happy, sad, goofy, sexy, and make you feel like yourself.

None of these thoughts ever came to my mind till one person, and one person only, walked into my life.


The one who I judged too quickly. The one who knew more about dance than what he let show. The one who proved my world could be more than just dance.

The one, who I was certain, had not only stolen my dance body, but my heart too.

Damon dipped me slowly and held me there for a couple seconds. Staring into his eyes I allowed myself to let a small smile show. He pulled me back up to my feet, with one of my legs wrapped around his waist and his hand on my small back. I placed my hand around his shoulder and grabbed his free hand my free one.

And that was how we ended the piece. Me looking out toward the crowd, who were standing on their feet, and with Damon breathing on my neck.

I smiled wide and stood up straight. Glancing over at Damon, I noticed his grin and we bowed together.

“You guys were AMAZING!” Mrs. Stevenler yelled at us when we walked back toward backstage.
I laughed quietly and hugged her. “Oh…” She said quietly but quickly hugged me back.

“Thank you for everything.” I told her as I pulled away.

“Any time sweetheart.” She smiled wide and grabbed her husband’s hand.

“You were fantastic Desera. Truly something to watch.” Mr. Stevenler told me and I continued to smile.

“Don’t know how much to thank you two.” I replied.

“Didn’t know you could choreograph that well Damon. The Tango piece was absolutely magnificent!” Mr. Stevenler told Damon, who stood behind me.

“Thank you.” He smiled slipped his hand into mine.

“So this is the girl you were talking about Damon.” A voice came from behind us and we turned around to see who it was. The face looked familiar, but I didn’t know from where.

“John, you came.” Damon said. I looked at both of them confused. “John this is Desera. Desera, this is John, the owner and instructor of The Walking Dance Company.”

“Oh…It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I smiled shyly and shook Johns hand.

“I would like to ask you something Desera. And I would like you to listen very closely.” He paused and then continued. “I would like you to join The Walking Dance Company.”

I stood there frozen.

“I’m sorry?”

John chuckled and once more said, “It would be an honor to have you as a member of The Walking Dance Company.”

I looked at Damon and then frowned. Had he told John to hire me? And if he did, shame on him. I slipped my hand out of Damon’s grasp and crossed my arms. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” I told John.

He stood there with a blank expression and then looked at Damon. “Can you please give us a few minutes Damon?” Damon looked hurt by my action and walked away.

“Desera, why are you not accepting my offer?” John asked me.

“Because I don’t like the fact that Damon told you to come and hire me because no other company asked me to join at my school performance.” I replied, with my arms still crossed.

John shook his head and smiled. “I went to go watch your school’s performance Desera. And I loved every second of it. Damon was right about you being the best dancer at your school. But he did not tell me what to hire you. The moment you finished your dance at school, I told my manager that you were mine new dancer. And tonight’s performance only proved my choice to be even more right. The reason why no one had asked you to join a certain dance company at your school was because they knew you were already claimed by someone.”

“You mean…I was your first pick after my schools performance?” Pure shock was in my voice.

He nodded with a small smile. “Now, please don’t be mad at Damon. He had nothing to do with me choosing you to be a part of this dance company. I also understand, if you wish not to join this dance company. Let me know by tomorrow in order to give the other companies enough time to come and recruit you if they choose.” He nodded and turned to leave.

I don’t know quite how long I stood there without moving, but I knew I couldn’t just stand there forever. I pinched myself to make sure this whole competition wasn’t a dream.

It was real.

I looked around and saw Damon talking to another dancer casually. Then the scores appeared on the overhead. In order to win the competition, you have to receive first place in three out of the four dances.

Damon and I had first place in Bachata, Ballet, and the Tango.

I pulled my eyes away from the screen and turned my attention towards Damon. Our eyes met and we stared at each other from across the room. I took a few steps before I burst into a run. Damon easily caught me in his arms and pressed his lips against mine.

I laughed, smiled and felt a small tear fall from joy when I pulled away, my legs around his waist. I had made my choice: I was going to join The Walking Dance Company.

“We did it!” I smiled wide, looking into Damon’s dark eyes and ran my hands through his hair. He touched my cheek with his soft hands and shook his head.

“No Desera. You did it.”
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