If Only Tonight

Blurry Dividing Lines: Chapter Sixty - Underneath The Mistletoe

Blurry Dividing Lines:
Chapter Sixty: Underneath The Mistletoe

As the door opened, Matthew looked up from his place on the couch. In came Oliver and Nathaniel, and the vision behind them made his heart jump. He folded the paper he was reading.

"Look who we found coming in to the building!" Nathaniel said, as he moved aside to show Mia.

Dressed in her winter gear, she looked cuddly and warm. Her white winter coat reached below her knees near her white snow boots, while on her head was a matching white toque. Her hands were covered in cute red mittens emblazoned with the symbolic Canadian maple leaf in white. Her almost white outerwear made him think of snow angels.

Nose red, and cheeks pink, Mia smiled at him.

"How are you?" She asked, cheerily.

"Good. I thought you were going to the house first?" He asked, feeling a little hurt that she had come here before going home.

"I was, but Felix called and said to come here. I have a few guys to check over before the Boxing Day match. So Leon dropped me off." She told him, as she took off her mittens and winter coat to reveal a deep green v-neck sweater, which brought out her eyes, and black skinny jeans.

"Aren't you tired?" He asked trying to sound indifferent, much to Nathaniel's glee. He could see Nathaniel and Oliver exchanging smirks in the background.

"Nah, I slept on the trip over." She shrugged, switching her furry white snow shoes for a pair of black heeled patent boots. It surprised him that she had kept a change of shoes and clothes in the dorm room still.

"Anyway, I'm going to head to my office. I have to get it done before five. I'll see you guys later!" She said, not removing her toque.

Oliver shot Matthew a pointed go-with-her look, getting up Matthew followed her.

"Wait up, I need to go out to get some stuff." Matthew called after her, to which Mia stopped outside the door.

Closing the door behind them, Matthew walked with Mia towards her office. He couldn't believe she didn't notice anything odd about him coming with her.

"So how was being home? How was your mom?" He asked, remembering the phone call in Luxembourg.

"It was alright for the most part. Next time, remind me to stay only one week. I think one week is plenty." She told him, with an exasperated look.

"Why? What happened?" He asked. Matthew had been wondering about her the entire time she had been gone. She was the first thought on his mind in the morning, and the last one at night. He hadn't been able to forget her while she was gone. Counting down the days till her return, he had been looking forward to her coming home.

"Well, to summarize...my mom didn't like me coming home. We had dinner at my aunt's house, to which my aunt invited all the neighbourhood guys my age, in an attempt to set me up...and my mom decided that since I was getting so much attention, she would humiliate me by announcing that I had been living in the dorms with two men, both who were under my charge as soccer players." Mia vented, it was obvious she had been waiting to tell someone.

"It can't have been that bad." Matthew said, smiling, as he tried to comfort her.

"Are you kidding me? It was worse. My mom makes Godzilla look good! The only enjoyable part was that I stayed with my cousin and we went out shopping." Mia told him, as they crossed over to the next block of offices. "Remind me next time to stay for a week or if I stay longer than a week, to bring you guys with me."

"That bad, huh? You'd actually consider taking us with you." He said, grinning.

"You have no idea!"

A comfortable silence settled between them.

There were so many things he was bursting to tell her. His heart felt like it would explode, from all the things he had been hiding.

"So how long till you're done?" He asked, trying to sound casual, as they reached her office.

"Probably two hours? I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with these guys. Anyway, I'll see you later." She told him, as she unlocked her office door.

"Apartment?" He asked, tentatively.


"See you." He said, walking in the direction of the exit.

As soon as he was outside, Matthew headed for his car. Having been careless and leaving his jacket, he shoved his hands in his pockets.

Quickly opening the door and starting the engine, Matthew took out his phone, and dialled.

"Lina? Get everything ready."


"So you're sure nothing else hurts?" Mia asked for the seventh time, since she had landed.

"Uh yea. I would tell you if something hurt." said one of the younger players.

