If Only Tonight

Blurry Dividing Lines: Chapter Fifty Two - See No More

Blurry Dividing Lines:
Chapter Fifty Two: See No More

Unbelievable, Mia thought, sitting on a couch across from the one person she had been avoiding.

"So what have you been up to Mia? I haven't seen you in a while." Nevarra said, flicking through the channels on the TV.

"Why? Have you been looking?" Mia asked, sounding annoyed. The girl had been at the house almost every day, not giving Mia a chance to see Matthew or the other guys. Lina and Leon had been out for business meetings, and dinners with their significant others, leaving Mia fending for herself.

Tossing her flowing mane of black hair, Nevarra let out a peal of laughter.

"You're funny! But really, what have you been doing?"

Gritting her teeth, Mia looked at her lap, the plate of snacks still untouched. Stupid Matthew...had to take a shower and leave me with her! Mia thought, irritated. Matthew had looked apologetic as he ran up the stairs to shower. He had said he would be down in a few minutes...Mia had been stuck with Nevarra for half an hour, and there was no Lina to back her up.

"Not much. Just work and stuff." She told her, finally deciding to eat some of the pecan cookies Leon had made over the weekend.

"So how's Alex?" Nevarra asked, her eyes glinting while her tone was sweet.

"He's fine. We're actually going out tonight. He got tickets to see Athlete." Mia told her irritated that Matthew would tell her who Mia was seeing. She had told Matthew and the other guys only a few days ago about her recent dates with Alex. Suddenly remembering why she had come home.

"I just realized, I need to go get ready."

"Oh! Do you want me to help pick out your clothes?" Nevarra offered.

Much to Mia's delight, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Thanks, but I'll be fine. I think Matt's coming. See you later." Mia said, with Matthew poking his head in to the room at that moment.

"I'm going to go get ready. Have a nice time. Don't wait up, I'll be home late!" She said, walking past Matthew with her plate of snacks. She headed quickly for the stairs without giving Matthew any chance to stop her.


Sulking, Matthew found himself walking down the hall of his home. The house was quiet; his cousins were both in the kitchen cooking, while Mia was out again. With Alex, Matthew thought annoyed. The weekend was droning on, much to Matthew's displeasure.

Heading towards the sound of talking, Matthew found his cousins laughing, Lina was the first to turn around and see him.

"Hey Matty!" She said, as the laughter died. "Where's your girlfriend?"

"She went out with her friends tonight." He said, thankful that Nevarra had been momentarily distracted; having told her he was too tired to go out.

"Ah...that could explain why you look so down...or maybe..." Lina trailed off, looking mischievous.

"Maybe what?" Matthew asked, eyes narrowed.

"Maybe you miss Mia!" She said gleefully, as Leon chuckled behind her.

"No, I don't!" Matthew said, adamantly.

"Uh huh...who are you trying to convince? Us or you?" She shot back.

"Shut up." Matthew muttered viciously, his cousins laughed at his response.

"So are you going to help out, or just stand there with a storm cloud over your head?" Leon asked, as he pulled out a tray of delicious smelling cookies from the oven.

The smell wafting through the kitchen reminded Matthew of her. It was because of Mia, Leon had started to bake cookies again. Leon had loved cooking, but usually they would just buy desserts. Mia living with them had been a spark of sorts, she asked Leon to show her how to make tiramisu, and from there Leon had started to bake with her every Sunday.

Sitting in front of the counter, and picking up a cookie, Matthew inspected it for a moment before taking a bite, the warmth spreading over him. He sighed.

"Something bothering you?" Leon asked, giving him a knowing look. "Could it be that Mia is out with Alex again?"

"No." Matthew answered defiantly.

"Okay...maybe...where is she anyway?" He relented, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"We didn't ask her for the details. She just went out to meet Alex." Lina told him, putting a plate in front of him.

Since there was only the three of them, they would be eating at the counter like they had before Mia, pulling out the barstools from under the counter.

"So how did you get Nevarra to heel?" Lina asked, with a smirk.

"She's not my pet. I told her I was tired, and she wanted to go out with friends anyway." Matthew glared at her.

"Matthew, you're an idiot." Lina told him, with a laugh.

"What? How?" He asked, stunned at her response.

"It looks like you're avoiding your own girlfriend." She told him, filling his plate with rice and chicken cooked in sauce and vegetables.

