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What Happened to You, Me, and Us?


Two hours after my phone call, the call that I didn't know if I'd regret or not, there was a text message from Matt awaiting my eyes.

Lauren, I'm home. Come pack your things and leave.[\i]

I did not know what to think of the message. Was he too hurt to be mean or was he just tired of the back and forth that had become our relationship? His text left me with a blank expression and a clouded mind. By now the Avenged guys had finished their set and everyone was back to hanging out and drinking in the VIP area. I had lost Austin's attention when his fiance arrived, and I was okay with it. At least someone was in a happy, stable relationship. I think the text message had obviously stirred some sort of worry that illuminated off of my flesh. Because it caused Zack to walk over to me immediately as if he had never seen me before.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I. I need to go?" I furrowed my brows and stared at the rim of his drink.

"Go? Go where? What's going on, Lo?"

His bright, green eyes were tinted with a dark shade from the changing lights. He squinted at me almost as if he were trying to view my core.

"I called Matty. He's home and..."

"Called him about what?"

"I called him and he didn't answer so I left a message, Zack."

I tilted my head towards him and stared hard. He knew exactly what I meant but he wanted me to say it.

"Left a message? What? Lauren, you gotta give me details. You know I'm bad at picking up signs."

"Fuck, damn it, Zack. I told him I couldn't do it anymore, basically. I told him I meant it this time."

The flashing lights, struck the air from dark to light, glimmering across the pale skin of Zacky. He gently slapped his forehead with his palm and took a seat by me at the table filled with empty cups.

"Just because Gena and I are done, I don't want you to sacrifice your happiness."

"Oh, cut the bullshit, Zack."

He let out a malicing grin.

"So where are you going to stay?"

"I'll either see if I can stay on the couch for the rest of the night...or if it's too awkward I'll just stay at Brian's."

Zack placed his cold, clammy, calloused hand on my thigh.

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"I think, out of respect, I should go on my own. It'd be a slap in the face for him if you went with me and you know it."

"Right....can I walk you to your car?"

I stood up and adjusted my outfit.

"You going to finish your drink?" I point to the almost full glass of what appeared to be Jack and Coke.


I quickly grabbed the drink from his hand and knocked it back.

"You must be nervous about this, Lo."

We started to walk out the venue. He kept gracing his hand against mine, hinting that he wanted to hold hands.

"You should know that breaking hearts isn't an easy thing to do. And yes, I'm very nervous. I'm actually sick to my stomach. I was going to marry him at one point."

The closer we got to the car the closer our hand got until eventually Zack laced our fingers.

"You were going to marry me at one point.....Nevermind that." He looked to the ground and back up to my eyes. "Are you sure you don't want me to go? Will you be okay to drive?"

"Yes and I'll be fine. I'm not even drunk...yet."

I unlocked my car door and was stopped from opening it. He peered into my eyes and looked at me with a real passion.

"You didn't say it back earlier but I do love you." I nodded and opened my door. "Lauren, call me if you need anything at all."

"I will, Zack."

I drive, to what would soon be my old home, was longer than usual. I felt like I caught every single stop light possible that night.
When I eventually got to the house, I was exhausted. My mind had run me in circles. Constantly out weighing the pros and cons.

I walked into the house and up the stairs to my bedroom and Matt had already started packing for me. I lifted my frail hand to the door frame and knocked to catch his attention.


"I haven't gotten to the closet yet."

"It's okay. Matt, I'm really sorry."

"Why? You want to be happy don't you?"

I sat on the bed with my mouth wide open. Why in the fuck was he so calm?

"I thought you'd be a little bit more upset than what you seem right now."

"Do you want me to be?" He stopped folding my jeans and had both palms flat on the bed.

"I mean, if things hadn't fucked up in the first place...we'd be getting ready for our wedding. And you don't think this is strange?"

"Hey, you're the one that wanted it to be like this." His voice remained calm but he seemed fidgety.

"I don't get it. Last time we had a detour, you spit in my face and called me a whore....and now you're perfectly calm?"

I could see beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead.

"What's wrong with you? Are you feeling okay, Matt?"

"Yes. I mean no, no I'm not." He let out a big sigh and knelt on the ground in front of me. His dark brown eyes stared at me with distress.

"What's going on, Matty? You can still talk to me."

"I'm afraid I'll break your heart."

"Break my heart? Come on, Matt!" I allowed my lips to show a small, friendly smile.

The silence grew and grew until the tension became stale and awkward. It became so awkward that words just began to fly out of his thin lips.

"I'm not freaking out because I cheated on you. The whole time. Well, most of the time. Ever since we got back together...."

I stared at him in awe. I couldn't even change my face expression.

"I didn't go to Italy for business. I went to Italy so me and my girl could be together with out people being nosey."

He reached out to cup my pink flushed cheeks. I pushed him off and stood up.

"Who is she?" He stood up slowly. "I deserve to know who the fuck she is, Matt."

His mouth didn't budge. I felt tears of anger and hurt flood the rims of my eyes before pouring out onto my cheeks. My teeth grinded and my fists clenched.

"Tell me."

He picked up my jeans that he had been folding before and placed them into one of my bags. He stopped, just as before, and placed both of his palms softly on the bed.


"That's impossible...She's been in Huntington. Why would you do that to Zack?"

"We both wanted to feel relevant. We aren't dumb. We can see that you two love each other every time you're in the same room....there's also someone else."

I felt hatred surge through my veins. Not only had he cheated on me with his brother's soon to be ex wife...but he had also cheated on me with someone else.

"I've been seeing Leanna."


I was yelling and I could feel small spews of spit burst out from my mouth.


"Tell me right the fuck now before I hit you in the fucking face."

"Jimmy's Leanna. Sh-she went to Italy with me..."

I walked up, closer, to Matt's face and spat on him.

"How fucking dare you."

He wiped my spit from his face.

"I'll let you finish."

He pointed to the bags and then walked out of the room. I followed him into the hallway, and kicked him hard in the lower back.

"When the guys find out, they will hate you, you piece of fucking shit."

His hand reached for his back.

"You need to get your stuff and leave, Lauren."

He looked at me weakly and headed down the hallway. He walked into his study and locked the door.
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