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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter four.

Well that was awkward. I hated when I got home and Lola immediately reminisces. Sometimes, she can be such a buzz kill. “You guys can come to the signing, if you’d like!” Mike yelled from the back. I’d tell you where he was yelling from, but I had no idea. I poked my head into the hallway to see 12 bunks lining the walk way, leading to a back room where I saw one of the guy’s shirtless. I’m not good with names, so I couldn’t tell you which guy it was either. “Do you wanna go to the signing?” Lola quietly asked. I looked up at her and she was looking down. “I don’t wanna fight with you…” I whispered before pulling her into a tight hug. I was kinda lonely when I was away at work, I missed having Lola’s smiling face around. She hugged back, I could feel her smile “I’m sorry.” I pinched her side and she squealed then poked my chest. I laughed, just like old times. We’d always do that after a fight, Lola and I could never stay mad at each other for too long. “So?” Jaime came from the back lounge and smiled. Lola looked up at him and giggled “What?” “You guys comin… to the signing?” A smirk tugged on his lips as he raised an eyebrow. I pulled out my phone to see the time “It’s almost 11:30...” I frowned. Sleeping with Sirens played at noon and their signing wasn’t over until 12:30. “We’ll catch you guys backstage, yeah?” Lola smiled. Jaime grinned and playfully punched her arm before tying the laces on his red vans. “Bye guys!” Lola’s yell echoed to the back of the bus “Bye!” Vic poked his head out and waved. “You’re staying for the after party, right?” Mike walked into the current area we were in and looked at me with a winked. I tried not to laugh and his horrible attempt to flirt and replied “Of course!” After party? Ehh… I think I’ll just go home after the bands finish playing. We walked off of their bus, shutting the door behind us. “Sleeping with Sirens!” I squealed. Lola rolled her eyes and laughed. We continued walking back to the gates to squeeze through once again and make our way to SWS’s stage.

Sleeping with Sirens set was finally over and they completely KILLED it. They’re amazing live! I latched onto Lola’s arm, not wanting to get separated in this huge crowd that was pushing and shoving to get to all of the tents that lined the front of the venue. We started walking around the tents, when Lola gripped my wrist and pulled me in the direction we just came from. “What the fuck?!” I yelled “All Time Low is starting COME ON!” She exclaimed. “If we go now, we’ll miss Falling in Reverse!” I grumbled. “Please?! I watched Sleeping with Sirens with you! Please, just come with me?” She whined. “Please?” “Whatever!” I threw my hands into the air and agreed to our compromise. I guess I can catch them when they’re on tour another time… I ran beside Lola, arms linked together as we made our way to their stage. I didn’t know anyone’s name in the band or any of their songs, so I couldn’t share the excitement with her. She grabbed onto my arm tightly every time the lead singer spoke. Guess she had a thing for him? I don’t know. I pulled out my phone to check the time. 3:53 pm. They sang one last song before I yanked Lola from the crowd and began pulling her towards main stage. I was NOT going to miss Of Mice and Men. She groaned “I hate you! They were in the middle of a song!” I rolled my eyes and smiled as I made it to OM&M’s stage just in time. Aaron, Alan, and Phil had just ran on stage, Tino was already sitting down infront of his drums as Austin came jogging out onto the stage. I screamed and had my hands in the air the whole entire time they played. I loved this band more than life itself. They got me through a lot of tough times. Of Mice and Men finished and I had the hugest smile on my face.

Lola hit my shoulder and laughed. “C’mon! We get to see Mexican’s backstage!” She winked. I rolled my eyes “two fourths of those are your own blood!” I laughed. She smirked, “the other two fourths aren’t!” We took our time, and waited on Pierce the Veil’s set time to come up as we chatted. “So, tell me about that one guy…” I teased. “Who?” Lola didn’t dare to make eye contact as she continued playing with hem of her shirt. “Um, Tony. That’s his name, isn’t it?” I joked. She looked up and hid a small smile. She had a crush on him and I knew it. “Yeah.” She blushed. “Aw… middle school puppy love!” I cooed. She shot me a glare and I couldn’t help but laugh. Lola’s smile dropped as soon as she got lost in her own thoughts. I knew her all too well. I shook her shoulder to untangle her from her own mind and she slowly whispered “He doesn’t like me…” Lola began to bite her bottom lip, which she did every time she wanted to cry. “Please don’t cry” I hugged her tightly. She laid her head on my shoulder as I tried my best to comfort her “You don’t know that” I tried to make her smile. “It’s been two years, he doesn’t.” She dimmed the mood more. What do I even say now? I mean, it hurts me that my best friend is heartbroken over some guy. I sighed, not knowing what to say next. She released herself from my grip as soon as we heard a familiar voice “Hey girls!” I turned around to see Vic’s smiling face. I smiled in response and turned back to Lola, who was headed in the opposite direction of the stage. I ran to catch up with her, just then she began to pick up her speed and run. I latched onto her shoulder but she jerked it away “I’ll be in the bus, you stay and watch the show.” She gulped. She wanted to be alone and I didn’t want to fight with her. I walked back to the stage and pulled a small smile on my face as Vic approached me once again. He pulled me to the side “What’s wrong with Lola?” He whispered.