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Forsaken Vengeance

Life for Annalise Rowle has always been different. Growing up with a Death Eater as a Father, she had a powerful family. But to her father and older siblings, she is a trouble maker. After being sorted into the Slytherin house, aside from Draco Malfoy, her friends were the Golden Trio. Now, in her third year, Annalise will begin to learn the truth of her family, and who she really is as she grows.

Reagan Rowle, princess of Slytherin, is everything her father wants her to be: beautiful, smart, and obedient. She has a dark secret, but she keeps it hidden behind a practiced smile. Along with her twin brother Ronan, she runs Slytherin house, and instills fear into anyone foolish enough to get in her way. So when Fred Weasley begins to take interest in her, Reagan isn’t sure what to do- follow her father, or follow her heart.