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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter three.

Lola turned to me and deviously smiled. “So, I guess they’re playing warped?” I broke the silence. “You’ve never heard of them?” Her eyes widened. I pursed my lips and shrugged my shoulders “Nope.” She looked around the tour bus, in complete shock from my answer before grabbing the laptop that was placed on the counter. She opened it up and typed a few things then turned the screen towards me. “Listen to them. They’re really good.” She smirked. I grinned as I sat down at the small table and clicked play on a song called “King for a Day” My eyes perked up when I heard a familiar voice sing “Please won’t you push me for the last time, I scream until there’s nothing left.” “Hey, that’s Kellin!” I smiled towards Lola, who was in her own little world listening to her iPod. I rolled my eyes and waved my hand to get her attention. She glanced at me for a second before looking back down at her iPod screen. “Yeah, Kellin comes out and sings with us.” Vic came from the hallway and smiled. “You guys are pretty good” I returned a smile then looked back down at the laptop. “You’ve never listened to us before?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head then saw a tall skinny shirtless guy come from the back of the bus with a small grin plastered onto his face. “We’re the best” He stretched with a smirk on his face. Another band mate, I’m guessing? WOW he’s tatted up. He even has his medusa and labret pierced. Usually I didn’t like those two piercings together, but he rocked them. “I’m Mike” He smiled “Noah” I returned a smile. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it and nodded his head. Mike walked over to Lola and smacked the side of her head then laughed “Haven’t seen you in a while!” He playfully balled his fists in defense as Lola stood up and chuckled. “Missed you too, Mikey.” She rolled her eyes, copying Mike’s pose. They threw a couple weak punches and he quickly had her in a headlock, ruffling her hair. Lola tightened her fist then jammed her elbow into his nuts. Mike fell to the floor, releasing her as Vic, Lola and I all shared loud laughs. “What’s so funny?” A guy came from the same way that Mike did early. Another band mate? This one had a simple sleeve of tattoos and dangerously spiked up hair with a to-die-for smile. He looked down at Mike who was slowly making his way up from the floor to the couch and laughed. “Hey kiddo! I was wondering when I’d see your face around here again.” He smiled at Lola then pulled her into a tight hug. “I brought company” Lola smirked towards me as the guy turned around. His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas as he made his way over to me “I’m Jaime” He widely smiled. “I’m Noah.” I returned a smile once again. He studied my face for a second, before turning away to see a fourth guy come from the same way the last 2 did. “Sleeping beauty’s awake!” Jaime screeched. “Hey, Tony” Lola smiled widely, greeting him. She liked him and I knew it. She’s never lit up like that infront of any guy before, I wonder if he knows? “Hey” He mumbled with a scratchy voice. Wow, for a change I think I finally found another non-morning person. Lola quickly turned her head to look over at me then mouthed “he’s mine” with a smirk. I threw my hands up in surrender and Mike looked over at me, confused. “You okay over there?” He questioned. I hid a laugh and nodded my head. “Ah, another shy one” He put a finger on his chin, tapping it. I closed the laptop and walked to set it back on the counter where Lola took it from. I sat closely next to her on the small couch and then snapped my head up to see Vic clap his hands together and say “This is pretty awkward” and laugh. Lola got up from the couch to follow Vic, leaving the spot between me and Mike empty. Jaime walked over and plopped down right in between us and looked over at me. “So, tell me about yourself” He smiled. “Am I speed dating now?” I laughed a little too much at my own joke but at least I broke the silence. “Um.. I’m 23, I mean 24.” I nervously laughed at myself “TODAY’S HER BIRTHDAY” Lola yelled from the back of the bus. I slapped my palm to my forehead, hiding my face in my hands. I took a deep breath and told myself to quit being so damn shy. I pealed my hands away from my eyes to see Mike holding a bottle of Jack “This will calm you down, birthday girl” he said with a wink. I grinned, taking the bottle from him and getting up to pour myself a shot. Jaime looked over at me, expressionless. “What?” I questioned. “Just swig it” He laughed. I put the shot glass back and pressed the bottle to my lips, gulping down the alcohol. I set the bottle down and smirked at Mike’s face. “So, you can handle your alcohol? I like you already.” He grinned. I put the cap back on the bottle, knowing I shouldn’t drink anymore. I was here to listen to my favorite bands, not to get wasted. Lola emerged from the back of the bus, laying eyes on the jack bottle and then on me. “You didn’t” She hissed through gritted teeth. “Oh, but I did” I smirked. “No more!” Lola growled and put the alcohol in the upper cabinet. “It was just a quick drink, calm down.” I crossed my arms and sat down on the couch. She sighed with her hands on her hips. “If you want to drink, I’ll take you out tonight. Can we just enjoy the next couple hours, sober?” She pleaded. I sighed too, knowing she didn’t like being around me when I was intoxicated. “Woah, what’s going on?” Vic asked. “Noah and Alcohol don’t mix well” She rolled her eyes. “I haven’t drank around you in years, I can handle my alcohol better than I used to” I glared at her. She sucked on her bottom lip, not trying to fight with me. “So, anyways!” Jaime stood up from the couch, interrupting the horrific mood. “We have to start getting ready for press” He said as he continued to walk to the back of the bus. Mike followed behind, along with Vic. Tony stood up and cleared his throat and headed for the back of the bus too. I completely forgot he was still even in the room, he’s so quiet.