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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter five.

I know they’re cousins and all, but I could I really trust Vic with Lola’s secret? I hesitated for a second before blurting “She’s sick” His face flushed as he began “What’s really wrong with Lola?” Hopefully she wouldn’t be mad “She--” I started before rudely being interrupted by a guy yelling “THERE YOU ARE! VIC IT’S TIME!” and pulling him towards the front of the stage. I made my way to the side of their set to watch them play. I sorta got lost in my own thoughts during the middle of their set ‘cause I snapped out of it when Mike was waving his hands infront of my face. I looked up at him and he laughed. “What’d you think? We’re great, huh?” He cockily asked. “Yeah” I smiled. He walked with me over to the other guys who were packing equipment into a trailer. Tony laid his guitar in its case and snapped it shut before looking up at me and pulled his lips into a small smile. His anti-eyebrow stud caught a ray of light because it shined, nearly blinding me. I guess I didn’t really look at him all that well this morning because he had a lot more tattoo’s than I remember recognizing him with. He wasn’t Lola’s type, not trying to be an ass or anything. But she never fell for guys with piercings and tattoos. In high school, Lola always went for the douche bag football players. Guess she kinda had to because she was on the school’s cheerleading team. Pft, can you say cliché? Lola and I were never friends in high school, it wasn’t until after graduation that we started talking to one another. But maybe her taste in guys has changed since then? It definitely has… Vic turned around and smiled “You ready to paaaaartaaaaay?” as he drug out the a’s. I laughed and nodded my head, trailing behind them as we made our way to their bus. Tonight was gonna be something else.
We all got inside the bus as we went separate ways. Mike went over to the counter to our shots, Jaime fell onto the couch, Vic grabbed a bottle of water and Tony headed for the shower. I went towards the bunks, finding Lola lying on her stomach in one of the beds. I was about to shake her, but one of the guys’ blared music did the trick. Lola quickly popped up, hitting her head on top of the bunk. I laughed as she rubbed her head in pain “Morning!” I teased. “Their set is already over?” She asked as she slowly got out of the bed. I nodded my head and pushed her to the front of the bus where Jaime began laughing at her before turning the music off. Mike turned around and handed her a shot of what looked like Jack Daniels. She gulped it down, thanking him afterwards. “If you drink like that all night, we’re not gonna have any for the rest of us!” Vic joked. Lola looked around for a second “Where’s Tone?” She whispered to Vic. He sighed and pointed towards the back of the bus. Lola nodded her head and took another shot from the counter before slamming it back down. “Ahh!” She smiled to herself. She was about to reach for another one but Mike moved it out of her way. “Calm down” he laughed. Lola frowned “I just need to get things off my mind, Mikey!” She begged. He rolled his eyes and turned to me “Want one?” “Yeah” I replied. I gulped down the shot and handed the glass back to Mike. Tony came from the back of the bus, wearing different jeans and a simple tank. “Finally! Let’s start drinking!” Jaime chirped. Everyone crowded around the counter, taking shots left and right.
“Truth or dare, anyone?” Vic laughed, a bit tipsy. “What, are we back in middle school Victor?” one of the guys teased. We took the bottle of jack to the back lounge and began to play truth or dare. “1, 2, 3 NOT IT!” Jaime shouted as everyone yelled “Not it!” behind him. I guess my brain’s already working too slowly to process things as fast as usual. I sighed and looked around the room. “Vic, truth or dare?” I pointed my finger at him. “Dare!” He blurted. I thought for a second and said “I dare you to run naked around the bus!” I tormented him. He shot me a look before complaining “Do I have to?!” “You picked dare!” I laughed. He sighed and went into the bathroom to take off his clothes. A minute later he ran out of the bathroom butt naked, heading for the front of the bus yelling. Vic turned around, covering his dick and yelled again, on his way back into the bathroom. Everyone busted out into laughter before he came back into the back lounge glaring at me. “If you wanna play like that, then okay!” He challenged me. “Noah, Truth or dare?” he smirked. I laughed, playing easily. “Truth” I grinned. Vic rolled his eyes “Spit or swallow?” he tested. “Oh god, gross! Spit!” I stuck my tongue out and faked a gag noise. Vic’s weird.
After everyone’s turn passed for the first round, we all got pretty comfortable. Mike passed around glasses of Jack to every to make this game a little more interesting. A couple drinks later, everyone was pretty much wasted. “Noah, Truth or dare?” Jaime smiled. “Dare!” I mumbled. “I dare you to do a body shot off of one of the guys” He smirked. I narrowed my glassy eyes at him and shrugged “Which guy?” I asked. Jaime looked around the room and yelled “Mike!” I looked over at Mike and begged “Please don’t have chest hair…” He joked “haven’t hit that stage of puberty yet.” Mike pulled his shirt over his head and laid back on the couch. I laughed as I straddled Mike, sitting on top of his upper thighs. “If you sit there for a bit longer, we’ll have to excuse ourselves” Mike winked. I rolled my eyes and laughed as Jaime cut up a lime and handed it to Mike to put in his mouth. A smirk tugged on his lips as Jaime poured tequila on Mike’s bare chest. “Go!” Vic yelled. I hesitated for half a second before licking the tequila off of Mike’s body, trailing up to his mouth to get the lime. He teased me for a second before releasing the lime from his mouth so I could finish my dare. Lola smirked as I got off of Mike to throw the lime away. “That was hoooot” She slurred “That’s your cousin, perv!” I hit her shoulder.