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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter seven.

I groaned as I placed my hand over my head. Last night was the first time in a while that I was able to get drunk and not worry about Jullien bitching at me. SHIT! Jullien must’ve been worrying himself sick. I tossed the covers around the small bunk in search of my phone as I quickly slid the curtain back and hopped out of the bed. I looked around for a second before walking towards the front of the bus. I stopped mid-way to cease the dizziness going around in my head. I took a deep breath, walking slower to the front room. “Morning!” Jaime chirped. Even after getting wasted the night before, he still had energy the next day? Wow. I smiled in return and sat down on the couch. “Need tylenol?” Jaime laughed. I nodded my head as he walked towards a cabinet to grab a couple pills. He handed me the pills along with a bottle of water and sat down next to me and grinned slightly. I raised an eyebrow “What happened last night?” I mumbled, taking a sip of my water after downing the pills. “We all drank and played a couple games” He laughed. “The last thing I remember was being in the back lounge and playing the 2nd round of truth or dare before everything went fuzzy.” I washed the disgusting taste of last night’s liquor down with another small sip of water. Vic came from the hallway and handed my cellphone to me “Your phone’s been ringing a lot” he laughed. I apologized and I looked through the notifications. “Who the fuck is that?” Jullien texted me multiple times along with picture messages. I opened the attachment and saw the photo he was mad about, I frowned as soon as I saw the picture. I was standing next to Tony and we had each other’s clothes on, laughing. I looked down at my clothes and mentally face palmed myself. I quickly called Jullien and he let it go to voicemail – which he NEVER did before. I called him once more and he finally answered on the third ring. “What do you want?” he coldly spat “Babe let me explain?” I whined. “What is there to explain? First you’re doing body shots and then you’re swapping clothes with someone else? What’s next chea--” He growled before I had the chance to cut him off “I didn’t fucking cheat on you!” I yelled back, anger boiling inside of me. I started pacing around the front room, not caring about who heard me. “Would you like it if I did body shots of some girl? No, you wouldn’t!” He hissed. “Babe, it was my birthday. I just wanted to drink.” I protested. The line grew quiet as soon as I said “birthday” – then it hit me. I never got a “Happy Birthday” from Jullien at all yesterday. No flowers, calls or texts. “Ha, you’re one to accuse me of cheating! You didn’t even spend time with me on my birthday! I wonder what you REALLY had planned yesterday?!” I tested. “YOU KNOW WHAT? I’M DONE WITH YOU. I’VE BEEN FUCKING GIRLS EVER SINCE WE GOT TOGETHER, OKAY? IT’S BEEN 3 YEARS DAMMIT, I HAVEN’T GOT SHIT FROM YOU! YOU’RE ALWAYS GONE! I’M DONE, NOELLE. FUCKING DONE!” He spat said before hanging up the phone. I covered my face with my hands and fell to my knees. He cheated on me on my birthday. The tears rimmed my eyes as they threatened to fall. “Woah, woah, woah! Noah, are you okay?” Vic came running from the back room and sat down beside me and pulled me into a tight hug. It took me a while to actually hug back, but when I did Vic held onto me even tighter. I cried in his arms for what felt like forever. I was with Jullien for almost 3 years, and come to find out he’s been cheating on me the whole time? I can’t believe he cheated on me because I wouldn’t have sex with him. I told him over and over again that I just wasn’t ready. The majority of my friends lost their virginities in their early years of high school, but I didn’t want to give myself away that easily.
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