"I'm not!" He told her, irritated. The more he turned the words over in his head, he knew he was lying. Mia was out with Alex, while he sat at home eating dinner with his cousins and avoiding his girlfriend.

I really am an idiot, he thought, taking another bite as his cousins continued to chatter around him.


"I thought launch parties always came with red carpets." Mia said, laughing as she held on to Alex's hand. Her heels had her tottering off balance.

"Alas...this one has a blue carpet." Alex told her, as he led them in to the hotel. Having walked on the blue carpet, Mia was relieved that at least here no one would say that she was just a friend, and that she wasn't their type. Alex had held her hand, as he led them through the mob of flashes.

He had suggested they both go to the launch party he had been invited to. It was for some new cell phone. Normally, Mia would have declined the offer, since it was the weekend and she would be watching TV, relaxing and baking with Lina and Leon. The threat of Nevarra turning up had motivated her to go out with Alex.

"Now for the best part!" Alex told her, his eyes shining in the light.

"Don't tell me...Dinner?" Mia guessed. She had spent enough time with the guys that she knew the best part of a launch was the dinner.

Laughing Alex pulled her closer, making Mia's heart thump loudly. She was sure he could hear it.

"Those London FC guys must have taught you well." He told her, grinning.

"If only you knew..." Mia muttered under her breath.

They handed their jackets to the coat checker, and started for the hall that led to the ball room, where the party was being held. The voices in conversation could be heard from down the hall. Alex pulled her aside.

She looked at him questioningly.

"Just in case I don't get a chance later tonight." He told her with a wink.

Before she could ask what he was talking about, his lips touched hers. Butterflies in her stomach fluttered. Her lips tingling, Mia could feel her cheeks heat up. As they broke apart, Mia looked at him. His brown eyes sparkled in the brightly lit hall.

"Just a kiss goodnight." He whispered, with a smile.

He knew her music well, she smiled at him. A mischievous glint in her eye.

"Nice try, Alex. Next time don't copy Lady Antebellum." She smirked, as Alex chuckled, leading her in to the ball room.


It took one just one look at him, causing Nathaniel to do a double take.

"What's with you?" The younger player asked, seemingly confused.

His fist clenched as he sat on the bench next to several weights.

"Nothing." Matthew told him, through gritted teeth.

"Something, by the looks of it." Piped in Oliver. "Don't tell me...you just found out about Mia's date with Alex tonight."

Closing his eyes, Matthew tried to will them away. It didn't work. Lina of course had told him, that she wouldn't be home, and that Leon was working in the library. Lina had also been the one to drop the news of Mia's upcoming date that night.

"I take that as a yes." said the older footballer.

"What is that, like her fifth date in about a week?" Nathaniel said, his question grating on Matthew's nerves.

"More like eight days." He found himself saying, before he could stop himself.

"He actually cares!" Matthew could hear the surprise and glee mixed in Nathaniel's voice.

"Of course he does...why else would his weight training be sucking today?" Oliver confirmed.

"So do you know where Alex is taking her?" Nathaniel asked.

"No...I haven't seen her much, lately. I don't even know what she sees in him." Matthew found himself admitting.

"Could it be that he actually listens and asks her questions?" Oliver pointed out.

In his defence, Matthew knew quite a bit about Mia. Her secrets, the reasons she wore her ring, the reason she was scared of thunder, he even knew about her habit of crying when watching movies and TV shows. Still Matthew didn't respond.

"Have you ever thought of maybe asking her out?" Nathaniel pointed out the obvious.

"No, but by the looks of it, he's probably thinking of ways to screw things up." Oliver said, reading Matthew's face. "Don't even think about it, Matt. Alex could have our team shredded in the papers because of some idiotic stunt you pull."

"I'm not going to pull any stunt." Matthew said, trying to convince the guys.

"Felix isn't going to let you off, if something happens. Don't do anything stupid." Nathaniel warned him.

"Alright, alright. I get it." He retreated hastily, although the more he thought about it, what would be the harm of intercepting one of Mia's dates just one last time?

Getting up, he headed for the showers.

"See you guys later." He waved, leaving both boys confused.

Having showered, and changed in to a fresh pair of clothes, Matthew slung his equipment bag over his shoulder, walking through the parking lot towards his car. The thought of interfering had opened many possibilities.

His line of thinking was interrupted when his phone rang. Sighing as he saw the caller ID, Matthew clicked answer on his phone.


