Status: I've already written most of this story and now it is just a matter of me uploading it... which might take a while because I have other stories in the process also.

Lost in the Echo

The San Diego band Lost In The Echo finally makes it when they are invited to play at Warped. While they are playing there they get to meet the other bands and get to know what having a really family feels like.


I really need to work on my summarizing skills because they undeniably suck ass but as far as writing actual stories I am pretty good if I do say so myself and I do... I hope I am anyways. This story will have a few different bands but I am not sure exactly which ones or how big of a role they will play... except PTV they are kinda upfront HUGE characters in this story.

WARNING: This story will contain drugs, alcohol, violence, dirty language, and smoochie scenes that might go beyond that but only time will tell. If you have an issue with any of those things please do keep in mind that I have warned you and therefore I am not responsible for any hurt feelings if you read this.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the famous people in here and this is a completely fictional story because if it wasn't I would be filming it not writing it. I also have never met any of these people so whether or not I got anywhere near there actual personalities is something unknown to me but I highly doubt it because as I have said this is a fiction.

I do however own the plot and the original characters and would be thankful if you didn't jack it because that would be stealing and that is frowned upon in most places in this world. :)