If Only Tonight

Blurry Dividing Lines: Chapter Fifty One - All Fired Up

Blurry Dividing Lines:
Chapter Fifty One: All Fired Up

Flipping through the pages of her book, Mia glanced at the clock. There were a few hours left, before she would be going home. Just three more hours, she thought. The day had been going slowly, having switched her clocks from daylight savings time to standard; it seemed to be going more sluggishly than usual.

It didn't help that she had no where to go tonight. Having already read the text Lina had sent her, Mia knew what awaited her at the house. She wasn't about to willingly go and hangout with Matthew and Nevarra.

Maybe I can get Nathaniel to go to the movies with me? She wondered, looking through the diagrams in the textbook. Taking mental notes as she turned the page, Mia's attempt at reading was interrupted by her phone ringing.

"Hello?" She asked, glad for the distraction.

"Hey Mia...it's Alex."

"Hi Alex..." Mia said. How did he get my number? She wondered. Why is he calling me?

"How are you?" He asked.

"I'm alright. You?"

"Good...good...You're probably wondering how I got your number?" Alex asked.

"A little bit." Mia lied. Like a lot!

"I asked Calvin. I hope that's okay?"

"It's fine."

There was an awkward silence between them. Mia wondered why he had bothered to get her number from Calvin.

"I just wanted to ask if you'd like to get a coffee with me some time?" He asked, hesitantly.

Like a window opening for her, Mia didn't hesitate. She couldn't believe her luck.


"When are you available?" He asked.

"How about today? I'm free after work. If that's okay with you?" She could care less if she came off strong. There was no way Mia was going to stick out an evening with Matthew and his girlfriend.

"That sounds great. Should I pick you up?"

"How about I meet you there?" Mia suggested. Depending on how long she was with him, Mia would have to make other arrangements to keep her out of the house until curfew. Of course there was the added benefit that she would get to wear out Matthew's car, she smirked at the thought. Maybe I'll go book shopping afterwards? She thought, hopefully.

After deciding on a place to meet, Mia hung closed her cell phone. She could feel her heart racing. Alex seemed like a really good guy. He was soft spoken, and good looking; and there had been something that drew her to him the first time they met.

She could still picture him from the team-press dinner where Oliver had introduced them.


Sitting next to Nevarra, Matthew flipped through a sports magazine, as his girlfriend watched the latest episode of some reality show. Why does she bother with those stupid shows? He thought once more. Neither Lina or Mia liked watching them, and he was accustomed to their dramatic TV shows. But Nevarra was insistent on watching the shows, while Matthew was bored out of his mind.

For a short term fling, she makes it feel like eternity, Matthew thought. What did I get myself into? He wondered. If he was honest, he knew he had failed with his attempt at making Mia jealous. The girl seemed unaffected by Nevarra. She may not have been home while Nevarra was around, but Matthew couldn't think of how Mia would even be jealous of Nevarra. To him, Mia beat Nevarra in every way. Her natural beauty couldn't compare to his current girlfriend's made up features. Quelling his thoughts, he noted that Nevarra's show was over.

"Want to go out?" He asked, not giving her a chance to switch to another show.

"Sure." Nevarra said, happily. "Where do you want to go?"

"Let's go see a movie. We'll pick some food up from coffee shop along the way." He suggested.

"Don't you want to Indigo, or Mahiki? We could go to Kanaloa if you like?" She asked.

"Nah, I was at Indigo a few days ago with the guys. Besides we can check out 'Robin Hood'. Nathaniel told me it was a really good movie." He told her.

It was true that the younger player had told Matthew to go watch the movie, but what Matthew also knew was that Nathaniel was tired of being ambushed by Matthew. Every time Nevarra came along with Matthew, she would interrogate Nathaniel about the whereabouts of the others, and his own personal life. It also didn't escape Matthew's notice that Nevarra seemed interested in knowing why Mia hadn't come, or if the girl was coming.

"Alright fine. Let's go to see the movie." Nevarra agreed, giving him a pout. "But afterwards you have to watch 'Beastly' with me."

Groaning at the thought of having to watch some modernized fairytale, Matthew shook his head.

"Please?" Nevarra asked him, batting her lashes.

"Alright, fine." Matthew gave in, hoping she would stop.

Driving along the road, Matthew tuned out Nevarra's blabber. She was going on about how one of her friends had ended up going out with her ex.

"She's such a traitor! Right?" Nevarra asked.

"Yea." Matthew nodded, hoping that it was enough to placate her.

As she went off on all the reasons why her ex was a chauvinistic pig and how her former friend was a hopeless romantic, Matthew concentrated on the road.

Parking close to the small coffee shop that was close to the team grounds, Matthew started to get out of the car.

"What would you like?"

"Just get some cookies, and a cappuccino." She told him.

"Alright." He was already planning to get himself some éclairs and cinnamon buns.

Walking towards the entrance, Matthew saw a dark car sitting in the corner of the parking lot. Nice car, he thought as he opened the door to the shop. He was happy to see that there was a short line. Quickly enough, his turn came.

"Can I have the 30 pack of chocolate chip cookies, two éclairs, a cinnamon bun, and two caps?" He ordered, giving the waitress a smile. Most of the employees were accustomed to players from London FC dropping by, so they never pestered them for photos or autographs. A small relief for many of the players.

Standing at the counter, waiting for his order, Matthew eyed some of the new featured desserts placed on display. He was just about ready to ask the barista to add one of the molten chocolaty looking squares to his order when he heard a familiar laugh. I've got to stop spending so much time thinking about – His thoughts interrupted by another laugh.

