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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter sixteen.

All of a sudden I vaguely remembered the night at the club. I remembered that Tony did in fact have a girlfriend. Maybe it slipped my mind last night because he said and did all of those sweet things? I sighed, texting back “you have nothing to be sorry about, I forgot you had a girlfriend”. I ran back into the kitchen to drain out the water from the pot of noodles and let the steam rise. I crouched down to look through the turn tables in the small cabinet as I pulled out two jars of alfredo sauce. I waited for a moment to let the noodles to cool down while I heard my phone beep.

Tony: Can I come over?
Me: why?
Tony: Because I want to talk to you.
Me: sure.

I walked back into the kitchen to pour the sauce over the noodles while I looked in the cupboard, realizing I didn’t have any alcohol for tonight. I stirred the alfredo all together before putting a lid on top to contain the warmth of the noodles. I ran upstairs to put clothes on since I’ve been walking around the house and cooking in my bra and panties. I threw on a pair of jeans and a tank top before I quickly ran out the door with my keys in hand. I started my car, driving down the road a little over the speed limit so I could make it back in time before Tony arrived. I parked in the lot of the liquor store as I walked inside to grab a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Skyy vodka; my favorites. I placed the bottles on the counter while the cashier rang them up giving me my total. I paid before speed walking back to my car. I pulled back into the housing community I live at and drove down the many streets until I came to mine.

I rolled my eyes when I saw Tony standing on my porch looking dumbfounded. I grabbed the brown bag and hugged in firmly in my left arm as I yelled “She’s not home, stranger” and laughed. Tony narrowed his eyes at me before a small smirk played on his lips. “I thought you were standing me up” Tony implied. “Why is it that you always think I’m standing you up?” I devilishly grinned as I unlocked the front door. “Because you’re always late” He shot back. Two can play at this game. “This is my house, I’m not late” I retorted as I laid the keys on the stand by the door and kicked my shoes off on the mat. I raised my eyebrows as Tony tried walking towards me before I held out my hand, stopping him. “Shoes on the mat” I instructed him before walking into the kitchen and placing the glass bottles on the counter. I took the lid back off of the noodles before opening the cabinet up to get two bowls down. I dished myself out some of the best noodles in the world then walked to the fridge to grab myself a bottle of water before taking a seat at my kitchen table. Tony came into the room, smiling at the big bowl of homemade noodles. “You didn’t tell me you cooked” He joked. “You didn’t ask” I replied, stabbing my fork down into the glass bowl. I heard a faint sigh escape beyond Tony’s lips as he served himself noodles too. He ended up sitting across the table infront of me as he picked up his fork to begin eating too. “I’m sorry” Tony stated, playing with his food. “You have nothing to be sorry about, I told you that” I let out a deep breath before closing my eyes and rubbing my face. I placed my bowl in the sink and went back into the living room to check my phone. No new messages.

“Can we talk?” Tony emerged from the kitchen behind me. “I feel like this is that part where we break up” I laughed to smooth out the awkwardness. Tony softly smiled before sitting down on the couch. I sat down following suit.

“I should’ve told you I had a girlfriend. I meant the things I said last night though.” He played with his thumbs.
“How can you mean what you said when you have a girlfriend though?” I shot.
“What?” Tony looked up from his lap with wide eyes.
“If you’re in a relationship, you should be faithful to them and only them. You shouldn’t be flirting with other girls.” I shook my head.
“I wasn’t flirting with you” Tony crossed his arms and smugly laughed.
“Oh, so having your hands around my waist, sleeping beside me, and saying “if you were mine, I’d never hurt you” isn’t flirting?” I stood up, towering over Tony as my blood boiled.
“You were upset and I was there for you!” Tony raised his voice as he stood up from the couch to stare me in the eyes.
“Don’t even go there with that! We’ve hung out for the past couple days and you never once mentioned her name or anything!” I shouted.
“Because we had a fight and I was giving her space!” Tony yelled.