"Babe, you said we'd go out tonight. Where are you?" It was Nevarra.

"I just finished training." Matthew told her. "Listen, I'm really tired, maybe we can go out some other time."

"I can come over and we can have some alone time!" She said, cheerfully.

"I'm sorry Nevarra, but I'm really tired. I haven't slept well, even the guys were making fun of my workout today." He told her, truthfully.

"You blew me off on the weekend, and now you're telling me you're still tired." She said, sounding annoyed.

"I'm sorry." He told her, hoping he sounded sincere, as he reached his car.

"Whatever...you better plan something really awesome to make it up to me." She said, haughtily, before hanging up.

Throwing his stuff in to the back seat, Matthew sat down, his hands clenching the wheel. He wasn't sure he'd be able to hear about Mia going out with Alex for much longer...


Walking out of the theatre, Mia held on to Alex's hand. They had been going out for little more than a week, but already she felt comfortable around him. Tonight, he had taken her to a movie premiere. He was interesting and caring, and he never pushed her.

"So, tell me, how is it back home?" He asked her, as they walked in the direction of a nearby ice cream shop. "You're Canadian, right?"

"You remembered! Was it my accent or the lack thereof that reminded you?" Mia teased him.

Laughing Alex pulled her closer to him.

"I remembered because you were telling me about the Maple Syrup Festival last night." He told her.

"Well, right now you can see fall colours if you're lucky. Normally, by the first week of November, the trees around my parents' house shed their leaves." She told him.

"What else? Are there any other festivals?" He asked.

"No...I don't think so. But there is the Halloween Haunt at Wonderland." She said, trying to remember.

"Have you ever gone?"


Alex gave her a look.

"How come?"

Sheepishly, Mia looked at him, it was embarrassing...what she was about to admit.

"I'm not of fan of horrifying zombies...and stuff." She told him, her cheeks were heating up. She could see Alex trying to stifle his laughter. She hated admitting she was in fact scared of things. The only other person who knew about some of her fears was...Matthew.

Forcefully, pushing him out of her thoughts, Mia continued walking hand in hand with Alex, pushing his a little.

"It's not funny." She told him, feigning a cross look.

"I'm sorry...but those zombies are just people dressed up." He told her.

"Yea...but they look realistic and they chase everyone. Besides, I bet you're not fond of quite a few things."

"Alright...I am afraid of spiders." He said, with a sober look. "And...snakes."

"Really? Snakes?" She asked, with curiosity.

"Yea...once my parents took me and my brother camping...and there was a reptile show. The camp site staff had brought in several species of snakes...including a boa constrictor. My brother loved it, but I couldn't get the image of the massive constrictor swallowing me." He told her.

"What about spiders?" Mia asked, inquisitively.

"I don't know...but the ones around here are pretty big, yeah?"

"Definitely." Mia agreed, having compared English spiders to the ones she saw back home.

"Anyway, enough with the creepy crawly talk. Let's get some ice cream." Alex said, smiling, as he led her in to the shop.


Opening the news paper, Matthew was rather unprepared for the sight he saw. Smiling up at him from the page were Mia and Alex. Apparently, the happy couple had gone to a movie premier for 'Something Borrowed'. Dressed casually in jeans and a loose shirt, with a hooded jacket, Mia looked chic and relaxed along side Alex.

I don't care, I'm going to do something stupid, He thought to himself. He had tried to take Mia's being with some one else as best as he could...but now it looked like it was about to get really serious really fast. Not being able to bear the thought of losing her to someone else, Matthew started to think of ways to drive a wedge between them. There had to be a way that wouldn't hurt Mia too much.

Knowing that if the other guys found out about his line of thinking he would be reprimanded, Matthew stayed quiet. Silently brooding, Matthew knew the best way to deter Alex was to deal with him himself. It wasn't until a few days later that an opportunity presented itself to him.

"Hey Matt!" Sitting in the living room, Matthew was watching the match between Chelsea and Liverpool.

"Hey Mia." He said, looking over to see the girl walking down the hall towards the kitchen.

"Where is everyone?" He heard her ask.

"Lina's gone to get groceries, and Leon is catching up on sleep." He answered, as Mia stepped in to the living room.

"Where's Nevarra?" She asked her tone indifferent.

