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Deep Sighs, Unspoken Lies & Smoking Thighs!

Aibhóinn is a small town Irish girl with a big heart and a mouth to match! She may be able to get down and dirty on the fields back home in Ireland but she sure as hell ain't the type to get down on her knees and tell some guy she 'loves' him if you get what I mean? Even if those guys happen to be in bands, she ain't no groupie, regardless of what people begin to think as she gets dragged head first into the dangerous world of the music industry. Boys have never really played much of a lead roll in Aibhóinn's life so far, sure she had a boyfriend in high school, but mainly out of boredom rather than anything else. No guy has ever made her legs turn to jelly, turned her palms all sweaty or made strange objects in her tummy flutter before. No one, not one, until him.

Disclaimer; None of the familiar names/artists/bands/companies belong to me. This is a story straight from my imagination, it in no way reflects the lives, opinions or desires of those mentioned.
  1. Butterflies
    Meet the gal!
  2. 'I know we only met but let's pretend it's love'
    Meet the guy's!
  3. 'Rise and Shine. Sunshine!'
    Butterflies multiplied by the square root of eternity.