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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter thirteen.

Tony raced into the kitchen to make himself a plate of food and came back into the living room to sit next to me. “What do you wanna do then?” He questioned and then took a bite of pizza. “Get to know each other” I smiled and then turned to look at him. Where did this burst of courage come from? I’ve never been this confident with someone “new” before. I swear I saw a small smirk tug at the corner of his lips but that could’ve just been my own mind playing games. We finished eating our pizza before I kicked off my vans and rested against the arm of the couch and laid my feet behind Tony’s back. Tony sat across from me on the couch and stretched his legs out beside me too. We sat in silence staring at each other for a couple minutes before I chirped “21 questions?” Tony nodded his head, wanting me to begin.

“How many tattoos do you have?” I asked. He thought for a second before speaking “I don’t know, a lot.” And laughed. “How long have you been in California?” Tony questioned. “6 years.” I looked away from Tony, my eyes searching the room for something else to turn my attention to. He raised his eyebrows but before he could say anything I quickly asked “What’s it like being in a band? Like, touring and stuff?” “It’s great, I love it. We’re gone most of the time though.” His tone lowered. “What’s your boyfriend’s name?” Tony pondered. My breath was caught in my throat as I glanced down at my ring then back up at Tony. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” I mumbled. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” I questioned. “Nope, it’s just me.” He smiled.

An hour passed of us asking one another questions until we reached 21. I started the current conversation of touring and Tony’s never seemed so happy. “It’s really fun, actually. Performing for kids who love our music is just an amazing feeling. Music means everything to me.” He smiled. The whole time we were having the conversation, his eyes were lit up and he had the most beautiful smile spread across his face. “How many months of the year are you guys usually gone?” I asked, taking a sip of my drink. “It depends on touring, sometimes we’ll have half a year off and sometimes we’ll just have a couple weeks off. It sucks sometimes.” “You’ll have to come on tour with us sometime” Tony added as he looked up from his lap to smile at me. I blushed and felt butterflies begin to swarm inside my belly. My phone vibrated against the wooden coffee table as I reached over Tony’s legs to grab it. I don’t usually answer private calls, but I had a gut feeling I should take this one.

“Hello?” I answered.
“Hey babe” Jullien spoke into the phone. I felt my chest tighten as I bit my bottom lip. I haven’t heard his voice since we broke up weeks ago. I clenched my teeth together, not wanting to even be talking to him right now.
“What do you want?” I choked out.
“You. I miss you so much.” He slurred.
“You’re drunk, you don’t mean that.”
“Yes I do, gorgeous. Come over to my house please, I miss yoooooou” He drug out the o’s.
“Why don’t you just go fuck the girl you cheated on me with?” I yelled into the phone as my eyes began to swell with tears. I hung up the phone and turned it over to take the battery out so he definitely couldn’t call me back. I slammed my phone down onto the coffee table as I wiped my cheeks with the back of my hand. I quickly stood up, rapidly trying to blink away the tears so I could see where I left my shoes. I didn’t want Tony seeing me like this. I didn’t want anyone seeing me like this. I choked on my tears as I felt Tony’s arms wrap around me and engulf me into a strong hug. He turned me around so my face was buried in his chest as my hands were tightly gripping his shirt. Tony rocked us slowly side to side as his chin lightly rested on top of my head. He didn’t ask, he didn’t speak, he just held me and let me cry as much as I needed to.

After a bit the tears stopped falling and my breathing steadied again. I wrapped my arms around Tony’s waist and hugged him tightly. “t-thank you” I croaked out an ugly thank you. I felt his chest rumble as his head shifted so he could kiss the top of my head. I smiled before remembering my eyes were going to be completely bloodshot and infected if I didn’t wipe off my messy makeup.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I asked Tony as I covered my face. He laughed and guided me to the downstairs bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my face was completely red, my eyes were puffy and bloodshot, and my makeup was smeared all over. I grabbed a baby wipe from the cubby build inside the bathroom wall and began to remove all of my makeup. Well, what’s left of my makeup.