"I would hope so. You're not being a hero if you play with an injured limb." she told him crossly. "Chances are, you'd get permanent damage that way."

"I know. Believe me, I told you the truth."

"Alright. So, make sure you let your foot heal. I'll see you next week to check on progress, but until then no training and no playing." She told him.


"Sorry, Jacque. Just rest up, and you'll be as good as new." Mia said, trying to comfort the footballer. He was already putting on his shoes.

"Alright. See you, Mia." Jacque said, as he got off the examination table and headed for the door.

"Bye." She said, watching him leave.

Finally finished, Mia put the files she needed to type up, beside her computer. Now that she had gone through the seven players that had needed rechecking, she would have some time to submit the reports.

Locking up her office, Mia headed back to the apartment. She had missed the guys immensely during her two weeks home. She couldn't believe her luck when she had seen Oliver and Nathaniel heading in to the building in front of her. Hearing her call their names, they had turned around giving her big smiles. Seeing Matthew in their shared dorm room, had been a bigger surprise, since neither of the two players had let it be known to her that he was around.

Looking handsome in a blue long-sleeve shirt, and black pants, Matthew had looked happy to see her. Why would he be happy to see me? She wondered.

Locking her own thoughts away as she unlocked the door to the apartment, she saw Matthew sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper. He was dressed in his formal wear.

"Going out?" She asked, confused.

Looking up from his paper, he gave her a small smile.

"We are going out." He told her, making Mia's heart flutter.


"Yea. Some how you always manage to fly in on the night of the Christmas gala. Tonight it's for Multiple Sclerosis, and Lina suggested that you stand in for her since she couldn't make it. She and Leon are hosting the annual shareholders Christmas party at the house." He informed her.

Her heart dropping a little, Mia gave him a questioning look.

"I didn't bring a spare change of clothes." She told him.

"Don't worry. Lina decided that she would play your fairy godmother tonight. She sent clothes over for you. They're laid out on the bed. You can go change." He told her.

Walking to the bathroom first, Mia washed her face, forcing herself to be patient and not run to see what was in their room. What was he up to? She wondered, as she dried the water with a towel. As she walked towards their shared room, his voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Oliver and Nathaniel will be meeting us here in a while."

"Alright." She said, closing the door behind her.

Turning on the lights, Mia stifled a gasp. Laid out on the bed, was a black strapless gown, with sheer black panels for the skirt. Beside the bed were a pair of black open toe heels. A shimmering silver necklace, bracelet, and earrings were placed beside the dress in an open box. A clutch lay on top on the dress, while her makeup bag was placed beside the jewellery box.

How did she get this all ready? Mia wondered, still not believing the sight in front of her.

Standing in shock and awe, Mia didn't know where to begin. She gently touched the fabric of the dress. It was silky and smooth. In the silence, the only sound came from a clock on the wall. The sound made her snap out of her surprise. Moving forward, Mia started for her make up.

Slowly getting herself ready, Mia heard noise outside her room. It seemed the other two had arrived. Checking that her eyeliner and shadow were to her liking, and that the blush was not too rosy; Mia started to change her clothes.

As she pulled on the dress, she was surprised how well it fit. Lina had gotten the right size, quelling Mia's fears that the dress would be too big or too small. The only other fear Mia had was tearing the dress while walking in the heels. Eyeing them with distrust, Mia sighed as she put them on. Now the only thing left to do was put on the jewellery. The pieces Lina had left were all delicate with jewel embellishments.

Checking herself in the mirror, Mia brushed out her hair and tied it in a loose but elegant looking bun, her bangs framing her face. Giving herself a once over, she thought she was ready for the night. Grabbing the clutch, Mia stumbled to the door, holding the hem of her dress away from her shoes.

"Looking good, Mia!" She heard Nathaniel say, as she opened the door.

Oliver stood beside Matthew, giving her a smile, while Matthew looked dumbstruck. The two new arrivals were both dressed in black suits, white shirts, and blue ties.

"You too." Mia replied, giving Nathaniel a smile.

"So, we have one last surprise for you." Oliver told her.

