If Only Tonight

Into The Storm: Chapter Six - Not Willing To Know Her

Into The Storm:
Chapter Six: Not Willing To Know Her

"Doctor Brooklyn..."

The sound startled Mia; having been searching through the filing cabinet for some blank paper to print out her reports on the players, she had been completely lost in her search.

"Need help. Doctor Brooklyn?"

Looking at the source of the voice, Mia felt more than a little annoyed. Standing in the doorway was Jason.

"I'm fine. Just give me a moment." Mia replied hastily, as she pulled out a new package of printing paper at last.

Shutting the drawer, Mia blew out an explosive breath. How had that top drawer gotten so messy? Mia wondered. I'm going to have to clean that out...soon, she decided as she headed for her desk.

Placing the package on to her desk, Mia turned to face the unwelcome player. He was always acting smarmy around her.

"What can I do for you, mister Roberts?" Mia asked, intentionally sounding formal. He doesn't have an appointment today...Mia thought with irritation.

"I love it when you call me that." Jason said, as he walked closer to her.

Mia could feel herself becoming nauseous. The guy has an ego that can't be broken, Mia thought with annoyance.

"So...what do you want?" Mia asked once more, sounding slightly rude.

"What I want is...well..." Jason walked closer to her, until he was standing right in front of her. Inching nearer and nearer, Mia could feel herself leaning backwards to get away.

"I was wondering Doctor...is it okay if I call you Mia?" He asked.

"No...I don't think so. Doctor Brooklyn is fine." She replied icily.

"Well Doctor, I was hoping that maybe you would join me for dinner?" As Jason spoke, his fingers ran up and down her arm.

Finally moving away, Mia walked over to the door before facing him once more.

"I'm sorry but no. I'm not interested in joining you for dinner."

"Why don't I let you think about it, and ask you in an hour or so?" Jason offered.

He doesn't take a hint, does her? Mia wondered with annoyance.

"Look...I don't think you understand. It doesn't matter whether you come back in an hour or in a day...but I'm not interested in having dinner with you." Mia said, deciding to be blunt.

"Alright, I get it."

Clearly, Jason didn't. Mia saw the look on his face. He was not happy with her rejection. Whatever...there are plenty of girls out there who would go with him...it just won't be me...She thought, as a sullen Jason walked out of her office.


Having been dragged by Oliver and Nathaniel, Matthew found himself right outside Mia's office. Out of all the places he could have been, here he was. Why do I bother? He asked himself glaring at his shoes. Hearing her melodic voice, he looked up noticing the door was wide open.

"Nah, Stacie...He'll get over it...I wouldn't worry about it. Bye!"

What is she talking about? Who is 'he' and what is he going to get over? Matthew wondered.

As they saw her end the phone call, Nathaniel knocked on the door.

She quickly turned around to face them. The annoyance on her face faded in to a smile.

"Hey guys...is everything ok?" She asked. Clearly she had no idea why they had come...Matthew could feel irritation brewing at finding himself here. Why had they come? He asked himself.

The question was answered as Oliver spoke.

"Well since its late...we were going to watch a DVD and order a pizza or something. Want to join us?" Oliver asked.

"Late? Oh...that's why..." Mia quickly turned and walked to her window, parting the blinds. She then glanced at her watch as she walked back to them.

"I completely lost track of time." She muttered, as she shook her head in disbelief. "I was going to print my reports..." She groaned.

"Relax, those aren't due until the end of tomorrow." Nathaniel snickered. Matthew could see why he was laughing. Mia was worrying over reports due Friday, she was something.

Matthew watched her trying to decide. She looked torn between refusing and agreeing. Finally she looked as though she would agree.

Taking her lab coat off, she hung it on the hook.

"Alright fine...it's not like I have lots to do." She agreed.

Matthew watched Mia grab her laptop and they waited for her to lock her office before they started walked towards their room. No sooner had they turned in to the corridor leading to the dormitory wings, did Matthew hear a rumble. A flash of light came in from the windows. Heavy rain could be heard pounding the pavement outside. Stealing a quick glance at Mia, he could see she was squirming.

"So what are we watching?" She asked a slight nervousness in her voice as she briefly gave him the once over. They still hadn't really talked. They were both trailing behind Oliver and Nathaniel.

"It's the perfect weather for a scary movie...How about the latest SAW movie?" Nathaniel suggested.

"No way." "No" Matthew and Mia rejected at the same time.

Both Oliver and Nathaniel looked at them, a look of curiosity growing on their faces.

"What?" Matthew said, trying to sound nonchalant. "You know I don't like SAW."

"I just don't like the blood and gore...and it's kind of scary..." Mia mumbled quietly.

Matthew watched as Oliver gave him a scrutinizing look, before starting to walk again. What? I didn't do anything...Matthew thought glaring at Oliver's back.

"Okay...no SAW movies. How about watching Star Trek or The A Team?" Oliver asked them.

"The A Team" Matthew, Nathaniel, and Mia said simultaneously. The three of them looked among each other, as Nathaniel and Mia snickered, as thunder roared again. Mia immidiately quieted down.

