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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter eleven.

I turned on the car and pulled out of Tony’s driveway and headed out of his neighborhood. “A left at the stop sign” he mumbled. I watched my blinker flash as I waited the traffic to pass. I started to turn on the radio, force of habit actually.

“So, what happened last night?” I looked over at Tony. His eyebrows creased for a second before he shortly said “You got fucked up” followed by a small laugh. I woke up with a headache, in a strange house, and I barely remembered anything. Obviously, Tony. “How did I get to your place?” I questioned. “I was gonna drive you home but I forgot about my car so I just took you home with me” I saw a slight smirk creep onto his face before he washed it away.

I drove towards the highway as we were backed up in typical traffic. Out of frustration, I yelled out the window and beeped my horn which only made my headache 10 times worse. I sighed and rested my head on the steering wheel for a moment.

“What’s been Lola’s problem? She hasn’t talked to me in weeks...” I sighed, looking towards Tony. “Uh, she was drunk one night and uh, told me that she’s had feelings for me for a couple years now… and she felt like you were taking me away from her--” I cut him off before he finished. I scoffed “Typical” under my breath. Lola gets jealous too easily, I don’t even like Tony that way at all. She has the nerve to say I tried taking Tony away from her when we were playing a game?

I ignored the awkward vibe in the car and slowly turned up the radio. I heard a noise go off inside of the car as I turned the radio off. Tony answered his phone with a “Hello?”

I pulled into the parking lot of the bar and parked in an empty space. Tony’s hand hovered over the door handle as he turned to me and smiled “Do you wanna get breakfast?” I raised my eyebrow, being caught completely off guard. I laughed and pointed to the current sweats I was wearing. “So?” He chuckled. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled “Sure”. He flashed a small smile back “You can follow me over there, I know just the place”. He shut the door behind him as he jumped out of my car and headed to unlock his.

I followed his black range rover over to a small diner where I parked my car alongside his. I shoved my keys in the pockets of the sweatpants and trailed behind Tony as we walked inside the small joint. Tony sat down in a booth in the corner of the small diner as if he’s been here a thousand times. A laugh tugged at my lips as I slid into the other side of the table, sitting across from him. I picked up the menu, looking over the choices of breakfast meals they offered.

“Hello Antonio!” A woman in her mid-50’s greeted him as she walked up to our table wearing a dirty apron. He smiled up at her and responded “Good morning, June”. The short lady looked my way as she hit Tony with the backside of her order form. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?” She asked. I couldn’t tell if she was joking or if she was serious… “We’re not--” Tony & I started in unison. June raised her hands in defense “Young couples now a’ days take it slow, it’s okay!” She smiled. I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing as I held out my hand and said “I’m Noah, nice to meet you!” She gladly shook it then asked if we wanted drinks.

“Water, please?” I smiled.
“Coke” Tony said, scanning over the desserts menu.
“I’ve been coming here for years, June knows my mom.” Tony’s lips curved into a small smile. I nodded my head, debating on whether to get pancakes or waffles. June came back with our drinks as she sat them down infront of us “Ready to order?” She asked, sweetly. “I’ll have the pancakes, please?” “The usual” Tony said, not looking up from the small menu. “Oi! Your lady has more manners than you, don’t make me tell your mother on you!” June laughed. Tony stifled a laugh too as he looked up at almost completely gray headed woman and apologized.

We sat in silence for a moment, each of us zoning out on different things. What was there to even talk about? “Tell me about yourself” Tony spoke up as he looked at me with a sly grin. I was completely horrible at self-explanation, if that’s even the correct term. “Well what do you wanna know?” I smiled, eyeing Tony as I propped my elbows up on the table and folded my hands to rest my chin on them. He thought for a second before saying “Like, what do you for a living? Or how you met Lola? Or--” He started throwing out questions as I laughed. I stopped him and began “I work on a cruise line, so I’m gone most of the time. I, uh, met Lola after high school… We just started talking and hit it off.” “She’s really gonna throw away a friendship like that?” Tony cautiously mumbled. “Throw away?” I raised my eyebrows. “She came on tour with us for a while and started ranting about you to us all the time.” He chuckled to himself. I closed my eyes and shook my head at the thought of Lola probably telling them my secrets. “What’d she say about me?” I carefully asked. “That you have a boyfriend, that you live alone, ..things like that” I clenched my jaw as I began to become angry once again. Lola had no right to tell them things like that about me, I just met them! “She cares about you though” He tried to lighten the mood.

June came back to the table with our food as we smiled in thanks and she walked away.

“People who care about you don’t accuse you of sleeping with someone they like” I quietly muttered to myself. “Who’d she say you slept with?” He questioned. I sighed, biting the inside of my cheeks. “You” Tony choked on his coke and started to laugh. Thanks for making me feel like shit, Tony. It’s kinda bad enough I just got out of a bad relationship and I feel like crap, I don’t need anyone else to add onto it. He caught on seconds later and his face flushed “No, I didn’t mean it like that, I swear!” I rolled my eyes, taking bites of my syrup-drenched pancakes.
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