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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter six.

By the fourth round we weren’t “pretty much wasted”— we were wasted. All of us somehow made our way up to the front lounge/living room of the bus.
The guys are nothing like you’d think they were, they’re pretty laid back and chill. I hope after tonight, we can hang out again. I learned a few things about each of the guys too. Vic is Mike’s older brother, which I was completely shocked by. Mike looks like the eldest. Anyways, Mike is a typical 20-something party guy, living it up with weed, alcohol, & sex. Believe me or not, Mike has a soft side. And Jaime? Wow, you have to be completely full of energy to keep up with him! Then there’s Tony. I’ve picked up on a couple of his nicknames that the guys call him which consist of “Tone” and “Turtle”. “Tony the turtle” Jaime joked. I laughed to myself, that really does match his personality though. He’s super quiet, shy even. Lola’s different when she’s around the guys. I haven’t figured out if it’s a good different or a bad one, I just know that if this whole “Tony” thing blows out of portion soon, there will be a turtle in a hospital. Lola’s never been so involved with a guy before like she is with Tony.

“Tone, truth or dare?” Mike slurred “Dare” he grinned “I dare you to… switch clothes with Noah” he laughed. Tony looked over at me with a blank expression. “All of them” Mike added, smirking. Really? My bra and underwear too? I rolled my eyes, feeling a bit tired and heading towards the back lounge as Tony followed. I heard his soft laugh as I closed the door behind us. He pulled his muscle shirt over his head and handed it to me as I gave him my band t and tank top. I scanned his bare chest, taking in EVEN more of his hidden tattoos. Before he could put both of my shirts on, he had to put on my bra. I rolled my eyes as mike mimicking voice rattling through my mind “All of them”. “Turn around” I bit my lip as I reached for the clasp on the back of my bra. I quickly pulled Tony’s tank top over my head to cover myself before he could turn around. I held out my bra as his lips pulled into a small smirk. He pulled the straps over his shoulders and caught a glimpse at the tag “C cups, I like” He grinned. I hit him on the shoulder and laughed as I helped him manage the clasp on his back. He pulled my tank top along with my shirt over his head as I couldn’t cage my laughter any longer. My shirts were way too tight on his body, he kinda looked like the hulk right now. Tony started to fiddle with the button of his pants as they fell down to his ankle. “If you want me to have sex with you, we should lock the door” I sarcastically joked. A laugh escaped behind his smile as he quickly hid it. Though Tony was a complete turn on, I couldn’t do that to Lola. I stopped myself from looking at his bulge – try and blame me, I dare you! Guys look at girl’s boobs and what not, why can’t girls have a little fun looking too? Exactly! He scooted his pants over to my feet as I tossed my jeans at him. “Next part” he mumbled. “You first” I narrowed my eyes. “No way some girl I just met is gonna see my butt!” He bit his lip to hide his laugh. “No way some guy I just met is gonna see mine either!” I giggled. “Turn on 3?” He grinned, I nodded. I turned around to pull down my underwear as I think Tony did the same. “You done?” He sighed. “Yeah, on 3, toss ‘em over!” I counted to three as we both threw our underwear over our shoulders. I laughed “Boxer briefs?” “Oh yeah, you’re one to laugh, Miss lingerie!” He teased. I put on his underwear, feeling oddly exposed. I grabbed his jeans and slid my legs into each of the pant legs. “You done?” He repeated himself. I turned around to see that Tony was already facing me, looking very uncomfortable and out of breath. I laughed at his expression and headed to turn the knob on the door as we walked out into the front room again. I held onto his pants by the belt loop as they swished against one another. The guys busted out into laughter but Lola remained quiet, chewing on her bottom lip. I shrugged my shoulders before I was blinded by the flashes of cameras. “Uploading now!” Vic choked out over his laughter.

Two more rounds later and almost everyone was passed out. Lola was leaned up against the wall, slumping over. Mike was stretched out on the small couch as his mouth widely hung open. Jaime was curled into a ball with his shirt lying in the middle of the floor. I laughed at the memory of Jaime twirling his shirt around when Vic dared him to do a strip tease. Vic was leaned up against a wall too, softly snoring. “You can sleep in one of the bunks” Tony mumbled as he headed for the beds. I slid the curtains back, looking for an empty bed. “Sleep in mine, I’ll take Hime’s.” I laughed as he came back from the bathroom with different clothes on, holding my outfit in his hand. He pulled back the curtain to his as I jumped into it “thanks” he smiled and turned to lay in Jaime’s bunk. I began to sober up a bit the last couple rounds, but I definitely was tired. I layed my head back onto his pillow and pulled his covers over my body. I smiled to myself as I realized I was still wearing his clothes. “I’m just drunk” I reminded myself. I couldn’t have a crush on Tony, it’s girl code. I just couldn’t do that to Lola… or could I?