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What Happened to You, Me, and Us?

Sorry 'Bout Cha Life.

I woke up the next morning with the scent of Zack, but no Zack in my room. I felt like shit due to a crying hangover. I wish I could see the future so I'd know who I'd end up with. I wish I'd be able to know if my heart was going to break again. I reached over to the coffee table and unlocked my phone.

I had a text from Zack that read, 'Sry, 'bout last night. I left early b4 anyone was awake. We should know by now that this will never work out. Let's work on being friends?'

Out of anger, I threw my phone toward the door as Brian was walking in. Luckily, he dodged the flying object in perfect timing.

"What are you trying to do? Behead me?"

"I'm sorry, Bri. I just got a stupid text."

He walked over and handed me my phone and sat at the end of the bed.

"It smells like Vengeance in here." He had a severe smirk on his lips and and eyebrow trying to define gravity.

I rolled my eyes, placed a pillow over my face and fell back on to the bed.

"He stayed here, didn't he?" I held a thumb up in the air and then let my hand fall to my stomach.

"Damn it, Lauren. You really don't know how to fucking listen!"

"Well, you really don't know how to tell me the fucking truth!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Brian Elwin Haner, does Zack ever talk about me?"

"Lauren Isabel Haner, I already answered that."

"And you fucking lied to me, dude."

"Well, if you already know the truth, laurz, then why are you asking?" I removed the pillow off of my face and Brian could see my frustration. "Yes. He talks about you so much to the point where I have to tell him to shut the fuck up. He had stopped for a while and then started again when you guys were all on vacation."

"That's annoying."

"Ex-fucking-actly, Lauren. You guys are fucking done. He's married. You guys are a dead situation so stop trying to rekindle shit that doesn't need to be bothered with anymore. I don't get you two."


"Hey, there's no need to be short. I'm not trying to be an asshole, I'm just trying to looking out for you."

"Then why did you let him marry another woman? You know how much he means to me." I was now sitting up and staring at Brian with a cold glare.

"Because you decided it would be a cute idea to fuck around with his brother. If you want sympathy, go have this chat with Michelle when she gets home." Brian stood up and talked out of the guest room.

I fell back asleep for another hour, hoping that when I woke up, Brian would be out of the house. I got dressed and walked down into my cousin's kitchen and there he was, feeding his dog.

"Are you done pouting?"

"Shut up, Brian."

He grabbed my unwilling body into a hug.

"Listen. I'm here for you but leave him alone, okay? I don't want to deal with helping you guys through heart break again. And Gena's a great girl, don't take your frustration and regrets out on her."

I nodded my head and gave into the hug.

"Want to go get lunch?"

"I still have a few things at my house, if Matt hasn't thrown them away or set them on fire. Can you come with me?"

"Of course. Just let me grab Pinkly's leash and put some shoes on."


Before I knew it, we were pulling, Brian's black BMW, into the driveway and I felt deep anxiety wash over me. Matt's car was also in the driveway.
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