I was right… I am a rebound girl

I lost eye contact with Tony as I kept quiet while I walked over to the front door to open it. “Leave” I muttered. He took a few steps towards me then I took a couple steps away from him. Tony sighed before lowering his tone “Why?” I rolled my eyes at the oblivious mexican standing infront of me. “Because that’s exactly what I am. I’m the second choice, the second best, the rebound girl. You made me realize that.” “Noah, I swear you’re not. Just please--” Tony began. “No.” I sternly cut him off, giving him the look. If he even tried to cut me off at this point, I’d make me leave and never let him come back. I’d never talk to him again. “You said you never mentioned her name because you guys had a fight and you were giving her space. I was the space. I was your way of passing time until she wanted you back. Don’t try to lie and cover it up, Tony.” I scolded. Tony looked up from the ground at me with pure sadness in his eyes. “You wanna know something? The fight was about our relationship. I wanted to end it but she didn’t want to, so she decided to give me space to think about what I really wanted. And being with you made me realize what I really wanted…” Tony was starting to get choked up. He can’t say what I think he’s about to say. He can’t want me. “I want freedom and space. I don’t want to be in a relationship because I never get to see her while I’m touring. I want to know for a fact that she’ll be faithful to me, but I don’t know that with Steph. I heard rumors that she was cheating but she denies them. I just want out. I want to be a single man.” Tony shook his head and spun around on his heels, pacing the floors with his hands behind his head. So, he’s afraid of commitment? I knew rock star had a downfall somewhere.

His phone rang from his pocket as he took it out to look at the screen. Tony looked up at me and pointed to my bedroom. “I’m gonna take this” I saw a small smile form on his lips as he walked up the steps after answering the call. That’s exactly how Jullien ended things with me – a phone call.

I sighed before picking up my own phone and scrolling through Twitter. “Tony_Turtle: @NoahRose_ is probably the best-est friend one could ask for” “@PiercetheVic: @NoahRose_ Where did you go?”

“NoahRose_: @Tony_Turtle you too :)”
“NoahRose_: @PiercetheVic i went home, sorry i couldn’t stay longer.”

I checked my messages and realized Lola had texted me.

“Hey, wanna hang out sometime?”
“yeah, sure.”
“Coffee bean in 10 min?”
“i can’t right now, i’m busy. Sorry.”

As I replied to Lola a message from Angelina popped up.

“Hey :) Boss needs you to cover for Britt tomorrow, it’s 1 week. Ship leaves 9 am.”
“okay, thanks.” I sighed and threw my phone at the other side of the empty couch. I didn’t want to go to work. That’s literally the first time I’ve ever said that. I grunted as I walked up the stairs to take a shower and pack.

“Yeah. O-Okay. Bye.” I heard Tony stutter. I slowly pushed my bedroom door open with my finger as I saw Tony ball up his fist and wipe his eyes. I quietly entered, tip toeing behind Tony. I wrapped my arms around his back as I felt him slightly jump in fright. “It’s okay” I whispered. I released Tony from my arms as he turned around to bury his face in the crook of my neck while his arms tightly wrapped around my waist. I threw my hands around his neck, soothingly rubbing his back.

