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Blinded By Adoration

Chater ten.

I ended up having to park away from the place due to all of the parking spaces being taken. I dialed Vic’s number as I stepped out of my car and put the alarm on it. Vic sent me to voice mail, so I just walked until I was near the front of the place.

I looked up from my phone to see a short tanned guy dressed in a tuxedo frantically looking around. “Vic!” I called out. He spun around on his heels and smiled as he began walking towards me. When we caught up to each other, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a big hug. I laughed as I had to slightly bend down to hug him back. “It’s so great to see you!” Vic grinned. I smiled in return as we walked up to the front of a line to what seemed like a club. “Victor Fuentes” He spoke to the guard wearing a black shirt. The man opened the door, letting Vic and I in. Vic grabbed a hold of my arm and pushed us through the crowd of drunken people.

The music was loud, the people were rude, and the air was filled with a faint smell of strong alcohol. It’s been 2 years too long, my old friend. He stopped dragging me along as I turned my head to smile at the 3 guys sitting infront of me. They were all sitting in a booth with empty shot glasses on the table.

Mike’s eyes lit up when he saw me “Hey stranger!” He slid out of the booth and stretched out his arms for a hug. I walked into his embrace, smelling his strong cologne lingering on his shirt. As soon as he dropped his arms to his side, I gagged as I tried to catch a breath. “Little too much cologne, Mike” I teased. He laughed and held out his arms to let me scoot into the booth first.

“I’m gonna get more drinks” Jaime announced before walking off to the bar. Vic sat down across the table and began to make small talk with Tony, who was sitting next to right of me.

“Now we can officially kick the night off” Jaime smiled as returned with a platter of shots. He handed out the shouts to everyone as we all raised our glasses. “To our new friend, Noah!” Vic smiled then clinked all of our glasses together. I poured mine right into my mouth and slammed the glass onto the table. “Woo!” I cheered, reaching for my second shot. I could’ve sworn I saw Tony laugh out of the corner of my eye. I let the liquor slip down my throat once more before placing my empty glass back onto the tray.

“Hey guys!” I heard a female voice screech. I looked up to see a blonde widely smiling as Vic stood up from his seat to hug her. I turned my head to the right to see that Tony was scooting out of the booth to give her a hug too. The blonde wrapped her hands around the back of Tony’s neck as his rested on her waist. She said something in his ear funny enough to make Tony obnoxiously laugh out loud.
I shook my head and turned my attention back to the tray of shots. I grabbed another, downing the liquor. “Relationships aren’t my thing either” Mike leaned over and whisperer-yelled into my ear. His lips were nearly touching my ear as I felt his laugh send chills down my spine. It was only my third shot and I already wanted to go home. “Sorry I’m late” I heard a familiar female voice come into range. I looked up from my empty shot glass once more to see the last person I’d ever want to see right now. Lola’s smile dropped when she saw me sitting in the booth. Vic quickly noticed and took her hand to lead her over to the bar to talk to her. I sighed, scooting over so Tony and his girl could sit down too. No manners, Tony? No one even cared to introduce me to her. I let it slide as I saw Jaime’s hands on a girl’s waist, leading her out of the bar as he nodded his head. I rolled my eyes and let out a small laugh. Vic came back to the table with a soft smile placed on his face with Lola trailing behind. I would rather be anywhere but here, so I grabbed myself another shot before whispering “Let’s dance?” In mike’s ear. He grinned from ear to ear and scooted out of the booth and led me to the dance floor. “It’s been years since I’ve been out, I probably suck at dancing now” I yelled over the music. Mike let out a small laugh before smiling as he put his hands on my waist to pull me closer.

Waiters came around, offering more and more shots and I happily tasted all of them.
Soon mike’s hands were traveling a bit too far down so with what strength I had left in my tired body I moved his hands to the middle of my back. He smirked and began to grind up against my ass. I shook my head and pushed him off of me as I stumbled, tripped, and knocked into people on my way back to the table.

Tony was left sitting by himself. I leaned up against the side of the table “Where did everyone goooo?” I slurred, dragging out the o’s. He chuckled and said “Home”. “What happened to your girl? Did she abandon you too?” I threw my head back laughing. His smile dropped as he shifted in his seat “No. She had to leave.” He said shortly. I flicked my wrist and grinned “Girl talk for “there’s someone else” just sayinggg”

Tony pursed his lips together and changed the subject “Where’s mike?” “Dunno. I left him.” I giggled. “How’re you getting home? You’re shitfaced” He asked. “What’s up with dah questions, Dr. Phil?!” I shifted my weight to the left side of my body and put my hand on my hip sarcastically. Tony smiled before shoving his phone into his pocket and getting up from the table. He grabbed ahold of my arms and led me to the exit of the bar. “Where’s your car?” He whispered “Around the corner, it’s gray” I managed to say. Boy, this sidewalk was sure looking mighty comfortable.