"She's sick. She says she caught something on a night out with friends." He told her. Matthew could hardly believe his luck when Nevarra had called to cancel their plans two nights in a row. She had a fever, raspy voice, and hoarse cough, making it impossible for her to come over.

"Oh." Mia said sounding surprised.

"Anyway, I'm going to get ready. Let me know if Alex comes to pick me up." She told him before walking out of the room.

It took a moment for him to compute the words.

"Wait...he's coming here?" He asked, quickly getting up and walking to the stair case.

"Yea. I hope you don't mind. He said he wanted to go out on an old-fashioned dinner date...whatever that means..." Mia told him with a smile, from her place at the top of the stairs.

"I see." Matthew said, turning around to go back to the living room.

The wheels in his head were turning. It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Alex. He could dismantle the doorbell and turn off all the lights to make it look like no one was home, he thought, but it would take too much work...what if Alex called Mia to ask where she was, then Matthew would be busted. Matthew leaned against the wall in the hallway.

I could ask him twenty questions and make him leave, Matthew thought. Bad idea, him mind retorted. Alex knew him, and if anything went wrong, Alex had the power to write about it in the paper. Not only would Mia be furious with him, but so would his friends and family, and the team...he couldn't risk that.

There had to be someway to get rid of him, Matthew thought. Just then the front door opened.

In stepped Lina, her hands full of groceries.

"What! Are you going to stand there and stare, or help me?" She asked, annoyed at his lack of movement.

Taking the bags from his cousin, Matthew walked towards the kitchen deep in thought. His old tricks started to seem like the best solution to the problem, the more he thought about it.

Heading for the living room, it wasn't long before Leon and Lina joined him. They switched on the TV to a documentary while chatting about the family business.

"Where's Mia?" Lina asked, her attention suddenly focusing on Matthew.

"She's getting ready." He told her, curtly.

"Oh...for her date?" Lina asked curiously.

When she laughed, Matthew knew his face had given away the answer. It was hard to believe that his features could betray him so easily. Even Leon looked at him, an amused expression on his face.

"Don't look so sad Matthew, it makes me feel bad." Lina quipped, as she flipped through the channels on TV.

A murderous look crossed his face. There was no way he could let Mia go with Alex. Not when his feelings were wreaking havoc inside him.

The doorbell rang. Before Leon could get up, Matthew had already crossed the hall. Lina and Leon followed close behind.

Opening the door, Matthew saw Alex dressed in a suit. The brown haired boy looked up at Matthew.

"Hello, Matthew. Is Mia ready?" He asked, unaware of Matthew's intentions.

"She's still getting ready." Matthew told him, not bothering to invite him in. "So where are you two going tonight?"

Alex gave him a curious look.

"We're going to Ecco for dinner. Then I thought we'd check out some clubs." He told the footballer.

"You know she doesn't drink, right?" Matthew asked, reverting to his old way of questioning Mia's dates.

"Yea. Of course. I thought we'd drop by The Box, it's supposed to redefine indecency. I heard that Prince Harry has been there and that it's really something." Alex told him, grinning.

Giving him a once over, Matthew leaned in. He could hear his cousins mumbling quietly in their native language. He didn't care, he decided, crossing his arms.

"Mia's not a fan of vulgarity." He told Alex, who was looking a little unnerved.

"We were going to go back to my house any way, Matthew. I don't think Mia would mind." Alex said, eyeing him with suspicion. "What's your problem?"

"I don't have a problem. I just don't want Mia getting hurt." Matthew replied, smoothly.

"You think I'll hurt her?" Alex said, sounding offended.

"No. But I think you have the wrong idea about her."

"Really? And what idea is that?" Alex, looked annoyed with Matthew.

"She's not going to go back to your place, unless she's absolutely sure you're the right one for her." He told him, his tone cold.

"And clearly you think I'm not the right guy." Alex surmised.

"I don't think anything. I just think maybe you should re-think your plans." Matthew told him, smartly.

"Or what?" Alex asked, stepping up to eye level with Matthew.

"Or you should think about an exit strategy." Matthew replied unfazed.

"Are you telling me to leave?" Alex asked angrily.

"No, I'm suggesting that maybe you should leave."

"You're an ass Matthew." Alex snarled, turning to leave.

"Alex? Alex! Wait!"

Horror enveloped Matthew, as he heard the recognizable voice call out. He turned just in time to see Mia rush down the stairs and out the door past him.


