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Shoulder to Shoulder

Twenty Six

“See, it’s a good thing I packed loads of clothes, isn’t it?” Elena asked Juan as she pulled her new navy blue Mango dress from her suitcase.

The pair had hastily decided to get dressed in the clothes they’d wear to the wedding before they departed New York. That way, once they got to Vegas, they’d be able to go straight to Dan and Robin to see them get married.

Juan had opted for straight-legged black trousers, a crisp white shirt and a black skinny tie. “Which jacket do you think I should go for?” He held up a classic black suit jacket, and a dark blue one that was similar in cut.

Elena held up her dress to both jackets. “Well, if you wear the blue one, then we can match!” she said triumphantly when she realized that the two garments went perfectly together, the two shades of blue almost identical.

“Perfect!” he said, pecking his girlfriend on the cheek and beginning to change.

When Elena had put her dress on, and returned from the bathroom after putting on her make up, she saw Juan sitting on the chair that was placed next to the window. He gazed out over Central Park, and the combination of the location, his pose and his clothes made it the perfect opportunity for Elena to take a photo. She quickly whipped her phone out of her carryon bag and took a snap.

Changing the background of her phone to the photo she had just taken, Elena grabbed her suitcase and went towards the door. “Juan, vamos!” she called, smirking as she did so. Juan had playfully accused her of forgetting all of the Spanish terms that he’d taught her, so she began using them whenever possible.

“Bien mi amor, voy a ir.” (“Okay my love, I’m coming.”) He said, passing her with another kiss on the cheek, and he swiped her suitcase from her hand as he walked past her.

“I’m not an invalid, you know. I’m pregnant, and still perfectly capable of wheeling my own suitcase.” Elena said huffily as she followed behind Juan to the lift.

Juan laughed at her juvenile actions, and continued to wheel Elena’s suitcase, ignoring her protests completely. She knew he was just a polite person, and tended to be very chivalrous.


“Dan!” Elena screeched, running to her brother who sat at the bar of the hotel. He’d texted Elena the address of the hotel to meet them at just before they’d boarded the plane in New York.

“Elena, how are you doing, sis?” He asked, embracing her and giving her a pat on her still-small baby bump.

“I’m doing great, let’s get this wedding rolling!” she said excitedly, giving Robin a kiss on the cheek.

When Dan had helpfully pointed out that she and Juan didn’t have a room, and that he and Robin wanted to get changed before the ceremony, they agreed to meet in the lobby 30 minutes later.

“Great, because I really need to pee,” Elena muttered as she and Juan booked a room for the night.

After putting their bags away, and peeing, the couple made their way back down to the hotel’s luxurious lobby. The marble floors and neutral colour scheme gave the hotel an air of elegance. Almost as soon as they got there, Elena complained of her back hurting a little, so they sat down on the leather sofas, which sat against the huge window.

Elena took Juan’s hand in hers and rested them both in her lap. Her head dropped down and rested on his upper chest, he shifted slightly and moved his other arm around, encircling her shoulders – holding her close.

“I can’t believe they’re getting married.” Elena said quietly, with all of the hustle and bustle going on around them, she wasn’t even sure that Juan had heard.

Though he replied a few beats later. “They’re in love, I don’t think it matters to them when or where they get married.”

She blinked slowly, “I know.” It took a few seconds, but she felt she had to say something else. “I love you. You know that, right?” Now Elena had stopped using her boyfriend as a human pillow and was looking him in the eyes.

His lips quirked up into a smirk, “I know you love me. But I’m not sure it’s as much as I love the two of you.” Juan said, referring to his girlfriend and their unborn child.

When she was about to reply, Dan and Robin appeared in front of them, gesturing that they should leave. Leaving the air-conditioned sanctuary of the hotel, the air on the warm streets of Las Vegas was enveloping the four. Robin explained that they’d booked a wedding at a quickie chapel not far away.

“We went for the ‘Romance package’!” Dan laughed giddily as they approached the chapel.

As they walked through the doors, Elena pulled Dan back, letting Juan and Robin walk in ahead of them.

Dan looked confused before Elena started her impromptu speech. “Danny, I just wanted to say how happy I am for you.” She sniffed, knowing that tears were filling her eyes. “I know you and Robin are perfect for each other.” Sniff. “I’m really honoured that you asked me to be here.” Sniff. “You mean so much to me,” Sniff. “And it’s incredible to see you so...content.” When she stopped, Elena let the tears fall, silently thanking the Lord that she’d worn waterproof eye makeup.

Dan wrapped his arms around his little sister’s shoulders, and she tucked her head under his chin, just like they used to do when they were kids. “Elly Belly,” he hadn’t called her that since she was a girl. “I love you, I’m so glad you could be here today. I’m going to stop before I cry.” He mock-gasped when Elena swatted at him. “I can’t cry yet – my wedding hasn’t even started!” he justified.

They embraced again and Robin interrupted them, by hitting Dan with her bouquet. “If you two don’t get your butts inside, we’ll miss our wedding!” She grinned, smoothing down her dress.

Walking inside the chapel, Elena halted. “Robin, have you got something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?”

Robin nodded. “Something old,” she pulled her hair back, gesturing to the earrings she word. “Something new, I brought this dress yesterday. Something blue,” she pointed down the navy pumps she wore.

“What about something borrowed?” Elena asked and Robin looked down at her outfit blankly.

“Here.” Elena said, taking off her bracelet and fastening it around Robin’s wrist.

Robin looked up at Elena, her eyes wide. “Are you sure?”

Elena laughed. “Of course! I’ve given you your ‘something borrowed’! I’m chuffed now!”

The four of them laughed, but then Dan disappeared to go and wait by the altar. They wanted to do it traditionally, even though they were in Vegas.

“Juan?’ Robin said quietly. He looked over at her, fixing his tie.

“Si?” he asked, placing his hand under Robin’s elbow, waiting to cater to her every whim.

“Would you walk me down the aisle?”

His eyes sparkled at the proposition. “Me? Are you sure?”

She nodded. “I’m positive. That’s only if you want to though…”

“Of course, I’ll do it!”

Elena had run off to go and wait inside the chapel. The wedding march began, and Robin – escorted by Juan – walked down the aisle, towards Dan. Elena sat in the pew, not even attempting to hide her joyful tears.

The ceremony was beautiful. Just the vows, Dan and Robin did traditional vows and then said their own.

As the pair had their first kiss (or four) as man and wife, Elena whispered, “I want to get married.”

Juan looked at her wide eyes.

“No, not now!” she laughed, dabbing at her damp eyes with a tissue. “But someday…”

“Is this some sort of proposal Elena?” Juan raised an eyebrow, laughing.

“Not so much of a proposal, as a…promise. I want to marry you. And when the time is right, I know we will.”

Juan kissed her deeply, kissing her forehead, her temple, her cheeks, her chin, anywhere he could. Elena giggled at his actions. “I want to marry you too. You just wait; my proposal will blow you off your feet. Whenever it is that I decide to surprise you and do it.”

“I can’t wait!”

“Can I take one step in that direction and ask you something?” he questioned. The brown haired woman nodded.

“When we get back to London, would you maybe want to move in with me?” Elena was quite for a few seconds, toying with him. “I mean, I don’t want to miss anything with your pregnancy. I know I’ll miss a lot when I’m away with the team, so I want to see as much as possible while I am at home.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself, Juan. Of course I’ll move in with you. Half of my stuff is in your flat already, so it’ll be pretty easy to move in!”
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