Brows furrowing at the sound of another surprise, Mia gave him a questioning look.

"What surprise?" She asked.

Nathaniel moved towards the door, and opened it.

Mia was shocked to see who stood behind it, dressed in a red gown, underneath a black coat.


"Hi Mia!" Her best friend said, as she moved towards the younger girl.

"How did you- I mean- You have- But you're here- Shouldn't you-" Mia struggled to form a proper sentence.

"Be working in Australia." Stacie finished for her. "Your friends thought it was a shame we wouldn't see each other for Christmas, so they got me to come over and join you for the Christmas gala!"

Mia hugged her. She couldn't believe the three of them would do this for her. Her eyes welled up.

"Thank you so much." She said facing them, as she let Stacie go.

"You're welcome." Oliver grinned at her.

"Come, let's go before we're late." Nathaniel said, excitedly, moving to the door.

She watched as Stacie was led away by Nathaniel. Oliver left behind them, as Matthew moved closer to her, handing her the white coat she had come over with.

"Wouldn't want you to trip." He said, smirking, as he held out his arm, as she put it on. Smiling, Mia took hold of him, as he led her out to his car.


He had known how well the dress would suit her all along. He also knew that if he had said he had got it for her, she would never accept it. Lina had a good eye with sizing and buying accessories; he was lucky she was able to help him on such short notice.

Looking at the girl sitting in the passenger seat of his car, Matthew felt his breathing stop. She was beautiful, there was no doubt. Her auburn hair framed her delicate face, while her glowing green eyes entranced him.

"So what did you do while I was gone?" Mia asked, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Not much. Just practice, workout, and go to a few movies. Lina and Leon were so bored without you. They would look at the clock in the morning and wait for seven o'clock. Not hearing your tell tale thump-" He was interrupted by her.

"Shut up!" She told him, laughing, as she lightly punched his shoulder.

"Alright, alright. They did miss you though. Lina hated being overruled by both us guys, and Leon didn't have anyone to make cookies for on Sundays." Matthew told her, smiling.

"So what else did you do at home?" He asked, as he drove off the highway on to a local road.

"I went skiing and skating with my cousins. We played street hockey, and made hot chocolate, went shopping. And we stayed up nights watching movies." She told him.

"How was your father?" He asked, remembering their conversation when Mia had gotten injured.

"He was alright. Unlike my mother, he didn't voice his displeasure at my career or living situation. Instead, I think he was hoping I would stay till Christmas."

"So why didn't you?"

When she didn't answer immediately, Matthew looked over to find Mia pondering over his question.

"I guess, I just didn't want to argue with my mom. Plus...even though I am Canadian...I don't really like the harsh winters."

"Really?" He said, laughing a little.

"Yea! I mean, ideally, I would live here six months during the winter, and live over there during the spring and summer." Mia said, with a grin.

"So what else happened?" He asked, making the most of their time alone.

"My Dad showed me pictures of the renovations he had done on our cottage. It looked really wonderful. He said he would have taken me there, but it was far too cold for my mom's taste...Although I wouldn't have minded."

"But you just said you hate the winter." Matthew asked, curiously.

"I do. But at the cottage everything feels different. I wouldn't mind winter there. It's just magical." She told him, sounding mysterious.

"It sounds interesting." Matthew said, as he parked the car.

"It is." She mumbled quietly.

Getting out of the car, Matthew walked over to open Mia's door. Holding her hand, he helped her out, making sure she didn't tread on her dress.

"Ready?" He asked, allowing her to get a firm grip of his arm.

"Yes." She said, softly.


Holding on to Matthew as they walked inside the hotel. Taking off her coat, she handed it to the coat check girl, who gave her a number tag.

Checking herself in the reflection of one of the giant mirrors, Mia pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. Feeling a tug, Mia was led to the entrance of the ballroom. Several photographers and reporters stood along both sides waiting to snap pictures and ask for comments.

"Matthew! Matthew! Over here!" The called for attention, as several blinding flashes started around them.

