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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter eight.

I managed to stop the tears long enough to stumble to the bathroom. I placed my hands on the small sink and hung my head down low to calm my sped-up heart rate down. I let out a deep breath and raised my head to look at myself in the mirror. Gross. Disgusting. Freak. Hideous. Ugly. Fat. I dried my eyes, not wanting to look at myself any longer and turned around to open up the door. I went back to Tony’s bunk to grab my clothes from the night before and went back into the bathroom to change. I folded Tony’s clothes and placed them inside of his bunk and headed for the front room of the bus. I walked into the front lounge to see Vic and Jaime talking to Lola as she twisted her keys on her finger. Lola turned to me as she scanned my body, looking at my clothes with a glare “You ready?” she muttered. I nodded my head as she turned to walk out of the bus. “What? No hugs?” Vic laughed from behind us. I turned on my heels, only to see that all of the guys were now in the front lounge. I hugged Vic first, and then Jaime, following with a hug from Mike and an awkward sideways-one armed hug from Tony. Lola briefly hugged them next, holding onto Tony the longest. She whispered something into his ear that caused him to faintly laugh. She deviously grinned as she turned around and looked towards me and walked to the door once again. I rolled my eyes and began to follow behind her. “Hey um, if you ever need someone, call me, okay?” Vic pulled me to the side and whispered. I smiled in response as we quickly exchanged numbers. If I didn’t have Lola, I at least had Vic. I threw a hand over my shoulder to wave at the guys and stepped onto the pavement. I ran to catch up with Lola, who was almost at the gates. We didn’t speak a word on the way home, not even a goodbye when she dropped me off at my house. Whatever it was, it should blow over in a couple days.
I reached for my keys in my pocket as I stepped onto the porch. I unlocked my home and quietly shut the door behind me. I put my shoes on the mat and walked to the closet that contained all of my boxes from when I moved in. I dug an empty one out and began my emotional walk around the house as I filled the box with all of the gifts Jullien gave me over the years. Once I was done, I shoved the box into the corner of my living room and threw a blanket over it so I wouldn’t be able to see all of those things that contained so many memories of us together. Until I was able to take it to his house, the box would remain in the corner. I scurried into my room to change into my pj’s, since I wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon and discarded my dirty clothes to the over-filled laundry bin. I sighed and sat on my bed with a small pad of paper as I began to scribble down things I needed to do around the house, along with the things I need to get at the store later. I made my way into the kitchen to search the cabinets and refrigerator for food. I rolled my eyes, of course I wouldn’t of gone grocery shopping for the month yet. I changed out of my shorts and into a fresh new pair of jeans and threw a boyfriend sweater over top my white tank top. Geez, is it just me or have I been changing clothes a lot today? I wrote down the food that I needed to get while I was out today too. I folded up the paper and flipped on my shoes and out to my car I went.

After 3 trips from my car to the house, I finally got all of the grocery inside along with all of my shopping bags from today. A half hour later, everything was stocked in its place. I sighed and fell back onto my bed with a container of oreos next to me. My phone lit up with a text message so I rolled over onto my stomach to see who it was. “I can’t even believe you’d do something like that to me. I trusted you, which was clearly a mistake. You have Jullien, stay away from Tony.” Ha, Lola of course. I rolled my eyes and texted back “I don’t have Jullien anymore, okay? I don’t even want Tony, so calm down. We were drunk, and you know that Lola! You act like we had sex or something...” “I swear to god if you did, I will never talk to you again” She wrote back “WE DIDN’T” I texted back, furious that she’d even think I’d do something like that to her. I threw my phone into my dresser drawer, grabbed my oreos and went to sit on the couch in the living room. I flipped through the channels but found nothing on that caught my attention. I pulled a cover over my body and fell fast asleep.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve last talked to Lola and the Pierce the Veil guys. But judging by their tweets, Lola flew out to one of their venues the day after we had that argument and she’s now staying with them on tour. I grabbed my phone to check my mentions on twitter. “@NoahRose_ Haven’t heard from you in a while, how you holdin up?” Vic tweeted 10 hours ago. “@Piercethevic I’m okay, running low on jack though haha” I tweeted back. I took my second shot of jack tonight and sat the glass down on the counter as I glanced at the almost empty liquor bottle. The first guitar strums of The Calm echoed the house. I looked at my phone to see who was calling and it Vic’s name popped up. “Hey!” I answered. “Yo, Whatcha doing?” His laugh radiated through my phone’s speaker “About to finish up the last of this jack and head to bed” I laughed. “It’s only 8 in California though” He teased. “I have work tomorrow” I reassured him. “Oh, well… I’ll let you go then. I just wanted to see how you were doing!” He chirped. I laughed “Alright, I’ll talk to you later” I smiled as we both hung up the phone. No guy has ever cared about how I was doing before, Vic was the first. I took my phone from the counter and made my way into my room to go to sleep.
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