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Shoulder to Shoulder


After Juan’s surprise visit to Elena at university, it became harder and harder for the two to see each other. Elena had all of her end of semester deadlines approaching and the essays she had due in were getting on top of her. No matter how hard she worked, she never felt like she was making any progress with them.

November passed without them seeing each other once, and as December rolled around, there was little hope that they’d be able to meet then either. Juan’s month was jam packed with matches all around the world, in England and Japan. Due to both of their hectic and pressing schedules, their relationship was unintentionally put on the backburner.

The only match that Elena was able to make it to Stamford Bridge for was the game two days before Christmas against Aston Villa. She met up with Christine at her flat in central London before they drove over to the Bridge together.

Since the last time they’d both been at a match, Christine would often text Elena asking if she was okay and how her uni work was going. She even posted a lovely tweet about her after they’d been at the home match against Fulham together.

Christine was had been busy with her TV presenting career and also trying to plan her wedding to Frank. They’d decided to get married in the summer of 2013, but were having difficulties deciding on a location, Frank was gunning for a wedding in the south of France, but Christine wanted to keep it closer to home and marry in Somerset.

“Both of those places sound lovely.” Elena told her as Christine passed over brochures to the stately home in Somerset and the chateau in France. It amazed Elena how Christine led such a busy life, yet she was planning the majority of the wedding herself. Of course, Frank was helping out here and there, as were Christine’s mum and sister, but she was very hands-on and wanted the wedding to be perfect.

“It’s difficult because, I have so much already decided, but without the venue, it’s impossible to start putting everything together, and I can’t even send out the invites!” she said exasperated. Christine had already described how their wedding wasn’t going to be huge, just family and some friends. Although Christine had already said that she’d added Elena and Juan to the list. Elena was happily surprised, because not everyone in the team was being invited, just Ashley Cole, John Terry, Petr Cech and their families. He was having a big stag do in Miami with the whole team though, so as not to offend anyone.

“I think we might end up tossing a coin!” Christine laughed as they gathered their things and made their way to the stadium.


Juan had managed to stay on Elena’s father’s good side, because he’d kept in touch with Joe and was sorting him out with tickets to all of the home matches at the Bridge. Elena had no idea that they were in contact, until she spoke to her dad on the phone and he’d playfully called Juan ‘a keeper’. She asked why he’d said that, and her dad explained. It was nice that Juan was making an effort with her father, and even with her brother who Juan hadn’t even met before – he’d been getting tickets for both of them!

After the match, Elena met up with Juan, and they both ventured back to his flat. She hadn’t realised but Juan had training on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day in preparation for their match against Norwich on Boxing Day. This meant they wouldn’t be able to see each other on Christmas day, seeing as they were both spending the morning with their respective families. Juan’s mother and father were flying in only for Christmas day, with their flight back to Spain falling on Boxing Day. And the same as every year, Elena would be going to her grandmother’s house to celebrate Christmas with her aunties, uncles and cousins.

“I’ve missed you.” He said, holding her close as they sat on his balcony.

She turned, resting her forehead against his. “I’ve missed you as well.” Their gazes were locked; their eye contact was intense. Elena kissed him softly, and moved to sit on his lap.

It wasn’t on purpose, the words sort of just slipped out, “I think I might love you.” Although she hadn’t meant to say them, she hadn’t planned on telling him that, she realised it was true, her feelings for him were strong, despite the fact they didn’t see each other as much as they both would have liked.

He smiled, “I think I might,” Juan mocked her softly. “Love you too.”

Elena kissed him again, a little more hungrily than before. Juan rested his hands at the top of her thighs and picked her up, so she could move her legs to rest on either side of his hips.

When the wind began to pick up, sending an icy chill around the pair, they made their way inside. Seeing as it was quite late, Elena suggested that they go straight to bed. She meant nothing by it, so they laid together, wrapped in each other’s embrace and fell asleep.

The next morning, Elena woke up alone; it was something she’d gotten used to since getting together with Juan. She often slept late and he always left early, so there was no way of avoiding it, and he would never want to wake her up when he was leaving, so they usually waited until the evening to see each other.

But as she left his apartment, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to see him on Christmas day. Although this saddened her, she had plans to surprise him on his return from Norwich on Boxing Day…