I threw away the wipe and took my beanie off as I took the hairband off of my wrist and tied my hair into a simple bun. I slowly opened the door and scanned the area for Tony but he was nowhere to be found. I walked into the living room, only to be terrified when he shouted “right here!”

I jumped and turned around to see Tony standing in his kitchen holding up a pint of ice cream with a small sad smile on his lips. I took a deep breath as I walked into the kitchen while a small smile formed on my lips too. Tony spun around to grab two spoons from the drawer as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up the creaky stairs behind him. I sat on his bed, leaning against the headboard as I crossed my legs and looked around his room.

A couple posters were pinned up onto the wall, three guitars were neatly placed in the corner along with a couple of amps. Not too messy, but not too clean – if that makes sense. A typical guy’s room, I’d say. Tony was fiddling with his iHome just as he finally got music to play through the speakers. He grabbed the ice cream and spoons then climbed onto the bed to sit next to me. “Ice cream makes everything better” He smiled as he opened the lid and took a bite. I was beginning to really love his smile.

I began to zone out, thinking how I could’ve been so stupid to not know that he was cheating on me for 3 years. Every date he’s canceled, every time I’ve been stood up, and every time he told me not to come over really does add up to what he said. The signs were clear, I was just too blind to see them. Tony nudged me out of my thoughts and handed me a spoon. “Eat up” He laughed.

After a couple face full scoops of ice cream I took a deep breath and let it all out as a sigh. “You don’t have to tell me” Tony beat me to it. I chuckled as I looked up from my lap to meet his dark brown eyes. “I want to” I whispered.

“The guy who called me is my ex-boyfriend. The day Lola & I got off of the tour bus is the day I found out he cheated on me the whole entire time we were together. 3 years. He cheated on me for 3 years.” I gulped back the lump in my throat that had uneasily formed and waited for Tony to respond. There wasn’t much to the story to tell, nothing that matters anymore, anyways. I looked over at Tony and he was sucking on his bottom lip, shaking his head. “He’s a fucking dick” He muttered. I laughed at his comment and ate another spoonful of ice cream. “An ex of mine cheated on me too, funny thing is I thought she was the one back then.” Tony admitted. “Do you still think she is?” I questioned. “Definitely not. There’s someone better out there for me.” He smiled to himself.
I dropped my spoon into the empty carton of ice cream and began to scoot off of Tony’s bed. “I think I’m gonna head home, I’m tired.” I turned around to smile at Tony, but instead I saw he had his bottom lip out and his arms crossed like a 4 year old. I laughed and hit his leg. “You’ve probably saw enough of this ol’ face today, I’m gonna go home.” I grinned and turned on my heels to walk to the door. Tony started to run for the door to stop me, but instead he tripped on his pant leg and fell to the floor. I chuckled, helping him up. “You alright?” I laughed. “What if I haven’t seen enough of your face today?” He said, ignoring my question. A sly smirk was creeping onto his face as he snaked his hands around my waist to pull our bodies closer together. Our faces were hardly inches away from each other, I could feel Tony’s hot breath as he spoke.

“Stay with me” He mumbled. I searched in his eyes for a hint of laughter, but his eyes were glued to mine as he meant the words he said. “What?” I asked. “St-Sleep over” He raised his voice a little. “Okay” I smiled, taking in this very moment. Tony released his grip on me as I walked back over to his bed and began to pull back the covers.

“You’re gonna sleep in jeans?” He questioned. “I don’t really mind” I truthfully answered. Tony rolled his eyes and walked over to his dresser before pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a plain black tank top. He laughed and threw the clothes at me, I caught them in midair and walked over to the bathroom that was attached to his room to change.

I placed my shirt and jeans on top of his dresser and climbed back into Tony comfy bed. I occupied the spot closest to the wall as I began to cover up I saw Tony walking upstairs and into the room. “My clothes fit you perfectly” Tony grinned. He turned off the light and walked over to the bed to lie beside me. He pulled the covers around himself and ended up snaking his arms around me once more. “If you were mine, I’d never hurt you” I heard Tony whisper before a small snore escaped his lips. I smiled, snuggling into his chest to fall asleep.