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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter one.

After years of not being able to go to Warped Tour, I finally got enough hours in at work to request a full day off. My best friend Lola and I were going together. We haven’t been able to hang out in almost 5 months. You may think we texted or called all the time, but we didn’t. I work on a cruise line, so obviously I don’t have cellphone reception out in the middle of the ocean. I’m constantly always away from home, trying to work as many hours as possible. I didn’t really need the money, I just needed to be alone. Of course I was alone while back in California, I lived in a small two bedroom house by myself.
“Hey babe, I’m home for a couple days!” I texted my boyfriend, Jullien. We’ve been dating for almost 3 years. I’m continually surprised that he still is in love with me because of my work schedule. He doesn’t really mind, we always found time for each other. July 25th made our 3 year anniversary and neither of us had mentioned it. I mean, isn’t it the guy’s job? It’s coming up in a week. I sighed as I sat down on the edge of my bed, waiting for his reply. The sun began to peak through the slits of the blinds covering my window. I looked over at the clock and it blinked 6:05 am. I rummaged through my closet when I heard a loud bang at my back door. I rolled my eyes and laughed when I opened it to see a wide eyed smiling Lola. “I missed you so much, Noelle!” She squeezed me into a bone crushing hug. I wrapped my arms around her and smiled “I missed you too.” We pulled away and she frowned at my current attire — pajamas. “No no no! This will not do, Noelle Rose!” She marched straight to my closet and began looking through my clothes. “If you call me by my full name again, I will not go with you” I glared at her. “Sorry, Noah!” she scrunched her nose at the nickname I always went by. Yes, Noah was a boy’s name... but my dad gave me the nickname when I was little. “Thanks” I stuck my tongue out at her. “This shirt… with these jeans… and these… vans” she smiled to herself before turning around, throwing the outfit on my bed. “Get dressed, I’m making coffee!” She closed my bedroom door behind her and left me to examine the clothes she picked out. I took off my shirt as I replaced it with a plain black tank top and put on the “Get the fuck up” sleeve ripped shirt Lola picked out for me. I slipped on my nicely fitted jeans that had various holes in them along with the pair of black vans that were laid on my bed. My phone beeped and I ran over to see who is was. I opened the text Jullien sent me and sighed. It read “Can’t hang today. Got a family reunion. What about tomorrow? Love you.” He always invited me to his family reunions, he always replied right back to my texts, he always dropped what he was doing to come and see me after I came home. I rolled my eyes and shoved my phone in my pocket, not caring to text back. I strolled into my bathroom and put on deodorant and sprayed perfume all over. I choked on the strong scent and laughed at myself. “Spray enough?” Lola teased as she sipped her coffee. I rolled my eyes and smiled “Ready to go?” I asked. “Yeah” She beamed as we walked out the door, tickets in hand. I was so glad to be spending the day with my best friend.