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You Kill Me (In A Good Way)

Chapter Two.

Frank smiled brightly at him. Gerard was his older brother that had been sent away to a mental institution. Gerard had always been...special. He wasn't social, he hid in his room all day. Door shut, no light save for the lamp on his desk where he liked to draw. His room always slightly scared Frank. It was dark and damp, but Gerard loved it. The walls were littered with drawings, creepy, disturbing drawings.

Gerard loved blood and guts and gore. He was a horror freak and he didn't care what other people thought. Frank admired Gerard for that. When he actually did get out of the house, he didn't give a fuck what the people around him were whispering. He always had his head up high.

He didn't talk to Frank much. He could be in a heated conversation with his brother or walk into a room saying something but as soon as he saw Frank he would go quiet, looking at the ground. At first, Frank had been offended and slightly hurt by this. He didn't want Gerard to hate him, but Frank learned that that wasn't the reason behind it. Mikey told Frank that Gerard had had a small crush on him and that's why he's acting like that.

Gerard, he wasn't bad looking. In fact, he was pretty hot in Frank's opinion but Frank never got a chance to really know him. He never talked to Frank and after the incident, Frank didn't think he'd ever see Gerard again.

About five years ago, Gerard, Mikey and Frank had gone out at night to the park. They were having their usual fun when a group of guys approached us. They were definitely older than us, by many years. They gathered around his, shouting rude, hateful things toward them.

A few of them came forward and grabbed Frank, staring him up and down and smirking, a disgusting look on their face. They were talking about him, saying how pretty he was. At one point Frank felt on of their hands on his back, it drifted down and roughly grabbed his bum. Poor Frank whimpered, and that's when we heard it. A low, deep growl from behind.

Everyone looked at Gerard, who had his fist clenched so tight that his palm was bleeding and his knuckles were white. He was gritting his teeth, his brows furrowed in obvious rage and a sinister look on his face. For a moment, Frank was afraid of him. He had never seen him like this. Mikey had warned him to never get on his bad side, and now he could see why.

"What the fuck is your problem, fag?", one of them, the leader Frank assumed said, glaring at Gerard. Gerard took a step forward and the guys holding onto Frank pushed him away, cause him to fall to the ground harshly, hitting his head off the ground with a loud, painful thump. This only angered Gerard more.

Before they knew what was happening, Gerard had leapt onto the leader, knocking him to the ground, punching and punching repeatedly. The others in the gang stood back in shock as Gerard continued to pound the man, not one of them attempting to help. Frank could hear Mikey shouting Gerard's name. In a flash, Gerard was on his back and there was a man, a fat, greasy man on top of him. He raised his fist, a shiny pair of brass knuckles on his fist.

He swung it down at Gerard, hitting him in the face, over and over again. Mikey was yelling, on his phone with the police, all Frank could do was watch through his bleary eyes. He saw the man take out a knife, saw him bring it down toward Gerard's face. He heard Gerard's pained groan. Then nothing. Everything was over. The police could be heard faintly.

Gerard whimpered, getting to his feet and stumbling over to Frank and Mikey. He lied down next to him. Frank saw blood on the left half of Gerard's face, but he couldn't figure out if it was his or the mans.

The last thing Frank remembered was Gerard running his fingers through Frank's hair, giving a weak smile before Frank passed out.
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