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You Kill Me (In A Good Way)

Chapter One.

Short Frank Iero walked out of the small apartment he shared with his boyfriend, Keith, keys in hand and headed down the sidewalk to a small cafe where he worked. To anyone on the outside, Frank had a pretty good life. He had a decent job, a roof over his head, food in his stomach and a seemingly perfect boyfriend. It was the ideal life, he should be happy right?

In all actuality he's far from happy. Sure he loves his job and he wouldn't want to work anywhere else. The only thing that bothered Frank was his relationship. He and Keith had been together for over three years and it had been great in the beginning of course. As time moved on, Frank noticed a change in his boyfriend. He had started getting angry more often, he went out to parties with his friends, hell he had cheated on Frank on more that one occasion.

I know what you're thinking, "Then why the hell does Frank stay with that jack off?" Well it's not as simple as that. Frank loves his boyfriend, but he's just not in love with him anymore. Frank has thought about breaking up with him, he had a talk with Keith one night when he was actually home. To say it didn't go well would be an understatement.

Keith got angry, of course. Anyone would. He got angrier than Frank had ever seen him. He yelled at Frank, telling him that he can't break up with him. Taunting Frank, asking where he'd go. There was no where left for him to go. His adoptive parents had moved out of state when Frank moved out, none of his family was close either. At one point, Frank retaliated saying he'd go stay with Mikey, his best friend. Oh how Keith did not like this idea.

He got angrier at Frank, accusing him of cheating with Mikey, which was ridiculous seeing as Mikey was his best friend and that would be weird. Frank tried to defend himself, but all he got was a fist to the face. Keith had beat the poor boy senseless that night. From them on Frank has been afraid of him. He couldn't leave him, knowing what he would do, so Frank stayed with him and put up with the abuse, which is mostly verbal.

A fist will fly every now and then, but it's nothing Frank can't handle. He's been good at hiding his scars and lying to his best friend. It hurt that he couldn't tell Mikey the truth, but he knows Mikey would want him to go to the cops and he can't do that, he just can't.

He made it to work, unlocking the door as he was the first person here like he usually was. The owners were real good friends of his adoptive parents and had happily given Frank a job. Frank thought of them as his second family and always felt at home when he was here.

Frank went through his daily routine, starting a pot of coffee, washing down the tables, writing the specials on the cute little chalk board on the counter. He usually worked alone. The owners didn't like to hire the braty teenager that usually applied for the job. Frank was fine working by himself. The job wasn't that difficult, he poured coffee and handed out muffins.

There were a few customers there before the owners showed up, nothing Frank couldn't handle. The wife, Isabella cooed at me, giving me a tight hug before disappearing in the back. The owner, Mario just nodded, giving me a polite smile before following his wife, who had come out of the back in her cute pink apron. Frank giggled at her as he walked around the small shop, talking to the few elderly couples who always came here early.

It wasn't until lunch that he finally saw the scraggly brown haired best friend of his walk through the door. He ran to Frank with an excited look on his face, accompanied with a creepy grin.

"Frank, Frank, Frank", he panted, hunched over and out of breath. He probably ran all the way here, the idiot, "Frank, great news!", oh joy, I always loved his great news, "Gerard's coming back today!"
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New story :)

It's been a really long time, and I just lost inspiration for my other stories, but I got this idea for one last night and I decided to roll with it.

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But I know where this one is going.

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