You're Not My Type of Monster

All musicians are monsters.

Some of them are just nasty people, but then there are the ones who really are monsters. Like demons, witches and wizards, zombies, werewolves, and other forms of the living dead.

Juniper Storm has been raised to deal with them, mostly demons and the pure kinds.

Something she's never come across in the world of music that she works in is, believe it or not, a vampire.

Vampires disgust her. They're impure. A mixture of demon and human blood, and it's wrong.

She works with bands that are mostly demons, like Pierce The Veil.

But she also has a little secret, one she's only ever told to her best friend, Vic Fuentes. And even he, a creature of the shadows, found it horrifying that she could do such things to herself.

So she is all alone in everything she goes through...

Until the faithful day comes that a boy with blue eyes and blond hair appears at one of her performances.

A boy named Niall Horan, and a boy who is a vampire.