A familiar reporter walked up to them, as several more tried to surround them.

"Is this your girlfriend, Matthew?" He asked.

"No, she's one of my friends." Matthew replied, easily.

Smiling, Mia didn't think anything of it.

"Still going after glamour models, then?" The reporter persisted.

Mia's smile tightened, as she saw Matthew give him a wicked grin.

"You know my type, Dave." He told the man, as Mia felt her heart drop. How many times had he done this? She had tolerated it as much as she could, but still it hurt.

With a hand around her waist, Matthew led her through the camera flashes, and the questions. Keeping a smile on her face, Mia made sure not to falter. If anyone spotted some weakness in her, it would be in the paper tomorrow along with Matthew's name in the headline.

Finally getting inside, Mia looked around the grand ballroom. It was beautifully decorated in the spirit of Christmas. A huge fir tree stood at the front, twinkling lights all around it.

As she took in the sight, she saw a staircase labelled 'Rooftop Balcony'. Sounds promising, Mia thought.

Feeling his arm around her loosen, Mia took her chance to get away. She needed to recollect her thoughts. There was no use walking around like a grenade ready to explode.

"I'm going to go look for Stacie." Mia told him, making sure to keep her tone normal, as she hurried off.

Holding on to the banister, Mia climbed up the stairs as fast as she could. She needed fresh air, she needed to get herself together. It bothered her that he could so easily shoot down any possibility of them being together. She hated how easily his answers to the reporter's questions came. She hated being so angry at him over it. As much as he told her that it was for her own good, Mia couldn't help but feel used.

Opening the door at the top of the stair case, Mia found herself on the roof. The cold air made her shiver.

"Should have brought my coat..." She muttered to herself.

Walking over to the railing, Mia leaned over to look down. Cars sped down on the street below. Letting out a deep breath, Mia found herself relaxing, despite feeling cold.

Behind her she heard the door open. Turning around she saw Stacie.

"I was looking for you. Matthew told me you went up to find me." She said to Mia.

"Yea..." Mia said, as she moved down the railing, walking further away from her friend and in to the darkness.

"What's wrong Mia?" Stacie asked, with concern.


"Right...so you're freezing yourself on the roof because nothing is wrong."

"Pretty much." Mia told her, as she kept walking down further.

"Talk to me, Mia."

"It's nothing." Mia said, trying to gain control of her emotions, but she couldn't.

"He always does this!" She blurted out.

"Who? Matthew?" Stacie asked, confused.

"Yes, him! He can be so nice, and then he goes and does something to throw me off. He asks me to go with him to these ridiculous events only to tell reporters how I'm not his type. I don't get his freaking problem. Every time I think things are going to be alright with him, he goes and pulls the rug from underneath me." She vented, she couldn't believe how long she had let her feelings boil.

Hearing the door creek, Mia turned to look at the doorway.

Matthew stood there, his face expressionless.

"I came to check if you were okay." He told her, his voice revealing nothing.

"How much did you hear?" Mia asked, appalled at her words.

"I'll see you two downstairs." Stacie told them, as she left them alone.

"The last bit..." Matthew answered.

"Perfect, I should fire myself." Mia groaned, as she heard this. Out of all the unprofessional things I've done, she thought, disappointed with herself.

She walked over to the door, not willing to look at Matthew. Mia couldn't believe he had heard her. What would he think? She wondered. As she opened the door, she felt a hand on hers, pulling her away.

"Mia..." He said in a low voice.

"Look, I'm really sorry Matt. Maybe it was the jet lag, and maybe it's just a whole lot of things, but I shouldn't have said that...they were never meant to have come out that way, I-"

"Mia, you need to listen to me." He interrupted her.

Slowly looking up at him, she saw that Matthew looked miserable.

"Mia, I'm sorry that I've had to keep saying those things. I- I just..." He stumbled over his words, surprising Mia. Taking a deep breath, Matthew sighed.

"Did you ever think that maybe I want you so much that it terrifies me? That maybe each time I ask you to come with me to these events, it's so I can see how it would be with you? That I know I can't have you because I know I'll hurt you?"