I looked down at my chest and laughed, I took the keys out of my bar and swung the key ring around in my index finger. “Gross. Boob keys.” Tony laughed. He took the keys from me and unlocked my car, helping me into the passenger’s seat. He jogged around to the other side and got in. I slumped down into my seat and leaned my head against the door.

Tony’s POV.

As I started up Noah’s car I began to pull out of the parking space. “Where do you live?” I asked her, turning the blinker on. I looked over to the side of the car she was in and noticed she was curled into the seat, sleeping. I bit my lip, thinking for a second. I have a sleeping shit faced girl and her car, with no idea where her house is and no idea how I’d get my own car back from the bar’s parking lot. I turned left and headed for the highway, taking her to my place. I hope she wouldn’t be too frightened in the morning. I mean, she knows who I am so she shouldn’t be too scared. I’ve only met her once but I hear Vic talking about her here and there. Oh god, what would Steph say to me bring home a drunken, passed out woman?

I made a turn onto my street and shook Steph out of my mind. I gave Noah’s statement a thought. What if Steph has been lying to me and really does have someone else? No. She doesn’t, Tony. She loves you. I sighed, pulling into my driveway.

I turned her car off and put the keys inside my pocket. I made my way over to her side of the car and was careful not to open it too fast otherwise she’d fall out from having her head supported against the door. I laughed as I opened up the car door and heard her snoring. I wrapped my right arm under the back of her knees, then put my left arm under her back and carried her into my home after shutting the doors behind me. I quickly thought for a second before taking her upstairs to my bedroom. I gently laid Noah one my bed, pulling the covers over her sleeping body. What have I done? I have some strange girl sleeping in my bed.

I went over to my dresser and picked out a pair of my old pajama pants and a love before glory shirt and placed them at the end of the bed as I laid her keys on top of them. She might like to drive home in comfortable clothes in the morning? I don’t know. I turned the light off on my way out of my room and walked back downstairs to the couch to sleep.

Noah’s POV.

I rolled over in bed, only to be blinded by the sunlight. That’s weird, my windows on the right side of my bed... Not my left. I shot up from the bed a little too quickly because a major headache hit me. Didn’t I go drinking with the guys last night? I sighed, opening my eyes. I gulped as I looked around the room.
Star Wars. Guitars. Star Wars. Turtles. Amps. Star Wars.

Where am I? Am I in one of those scary movies where the killer takes the victim to a stranded place in the woods to murder them? I bit my lip at the thought and self-noted myself to stop watching horror movies. I looked over on the desk and saw a picture of Tony and the blonde from last night. Okay so… I’m in Tony’s room? This is way too much information to process with a horrible headache this early in the morning.

I looked around the room again before laying eyes on my keys that were stacked on top of a pile of clothes. Maybe Tony left these out for me? But wait, why am I at his house? An idea immediately popped into my mind but I shook it out. I didn’t sleep with Tony. He has a girlfriend anyways. I slipped out of my wrinkled dress and put on the clothes he had kindly left out for me to wear.

I draped my dress over my arms and grabbed my heels which were by the door frame. I peeked outside if the bedroom, looking around. I slowly went downstairs, unsure of what I’d find. I walked on my tippy toes for a second before spotting Tony passed out on the couch. His mouth was slightly parted and he was snoring a bit. I quietly laughed and turned on my heels to walk into the kitchen to leave.

I ended up tripping over a statue as I face planted on the floor. Great Noah, so much for a secret escape. I heard footsteps come from the next room as I turned on to my back, still lying on floor as I met eyes with Tony. He laughed “Good morning to you too.” I let out a small chuckled before standing up. Tony’s hair was scattered in random places, a few tangles here in there. It was kind of cute.

We awkwardly looked at each other for a second before I turned my attention to the statue I tripped over. I scoffed “Should’ve known”. There was a 4 and a half foot tall storm trooper statue wearing a “kiss the cook” apron. I crossed my arms and smirked at Tony. He laughed as he rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at the ground.

My eyes happened to glance over his chest tattoos and that’s when I realized he was only wearing a pair of boxers and we were standing about a foot away from each other. Control your hormones, Noah.
Tony must’ve caught me looking at his tattoos because he had a smirk on his face as well. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

This is awkward. I broke the silence as I blurted out “Vic said you guys will be in SD for a couple days so I’ll get your clothes back to you soon.” I smiled at his turtle tattoos. “It’s no problem, really. You can keep them.” He smiled back. Again, another silence.

“Um, I guess I’ll be going then.” I laughed and moved a piece of my tangled, unbrushed hair out of my face. Tony walked me over to the door as I stepped out onto the porch.

“How far is that bar from here?” I asked. “You already want to get drunk again?” Tony’s eyes slightly widened as he laughed. “No, I live close by the bar. I don’t know this neighborhood.” I chuckled. “Do you mind to give me a ride to pick up my car from the bar since your house is the same way?” Tony asked, chewing on his bottom lip. “You might want to put some clothes on though” I smiled. “Right...” He answered, running for the stairs.

He came back down the steps in a minute and was fully dressed with a snap back placed on his head. So guys really do get dressed faster than girls? Hmm.
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