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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter fourteen.

I groaned as I felt the sun beating down on my face through the curtains. “Go back to sleep” I heard a scratchy voice come from above me. I moved my head slowly to see who it was. I smiled at the sight of Tony shoving his face into the covers as his hair scattered around his pillow. I took the covers off of myself so I could get up to leave but Tony’s arms were still clinging around my waist. I tried removing his arms off lightly but instead he tightened his grip. “Tonyyyy” I whined. “No” he mumbled. “Stay” he quietly added, murmuring into the covers. “It’s noon, I have to go” I hid a small giggle. Tony sighed, moving his hands from my waist then rolled over onto his back but kept his eyes shut.

I climbed over his legs and walked over to his dresser so I could grab my clothes from the night before and change back into them. I fixed my hair in the mirror as I brushed through the tangles with my fingers and pulled it all to the right side of my head. I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt before opening the door of the bathroom. Tony was pulling his shirt over his head before he heard the creaking of the bathroom door as he turned around and smiled.

“Good morning” Tony flashed his pearly whites “Morning” I smiled back. “Feel better?” His eyes locked onto mine as he walked towards me and held out his arms for a hug. I walked into his embrace and mumbled a “Yeah” into his bare chest. “Good. I’m gonna take a shower, okay? Don’t leave.” Tony leaned down to kiss the top of my head before running into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. I laughed and walked downstairs to get my phone. I put the battery back into it before turning it back on while I walked into the kitchen to grab a slice of cold pizza from last night.

When my phone loaded up, I opened my twitter app and tweeted “@Tony_Turtle knows the secret to mending broken hearts: ice cream. He’s the best. :)” and then “@PiercetheVic @PtvJaime @PtvMike the other night was pretty rad, I miss you guys already. Hang soon?” My phone beeped with a new mention as I clicked the notifications button.

“PiercetheVic: @NoahRose_ Miss ya too! We’re having a BBQ tonight, care to join m’lady?”
“NoahRose_: @PiercetheVic I’d love to :)”

Vic texted me and said that the barbecue wasn’t until 4, and it was only about 12:30 pm. Tony came walking down the stairs fully dressed with his phone in hand as he said “Vic’s having a barbecue in a couple hours” “I know, he told me” I laughed. Tony looked up from his phone and narrowed his eyes at me before busting out laughing. “Can I go home now or are you gonna keep me held hostage here?” I sarcastically kept my voice strict. A small laugh escaped Tony’s lips as he smiled “Can I come with you so we can go to the party together?” I smirked and slipped on my shoes “But of course”. I shoved my phone into my pocket as I grabbed my keys from the coffee table and headed for the front door as Tony followed suit. We climbed into my car while I began to drive back to my house. The car ride was pretty quiet, thankfully the radio drowned out the silence.

When I pulled up into my driveway I noticed a black SUV parked in front of my home. I shut off the engine and kept my focus on the car. Tony raised his eyebrow before turning around to see what I was looking at. “Who is that?” he asked. “I don’t know, but I have a feeling it’s not someone good.” I gulped. “It’s okay, I’m here.” Tony turned to smile at me before placing his hand on top of mine for comfort. I unlocked the doors and climbed out of my car as I waited for Tony to do the same. We both kept our eyes on the car as we walked up onto my front porch. I put my key into the door knob as I unlocked the house and quickly let Tony inside. I shut the door behind him and locked it back. My neighbor didn’t allow cars to be parked on the side of the street, there were signs everywhere even prohibiting it. I sighed but decided to brush it off and go about my day.

“You live alone?” Tony questioned as he strained his neck, looking around my home. “Yeah” I laughed, discarding my shoes on the mat. “Make yourself at home, there’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry. I’m gonna take a shower.” I smiled at Tony before leaving to go upstairs.

I took off all of my clothes from the night before as I let the water warm up in the shower. When I stepped in, I never felt better. I shampooed and conditioned my hair then washed my body before I turned off the faucet. I looked around for my towel but I couldn’t find it. I even looked around for a dirty towel but I had no luck. I peeked my head out from the bathroom door to make sure Tony didn’t venture into my room. The coast was clear so I walked over to my dresser to pick out a pair of underwear and a bra. I threw them on the bed then walked over to my closet to pick out an outfit for today too. I began pacing the floor so my body would air dry. I really need to do laundry. “Um, hey, your―” Tony began to say as he opened the door. “TONY” I yelled as I grabbed the cover from my bed to drape over my naked body. Tony pursed his lips together as his eyes grew wide and his cheeks burned red. “I’m sor-sorry” Tony tried too hard to hide the smile that was completely spread across his face now. I looked around the room, trying to give him the hint to close the door and leave but he wasn’t catching it. “Eyes front soldier” I corrected Tony as his eyes were traveling lower than my head. “What were you saying?” I smirked. “Your phone was―was ringing” Tony’s words stumbled out again as his eyes looked over my body once more. He couldn’t see anything except for my foot, which was close to kicking his butt if he didn’t stop looking at me with lust filled eyes. “Have you never seen anyone naked before? You look surprised” I laughed at his facial expression. “You’re beautiful” Tony smiled. I looked down at the floor as I fixed the covers around my body, feeling even more self-conscious. He noticed what I was doing, then added “I mean it, you really are.” “Others would beg to differ” I mumbled before reaching behind me to grab my underwear. “They must be blind then” Tony commented. My left hand held the cover around my body as my right hand struggled to put on my underwear. I grabbed my bra next, hesitating to drop the blanket. I shrugged my shoulders and dropped the blanket anyways and quickly turned around in one swift movement so my back was facing Tony. I clasped my bra together and then grabbed my black dress to pull over my head. I walked back into the bathroom as Tony stayed still, watching my every move under the door frame.

As I plugged in my hair dyer, Tony entered the bathroom and sat up on my sink. I blow dried my damp hair and then waited for my curling iron to heat up. The silence was beginning to be a tad awkward so I walked into my room to turn on the radio. I began curling my hair when I looked over a Tony, whose eyes were already staring into mine. “What?” I laughed. “Nothing” He smiled then looked down at his lap. Tony reminded me of a middle school boy being shy around his crush, but that scenario would never come into play. I finished my hair and put a panda clip on each side of where my hair twisted back. I grabbed my makeup bag before deciding to go simple today because any kind of repeat of looking like I did last night was NOT on my agenda. I applied lip gloss before slipping on a feather ring and a couple bracelets. “What time is it?” I shouted at Tony, who was currently messing around on my laptop in my room. “Almost 3” Tony yelled back. I rummaged through my closet before finally finding my other black high heel. I put them on and smiled, it’s been forever since I’ve worn heels. Tony looked over at me and his eyes grew wide once again along with his smile. “You look gorgeous, but it’s just a barbecue ” He smirked. “I may or may not have plans afterwards” I teased, making up a lie to see what he’d say. Tony’s smile began to face as he turned back to the computer screen and said “Oh”. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my dresser to spray perfume on myself. I turned the radio off before walking over to sit on the edge of my bed to see what Tony was doing on my computer. As soon as I sat down, Tony shut my computer off and laughed. I narrowed my eyes at him before standing up again. “C’mere” I smiled and waited for Tony to follow me over to my body-length mirror I have beside my dresser. I pulled up the camera app on my phone and made Tony scoot closer to me so he could fit in the picture. I snapped a couple pictures of us, one doing a silly face and a regular smiley-faced one. I set the silly photo we took as my background on my phone and then went to twitter to upload the other photo. Tony leaned over my shoulder to look at the screen as I began typing the caption. “it’s just a barbecue ;)”
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