We stood there silently holding each other for what felt like an eternity. Tony’s grip loosened as he wiped his eyes before looking down at me and smiling. “Thank you so much” “You were there for me and I wanna be there for you” I smiled back and rubbed his arm before turning to walk into the bathroom. I let the water run for a minute before I closed the bathroom door half way. I undressed before stepping into the hot shower and letting the water run down my back. I washed my hair and then my body before turning the faucet off and getting out of the tub. I looked around once again for a towel before sighing. I yelled “Hey tone?” “Yeah?” “Can you get me a towel from the laundry room downstairs? It’s right beside the kitchen.” I heard a ruckus come from my room before I peeked my head out from my bathroom door. “I thought you were getting me a towel?” I narrowed my eyes at Tony, who was still sitting on my bed with a smirk plastered on his face. “I already got one for you while you were in the shower” He devilishly grinned as he held up on of my beige body towels. I held out my hand but we were too far away for him to throw it, and by the looks on his face, he was handing it to me either. “Give it” I snickered. “Maybe you should come get it” Tony smirked. I faked a laugh “No. Now throw it to me.” “Why would I do such a thing?” He sarcastically gasped. “You just wanna see me naked” I rolled my eyes. “And if I do?” Tony smiled. I furrowed my eyebrows together, surprised by his words. I was dripping wet as my hair clung to my back, I needed a towel and I was beginning to become pretty desperate. I bit my lip for a moment before deciding to wait until he’s not looking to run and get the towel. Come to think of it, Tony’s the only guy whose saw me half naked and completely naked before. I laughed at my own statement before noticing that Tony’s attention was on his phone. I swung the door open, jolting for the towel in Tony’s hands. “Not so fast” He smirked, tightening his grip on the towel. “Dude, c’mon. I’m naked.” I shook my head as I covered my boobs with my left arm while I fought for the towel with my right. “And you’re on top of me” Tony added while still smirking. “Let it go” I demanded. I pulled on the towel hoping for some magical strength. His eyes slowly trailing from my face to explore the exposed parts of my body. “Stop that” I hissed. Tony licked his lips before looking back up at me to meet my eyes once again. “What do I have to do for this damn towel?” I sighed. “Kiss me” He smiled, leaning forwards. As soon as I could even ask “What?” his lips attacked mine. His hand released the towel before placing itself behind my neck to pull me in closer. My right hand searched for the towel as Tony licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I felt the rough texture of the towel before firmly grabbing it in my hands and breaking the kiss as I jumped off of Tony.

I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I dried my damp body off and slipped on a robe to cover up my nude body. I walked out of the bathroom, smirking at Tony. I walked over to my dresser to pick out a pair of panties and a bra along with something to sleep in tonight.

I felt warm lips kiss my neck as hands placed themselves at my sides. Not that spot. “Don’t start something you can’t finish” Tony voice was so deep and sexy, I couldn’t help myself but try and hold in a moan that was begging to escape. Tony kept placing kisses along my neck before I turned around and pressed our bodies together. He mumbled something into my skin before I threw my head back and let out a small moan. I felt the rope of my robe beginning to loosen as Tony began leaving wet kisses trailing down to my chest. I bit my lip to hold back another moan but his fingers traced my bare body. Tony smiled against my chest before moving his lips up to mine to kiss me, roughly this time. I heard a faint moan rumble from his mouth between the kiss. His hand stopped just before my slit. Tony began to kiss my neck again as he rubbed a thumb against my wet clit. I moaned even louder this time, throwing my head back once again. “Tone…” I whimpered. His free hand grasped my breast, squeezing and massaging it. Tony slowly entered two fingers into me and softly nibbled at my neck. “You’re so wet” His voiced rumbled, turning me on even more. I cupped his cheeks and attacked his lips once again as his fingers began pumping faster in and out of me. “Tony stop” I clenched my teeth together, mentally cursing myself for stopping him. He opened his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows together. “I c-can’t” I wrapped my robe back around myself before easily pushing him off of me and turning back to my dresser to get my clothes. I walked into the bathroom, avoiding eye contact with Tony. I shouldn’t have let that happen. I shouldn’t have let him see me naked in the first place. I shouldn’t have even let him come over. I sighed, biting my lip as I put on my clothes. I hung the robe behind the bathroom door and took a deep breath before quietly opening the door up.

Tony laid on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. “I’m sorry, I thought you wanted--” He began “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have let it happen” I shook my head. I walked over to my closet to pull my duffle bag I use for work out and placed it on my bed. Tony noticed and spoke “If you’re that upset about what happened, I can just leave” His voice hinting at being hurt. “No, it’s okay” I laughed. “I have to pack for work, I leave tomorrow morning.” Tony’s sad eyes softened before he laid his head back down. “You can sleep over if you want” I smiled. “Just sleeping though” I snickered before placing outfits in my bag along with the regular necessities I needed. I slammed my bag down on the floor by the bed so everything will be ready to go tomorrow morning. I climbed into my bed, next to Tony. He looked lost in thought before I gently shook his arm. “I’m really sorry” He squinted his eyes shut. “I’m not” I slyly grinned before laying my head on his chest and going to sleep.
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