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Shoulder to Shoulder


For the rest of the evening, they didn't leave Elena's room. They passed the time watching a selection of Elena's favourite movies, and eating some Chinese food. To her, it was the perfect way to spend her birthday. No fuss, no frills, just spending time with her boyfriend who she loved.

"Thank you so much for being here, it really does mean a lot to me."

"It's my pleasure mi amor, I couldn't bare to let your birthday pass without seeing you," he said sincerely, placing a kiss on her temple.

As they lay in bed together, and she listened to Juan's soft snores coming from beside her, Elena couldn't help ut feel content. Despite the fact that she and Juan hadn't spoken as much, she knew they still had something there. She cared for him deeply and didn't think giving up on their relationship was what she wanted to do. Elena was still thankful that he'd come over to talk to her that night in Bijou.

"What are you still doing awake?" Juan mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily before absentmindedly scratching at his beard.

"Nothing," she replied, rolling over onto her side to face him properly. "Just thinkin'."

He yawned and shuffled a little closer, bringing his body warmth to Elena. "About what?"

She curled an arm around his waist. "I was thinking about us. And how lucky we were to meet each other."

A lazy grin made it's way onto his face, I'm glad I met you, I really am."

Elena closed the gap between them and kissed Juan. The kiss became deeper and Elena took off her top and then endeavoured to rid Juan of his clothing too.

He moved to hover over her, kissing her lips softly and then moving down her neck, onto her chest and in between her breasts. He kept moving lower, to her abdomen and then her hips. Carefully he removed her panties and then grazed his hands down her thighs, hovering over where she wanted him the most.

When a needy whine escaped Elena's lips, Juan couldn't stop himself. Moments later, the sound of his girlfriend's moans were erupting around the room. She gasped his name in pleasure as she came and clenched her trembling thighs. He placed a hand on each of her knees and pushed them open and rested between them, sliding back up her body so they were face to face.

"Amazing." was all Elena could manage to say. To which Juan just laughed.

A moment later when she had regained her composure, Elena declared that it was Juan's turn and kissed him deeply, grinding her hips into his. During their kiss, his moan travelled directly into Elena's mouth which muffled the sound slightly but didn't detract from its sheer intensity. It rumbled through her body and made her body shudder in sheer anticipation.

Juan meant business and wasted no time in getting Elena on her back. As he thrust into her, she didn't care that her housemates may have been able to hear, when she reached climax she involuntarily cried out Juan's name.

"Dios mio," Juan laughed breathily falling on to the bed next to Elena.

He pulled up the duvet, covering them both to their shoulders. With a kiss on the cheek, Elena said, "Thank you for the best birthday ever."
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Just a short chapter of their sexytimes. Comment?