True Love

"They're mine...aren't they?" Zack asked staring at the girls, who ran through the sand screaming through their laughter as Johnny and Brian chased them. Mia could only manage a nod.

"Yeah...I know sorry isn't enough...but I am, you never deserved this," she said, biting at her lip as she wiped the stray tear that dared to run down her cheek, "I can't explain to you why, but at seventeen it just seemed like the right thing to had the band and-" she just shrugged.

"I have two thirteen year old daughters..." Zack mumbled in what she could only fathom to be shock.

"We were seventeen and eighteen...I didn't think you were ready." she said simply. He turned to her, fire burning in his emerald eyes.

"Who the hell were you to make that decision for me?"

So this was true love?

Title Credit;; True Love : P!nk
© Anchor and Hope. 2012

Also, I am so beyond excited to say that True Love was featured in Mibba Magazine, you can check it out here!