This time, Matthew turned around to see what was going on. Scanning the room, he saw a recognizable face. Alex. The sports and entertainment writer was sitting at a table by the wall. He looked as though he was relaxing with a friend, who was covered by the waitress putting down their drinks and food. As the server turned to leave, Matthew's jaw dropped upon seeing who was seated across from Alex.

The familiar laugh reached him again. Even with her back facing him, Matthew knew it was her. Mia...He thought dumbly, turning to the counter. As his senses returned, concern for Mia started to course through him. What if Alex is asking her about the team? What if he wants information on us? He thought, alert of the possibilities. Looking over at Alex's table once more, Matthew saw that neither of them had any papers or folders with them. An image of Mia looking hurt played in his mind, as he remembered how she had reacted to the notion of her selling out the players. She would never do that to him, to them; and by the look on Alex's face, this wasn't some interview for a story. It looked more like a date.

She's on a date? He thought, slowly, a feeling of disappointment settling over him. He fought the urge to go over and interrupt their conversation.

"Here's your order, sir."

The voice coming from behind him stopped Matthew from giving in to his temptation.

Turning around he took his wallet from his pocket and paid for his order.

"Thanks." He mumbled grabbing the bag and drinks.

Turning to leave, Matthew shot one more look towards the table. Mia and Alex were immersed in what seemed like a deep conversation. Forcing himself to walk out, Matthew quickened his pace and headed for the car. Looking over at the black Ferrari, Matthew took a moment to read the license plate. I should have known, He thought numbly.

Sitting inside the car, he handed the purchases to Nevarra.

"You know what, I was thinking. How about after Robin Hood, we go to Mahiki?" Matthew suggested as he started the car.

"Really?" Nevarra asked, surprised.

Taking a sip from his drink, Matthew nodded as he placed the cup in to the holder, and started to reverse the car.

"Yay!" She squealed. "It's going to be so much fun!"

He would be needed any kind of distraction he could get, Matthew thought grimly, as he drove away from the shop.


For a brief moment, Mia felt she shouldn't have come. Alex was a sports and entertainment writer, this could have easily been some kind of set up to get information about the team and their personal lives out of her; although she probably wouldn't be much use.

Seeing Alex already at a table, Mia walked over to him, feeling her butterflies in her stomach.

"Hello." He said, getting up as she drew nearer.

"Hi." Mia said nervously.

Alex walked to her side and pulled out the chair, waiting for her to sit down.

"Thanks." She said, her stomach starting to knot.

"So how are you?" Alex asked, motioning for a waitress to come over to them.

"I'm alright. How about you?" She asked.

A girl with a notepad came to them, and Mia ordered a hot chocolate as well as a croissant, while Alex ordered a black coffee and a chocolate donut.

"Pulling an all nighter." He explained to Mia. "One of the guys at the office has to attend a some opening, and he'll be sending me the files around midnight. So I'll have to write the article up and send it in before 2am."

"Sounds painful." Mia observed.

"It can be." Alex smiled, his brown eyes twinkling, not giving any sign of exhaustion.

They were quiet for a moment, taking in each other.

"I'm really glad you're okay..." He told her with a warm smile.

"Thanks." She said, shyly.

"I've never seen any medic get hurt before. I mean, I've seen the female refs and lineswomen who sometimes work during premiere league matches get knocked down by idiotic players and stuff; but I've never seen that happen to a medic."

"Yea, I can't say that was my finest moment. It was so embarrassing telling my Dad that I had been knocked out by a Jabulani ball." She told him.

"In your defence the Jabulani is quite hard. I hate playing with it when I go out with friends...especially when I have to hit it with my head. It can be painful." He told her, chuckling as she laughed at his comment.

Their food arrived.

"So how has work been treating you?" Alex asked, curious.

Alert at once, Mia shifted in her seat uncomfortably.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it that way." He apologized at once. "I'm not here on any business or to report anything."

Alex gestured to his lack of paper and pens.

Relaxing a little, Mia decided to trust him.

"It's been fine. Everyone is healthy and mostly happy." She told him vaguely.

"Mostly happy?" He asked, confused.

"Some have injuries that need time to heal, but other than that they're fine." She told him.

"It sounds like you have a lot of work on your hands." He noted.

"It's not as bad as it sounds." She told him.

"What made you decide you wanted to be a sports doctor?" Alex asked, seeming genuinely interested.

Taken a back, Mia had never been asked that by any of the other guys. It surprised her that Alex wanted to know.

"I always wanted to help others, but I'm too nervous and I always second guess my self to actually go and become a general medical doctor...so I decided that I could compensate that by being a sports injury doctor." She told him. "I think I was just afraid of life and death decisions when I started university."

"I would be too."

Silence settled over them. Mia took a sip of her drink as she glanced outside, the warm chocolate rolling over her tongue made the chill seem a bit friendlier.

"What made you go in to sports and entertainment writing?" She asked, tearing a piece of her croissant as Alex started on his donut.

"Well...I'm not sure exactly. I guess the catch was being able to check out the latest matches, concerts and theatre shows, without burning a hole in my pocket. Of course it didn't hurt that I've always loved to write."

As they started to talk about different movies and shows, Mia felt herself become more and more comfortable. Alex had a good sense of humour, and she liked how he described some of the books he had reviewed for the paper with so much passion. They even shared a few favourite books, artists, and movies; much to her surprise.

As time passed, a glance outside told Mia she should think about heading home, darkness had fallen.

"It was really nice seeing you." Mia said, as they both got up.

"You too." Alex said, as he pushed in his chair.

"So...would you like to join me the day after tomorrow?" He asked hesitantly. "I'm going to be reviewing a concert by JLS, and I have two tickets... I was wondering if you'd maybe want to go with me, on a date?"

"Sure." Mia said smiling, without a second thought. "I would love to."