Dumbfounded, Mia didn't know how to respond. When she didn't say anything, Matthew continued.

"The moment I saw you...I knew that that was it. I was screwed. You turned my world upside down. I can't not want you. Did you not think that I push you away only because I know I'm not good enough for you?" He told her, still holding her hand.

For a moment, Mia didn't know what to say. Was he being serious? This is just another game! Mia thought angrily. I don't believe him!

"No. I'm not playing this game." She told him, forcing her hand out from his.

Quickly walking to the door, Mia pulled it open and hurried inside.

"Mia, please. Let me explain. I'm sorry." She heard him call out after her.

With Matthew on her tail, she tried to walk faster, it was then she saw a flash.

Crap! Mia thought.

Stopping, Mia smiled, hoping that no emotion showed on her face. With Matthew having caught up, they both posed for pictures.

"You two make a lovely couple." The photographer told them.

"Thank you, but we're just friends." Matthew quickly replied.

Subdued, Mia allowed Matthew to lead them to the dinner table. Putting on a smile, Mia resigned herself to sitting through dinner. She wasn't about to make anyone else miserable.


It wasn't going the way he had planned. He couldn't believe the angry look on Mia's face as he had confessed his feelings. Terrified that he had lost her, Matthew had tried to get her to talk to him.

All through dinner, she chatted with her friend who looked over at Matthew questioningly. Even Nathaniel and Oliver had started to notice how frosty things were between them.

"Is everything okay?" Oliver asked, as he got up.

"Yea. Are you leaving already?" Matthew asked, trying to keep his calm facade.

"I have to go. Ariana needs me. I told her I wouldn't stay too long." Oliver told him.

"Don't do anything stupid." The older boy whispered, patting Matthew's shoulder. Too late for that, he thought to himself. I've already done the most idiotic thing I could possibly do, Matthew berated himself.

As music started around them, Matthew watched as couples started to move towards the dance floor. Nathaniel had gotten out of his seat, and led Stacie with him.

Getting up, Matthew offered a hand.

"Coming?" He asked.

"No." Mia replied, defiantly.

"It's customary."

"Since when?" Her eyes narrowed.

"It's a well known fact, Mia. Everyone knows you have to dance at least once here." He told her, hoping she would believe him.

Quiet for a moment, Mia sighed.


As she took his hand, Matthew couldn't help but feel a little relieved. Maybe there was a chance he could fix this.

Walking on to the dance floor, Matthew put an arm around her, his hand resting at her waist. He held her close to him as music played around them.

Mia rested a hand on his shoulder. It felt like there was only the two of them, as they moved to the music.

"I meant what I said, Mia." He said quietly, after a moment of silence.

"I don't believe you." She whispered back.

"Look, I'm sorry about what I said to the reporter. I just-"

"Wanted to protect me, right? I don't need you to protect me. I need you to stop confusing me." She whispered back.

"How did I confuse you?" He asked her.

"You acted like you hated me when I first came here, and now you're telling me the exact opposite!" She hissed.

As the music ended, the rest of the guests applauded the band, who started a new song.


"No! Just stop. I'm going." Mia let go of him, and walked back to their table.

For a moment, he stood there watching her, as she collected her things. It was then that he realized, she was really going to leave. Quickly, Matthew walked, getting to their table right as she was about to leave.

Seeing him, Mia walked away quickly to one of the adjoining hallways. He didn't care which way he went, all he wanted to do was stop her.

"Mia, just listen."

"No!" She told him, as she walked quickly.

"Please hear me out." He pleaded with her.

"No way."

As they reached the end of the hall, Mia finally stopped. He looked around, something above them caught his eye.

"What is it?" She asked him furiously.

"Mistletoe." Matthew answered.

"What?" She asked, her voice sounding both confused and irritated.

It was too late, he had already decided what his next move would be. Matthew pulled Mia in close, making her face him. One look at her was all it took to break down his already crumbling resistance.

Matthew crushed his lips against hers.