"You're an ass Matthew." She heard a disgruntled voice at the door.

Quickly walking down the stairs she saw Alex turn to leave. What's going on? She thought baffled. Running down the stairs she called out to him.

"Alex? Alex! Wait!"

Still Alex walked on. Rushing past Matthew who stood at the door, Mia chased the brown haired boy down the drive way.

"Alex, please stop." Mia said, as he finally turned around to face her.

"If you didn't want to go out with me. You could have just said something." He told her, angrily.

"What? No! I was getting ready. I wanted to go with you." She told him, earnestly.

"Really? So that's why Matthew was interrogating me?" Alex asked.

"He was what?" Mia asked, baffled.

"Look, I don't know what's going on between you two, either you figure it out or don't figure it out...but don't include other people in your games." He said, not taking any notice of her surprise.

"What are you talking about?" Mia asked, not understanding.

"If you have feelings for each other then you should be honest about them." Alex told Mia, as he started to walk once more, towards his car.

"But we don't. I'm not his type." Mia said, following him, trying to get him to stop.

Alex walked to the driver's side of the car.

"But clearly, he is yours." Alex told her. Her silence only confirmed what he thought.

"You don't need to hide your feelings." Alex said, opening the door. "You don't need to worry. I would never publish this sort of personal drama."

Standing forlorn, Mia watched as Alex got in his car and started it. The thrum of the engine breaking the silence around her, Mia watched sadly as Alex drove away.

A moment passed before Mia felt the fury brewing in her. Turning, she saw Matthew standing by the open door.

Walking towards the house, Mia could finally feel the chill in the air. Her anger warming her.

"I can't believe you did that!" She said as she stormed inside the house. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

She still wasn't sure exactly what Matthew had said, but she could care less. Matthew stood in front of her, silently.

"What did you say to him?" Mia asked, her anger boiling inside her.

"Nothing. I was trying to protect you." Matthew muttered, his words fuelling her anger.

"Protect me? You were trying to protect me? What were you protecting me from exactly?" She asked, furiously.

"Mia, he really wasn't right for you. He was -" Mia interrupted Matthew before he could say anymore.

"It's up to me to decide who's right or wrong for me. Not you!" She noticed Lina and Leon standing there in hall way with them.

"Don't tell me, Lina and Leon were in on this?" She asked, running a hand through her combed out hair.

"No, no, no! Leon and I had no idea what he was up to. We were as shocked as you were." Lina said, sounding genuine. Mia believed her.

"Sorry..." Mia mumbled to the two, who nodded their acceptance.

"I just can't believe you would do this to me..." The pieces of the puzzle slowly started to fit together. Eyes narrowed Mia glared at Matthew.

"You've got to be kidding me! You knew all this time, why I was being stood up...all those guys...and you didn't tell me...because you were behind it?" Mia snarled at Matthew. He stood silently, unrepentant.

"I defended you to Stacie...I can't believe I trusted you and you lied to me!" Mia told him.


There was no way out this time. Matthew knew that for sure. He couldn't bring himself to even try to deny it. The hurt look in Mia's eyes, the tone of her voice, cut him inside.

"I defended you to Stacie...I can't believe I trusted you and you lied to me!" Mia told him.

Watching her, as she continued to berate him, he knew he was wrong. He watched as it dawned on her who his partners in crime had been.

"Don't tell me, Oliver and Nate knew too. What? Did you all laugh at me for not figuring it out sooner?"

"Mia, it wasn't like that." Matthew said, finally trying to get her to listen to him. It was bad enough she had caught him, he didn't need the other two being blamed along with him.

"What was it like, Matthew? What reason could you possibly have to sabotage my personal life?" She asked, eyeing him closely.

When Matthew didn't respond, Mia turned away from him as though she had been expecting his silent answer.

He watched helplessly as she took her coat from the closet. Checking her pockets, she pulled out her wallet and keys, and headed for the door.

"Mia...Mia wait!" Matthew said following her, as she opened the door.

"No! Just leave me alone, Matthew. Instead of concentrating on my relationships...go focus on your own." She said angrily.

"I'm going to Stacie's. Don't wait up. I'm not coming back in time for curfew." She said, closing the door silently.

He watched helplessly as she stormed across the driveway.

As Matthew saw her pull out of the drive way, he could feel his heart hurting...turning around, he saw his cousins look at him... disappointed. He hadn't gone after her.