Matthew could see they found it funny.

"The A Team it is..." Oliver said with a chuckle, as he looked over to Matthew again.

They walked to the room. Oliver and Matthew at the front this time, as Nathaniel and Mia talked behind them.

"See...she has similar interests...would it kill you to be nice to her?" Oliver whispered.

"Yes...yes it would." Matthew hissed back, as another roar of thunder sounded.

Unlocking the door to their room, Matthew rushed in to grab his couch. The single seater that was off to the side. Avoiding Mia at any cost had become part of his past time.

Nathaniel and Mia sat on the three seater, as Oliver hovered over them. Mia hugged a pillow close to her as they all heard thunder. The rain sounded as though it was getting harder.

"So...next question. Pizza or Chinese take out?" He asked them.

"Pizza!" Was the collective response.

As soon as Oliver had called to order the pizza to be delivered, with the four of them sitting down in the dark living room, they started the movie.

They had only gotten half an hour in to the movie, when it happened.

A blinding flash of lightening entered the room. Matthew heard Mia squeak and watched as she clutched the pillow over her face, hiding from the storm. A deafening clap of thunder followed. It was then the TV shut down.


Mia freaked out as the lightening came in through one of the windows. The thunder didn't help much. She tried taking cover under her pillow, but it didn't work.

When the TV turned off, Mia was more than unnerved.

She wedged herself closer to Nathaniel, since Matthew was at the other end and had been look unapproachable all evening...although truth be told she would never go near him while either of them were aware of it.

Mia looked for Oliver, and found him standing by the light switch trying to turn on the lights.

"The power's out, guys." He told them.

"Great...think the pizza's still coming?" Matthew asked, sounding as though he could care less. How can he think of food at a time like this? Mia asked herself, the answer came when she felt her stomach clench with hunger. Very easily, her mind replied.

"Probably." Oliver answered.

"Great...well now we can tell spooky stories..." Nathaniel said, from beside her, shoot a grin at her.

Before she could answer, lightening flashed, and the ground shook as thunder rumbled around them.

"No...no scary stories..." Oliver told them, stealing the words from right out of her mouth.

He looked over to her, Mia silently thanked him.

"So what do we do then?" Matthew asked, sounding bored.

"How about twenty questions?" Nathaniel piped up.


Matthew wanted nothing more than to kick Nathaniel for suggesting such a thing.

Twenty questions? Really? Like I want her to find out more about me! Matthew thought angrily.

"Well how about you tell us about yourself, Mia. Since your new here." Oliver said, saving Matthew.

"Mia looked at them puzzled.

'There's not much to know about me. You all know it already." She told them, shifting in her seat.

"No we don't." Nathaniel told her.

Matthew watched as the two interacted...he couldn't help but feel slightly jealous. Nathaniel was always so easy to be around...he had the ability to make friends with everyone.

"Where are you from?" Nathaniel asked, pointedly.

Mia gave a shaky laugh.

"Okay...uh...I'm from Brampton, Ontario...Canada." She told them.

"So what do your parents do?"

At that moment, there was a knock at the door.

Getting up, Matthew answered the door. On the other side stood the delivery man. He handed over the money for the pizza, and took the pizzas and pop from the man. Thanking the man, Matthew closed the door.

"Food!" Nathaniel cheered, getting up to take the extra weight from Matthew. Oliver went to get candles. Both Oliver and Matthew hated eating in the dark...they didn't like not knowing what they were eating.

Splitting the pop among themselves, Matthew kept his distance from Mia. He sat by himself, on the sofa, trying not to watch her.

Who is she, really? Matthew wondered. What is she like? Shaking the thoughts from his mind, he listened quietly as Oliver asked her to answer the question. Taking a bite from his pizza, Matthew heard her sigh before clearing her throat.

She must have thought they would forget about the question.

"My father is a banker...and my mother is an elementary school teacher." She told them, quietly.

"How do you know Dr. Phillips? How did you meet him?" Nathaniel asked her.

Matthew was actually interested in this question...he knew she was one of his proteges.

"I was one of his students in a course he taught...he actually called me to his office and asked if I wanted to volunteer in his research lab. I said yes. I ended up doing my graduate work with him." Mia explained. "He is one of the toughest mentors in the whole university."

"So how did you survive him?" Oliver asked. "I mean, we know how he can be like."

"I don't know...I just made sure all my work was in line with what he wanted...but I kept all the things I liked...I don't know...There's no trick with him..."

"Wow..." Nathaniel said, in awe. Oliver and Nathaniel decided to ask her about movies, music, and her favorite books. It wasn't long before they started talking about the upcoming match. Feeling the frustration brewing in him, Matthew tuned out.

He watched her carefully, her face aglow in the flickering candle light. Her green eyes were illuminated.

There were so many questions she hadn't answered...so many that he had for her. How many brothers and sisters did she have? What was her favorite hobby? Too bad I can't ask them, he though with regret. They weren't friendly, and if he had it his way...they would never get close enough to be friends.

I won't let myself like you, he tried to convince himself, knowing he was fighting a battle he was steadily losing. I can't know you...he thought steeling himself.